Sunday, July 20, 2014

The God of second chances...

Even for silly people like me, who use Deep Woods Off to repel deer from baby box elder trees, there is a second chance. ;)

Oh yeah, I tried that! I figured it would taste or smell bad enough to keep them away. It also killed all the leaves. I was super bummed out. I had so looked forward to those nice, round, full trees filling up that area of the lawn, giving more privacy from the walkers on the trail. So, what do I see yesterday while mowing the lawn? Well, just look!

New growth! Signs of life! Yay! So, I will let God handle the deer situation. I'll just leave well enough alone. If I happen to still be here 5 years down the road, these will be nice sized shade trees. If I'm not, someone else can enjoy them...or curse the person who would purposely plant the dreaded box elders. You just can't satisfy some folks.

Speaking of new growth. Remember those sunflowers that got nipped off? I almost uprooted all of those sticks, but then I saw THIS today. Go little guy! You have some catching up to do! Peter Rabbit was sitting next to my car when I went outside, so these plants will need all the prayers they can get.

The tiny orange morning glories are still twining. So tell me; where are my blue morning glories? All foliage, no flowers. Do they show up in the fall?
 Squash blossoms and signs of a predatory rabbit...
 A pea blossom and LOTS of neighborly weeds...
 To the left of the large blossom you will see the beginnings of a squash!
 Mullein thrives here on my sandy hilltop...
 Hubby and I planted these three trees three years ago. They sure are slow growers!
 The tomatoes would like some staking... I'm sure you've guessed I'm not much of a gardener. I was many years ago, but really don't want all that work now on top of my job. So, I'm not really that worried about the rabbits and deer. If I get a few good salads out of this deal I'm happy.
 I love to just enjoy an impromptu project like this bookmark now and then. I was reading "Rembrandt" and realized I needed a bookmark for it. Still trying to use my quilt scraps, I cut out a piece of cardstock and started Mod Podging.
 This is how it looks so far. I may add some embellishments later, but... does the job just fine!
 Do you like my weed bouquet?
 Daisies, mullein, wormwood (?), grass and a thistle for good measure.
 This is last night's sunset...
 ...and yesterday's harvest of lettuce.
 And this is a moon from several nights ago. I was amazed that my little camera got it!
I'm not real great with electronic gadgets, but I sure am thankful for my little camera and computer. Don't we have fun with them? It's so nice to share our lives in some small way. (I'm also glad for my Kindle, though I once thought they were only for traitors. ;) I still read mostly real books, but my store of e-books is there when I need it.)

I think I'll go eat one of those salads I mentioned then hit the hay. Up early for work. (Try to have a good attitude, Lisa!) It's supposed to hit 103 degrees tomorrow. I'm thankful I'll be in an air conditioned building. Praying that dear daughter's AC works well!

Shalom, all!


  1. Oh, these plants: Life is strong and life can fight to survive, even, when someone cuts life back to the roots!

    These three small trees tell a lot!

    Wonderful photos of sunset, moon! Amazing moon with a small camera caught for us to admire this night-impression!

    Congratulation for the wonderful plate of salat!

  2. I like your bouquet VERY much, Lisa! This is exactly my taste! So natural, so honest, devote and with heavenly beauty!

  3. I like your bookmark. One can never have too many especially if you read three or four books at the same time! I have never heard of orange Morning Glories but I googled them and apparently they are supposed to get so full of blooms that can be seen as a big mass of colour across the yard. I grow the regular ones ( that bloom blue and shades of pink) but they don't like the heat much so I wonder how they'd do for your temperatures! 103 is really something. Stay cool.

  4. What a wonderful post, Lisa! I enjoyed seeing all your plants, nibbled or not. I have had similar deer events. My one yucca plant produces a stalk every year, only to get eaten as it begins to bud. And a couple of days ago I shooed 2 does and a fawn from the azalea bed just 15 feet from my steps. My neighbor says that the deer come right up onto his back porch.

  5. Bless your heart -- I'm so glad that tree came back! May it grow and grow. I'm not much of a gardener either, awful in fact. Ah well. Glad you are getting some lettuce and such anyway. My tomatoes are waterlogged with all the rain lately. I took the little dishes out from under them. You are so kind to feed the rabbits.


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