Thursday, October 15, 2020


We've had a few light flurries of snow today and temps staying in the 30's. Not surprising for October, I guess, though we usually don't get significant snow before November. Micah says we may get 2-3 inches on Saturday which could prove inconvenient for Adam and his dad who are scheduled to do some repairs on somebody's shop roof. 

The following photos of local color were snapped since my last post. I'm glad I got a few shots before the wind swept all those leaves away. The trees are pretty bare now.

There are some changes a comin' here on the homestead. Micah and Adam are planning to finish up a few small projects on their house and then put it up for sale along with 5 acres. I thought this would happen in the spring, but they decided to move the timeline up a bit. 
Then they would plan to build another house next spring and summer! So, this will make it necessary for all of us to find rental accommodations for the winter. I've got my application in at a seniors only apartment building in Park Rapids (about 15 miles away). The kids will stay here until the place sells and I'm hoping they'll also find a rental in Park Rapids so we can visit easily. Wherever they end up I'll make sure to see them often.
Adam is hard working and energetic and his main goal is to pay off all debt and have a paid for house. Of course, after building his first house he has many ideas for improvements in the next one. And he fully intends to build a granny flat or small house for me in the next year or two. 
SO, we will all have some new adventures in the big city (smallish town?) until we can again come back to the country. There are many logistical hurdles to get over, and if winter sets in too quickly the house may not sell until next spring. (Right now houses are flying off the market around here. It' a seller's market, and he's trying to take advantage of that.)
But I try to always remember, this earth is not my home, ultimately. Family is more important than where we live, so we'll make a point of staying close. Gotta see those grandkids!
Well, I can feel the "winter lazies" setting in already. Slacking on the walks. It's just not fun to walk in a cold wind! So I guess I'd better rev up the YouTube videos. I don't want to gain back the weight I lost over the summer.
I have lots of organizing and decluttering to do. Thought I had done that, but you always expand to fill the space available, so I'm making trips to the thrift store with donations. I also bought a baker's rack and a bookcase for when an apartment opens up. By the way, I toured a "sample" apartment and it's about the size of my little Nevis apartment. I bought the baker's rack because I'll need extra places to store things in the kitchen which is small. And we always need bookcases, right?

I'm going to climb out of my recliner and start walking in place. Let's do this!

Shalom and hugs to all! :)



  1. Wow. Life takes a sharp turn and the future is uncertain but also exciting. I hope you can get settled into a nice place for as long as it takes for the old house to sell and the new one to be built. Blessings!!

  2. Oh my! It's wonderful that all these changes happen because you are part of The Family, and all working together toward your goals. I pray everything goes smoothly!

    Here, we are having the last fling of summer, it seems. The highs have been in the 90's all week, up to 97! After this weekend it will start feeling like fall. Yesterday was odd, I was drooping from the heat, but sweeping up leaves and feeling fallish at the same time!

  3. Dear Lisa, I read this post three times, and slowly I think, it is true, that you and your dear family will have some big change!!!

    Granny Marigold and Gretchenjohanne wrote good encouragements, and I join them.

    What about the animals?

    What a present to believe and trust in God and not to be too much connected with the "world". You are so right: Our real home is in heaven - -

    Many greetings from Dori from the Bavarian Forest.

    Beautiful colours of the leaves!

    You expect snow???

  4. Lisa, so many changes! I feel like you just now got INTO your new home, and now you will need to move twice more. You have a great attitude about it all, and it seems like Adam has wise plans for home-ownership, which is very good. I hope you can feel AT HOME in this series of moves, and enjoy each step. Snow already! We are cool in the morning (lows in the 50s maybe) and highs still in the 70s. It's lovely here.

  5. Oh wow! A move again! You're a good sport! Will your p.o. box be the same?
    Snow already! Wow! We just had that one weird blast.
    Sending happy prayers your way!

  6. Lisa, much love and many prayers for the moves afoot. You are so calm and pragmatic. I love your wisdom. I know that you will be cosy and bright wherever this particular season takes you. Snow? I'm not at all ready to be done with Autumn yet!


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