Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

December doings...

I'm enjoying reading everyone's Christmas and seasonal thoughts!

Today promised to be very busy, but some executive decisions were made to skip some "usual" things, such as AWANA. Micah is ready to give birth any time, and Adam and I had our work cut out for us to convince her to opt out of being in charge of the nursery for AWANA tonight. She can barely walk, much less chase a bunch of babies around! They also have her scheduled for the 19th! Good luck with that, folks!

Micah had her first "at home" visit with the midwife and doula. This was partly to figure out the logistics of a water birth here at home. Micah had hoped to have the baby in the new house, but, of course, construction timelines don't always cooperate. SO, it will be here in the mobile home, most likely. She seems to be okay with that at this point. She and Adam headed to Bemidji right after that appointment so she can get another chiropractic treatment. They took the kids with them, so I've got the afternoon and evening off, unless they can't get back in time to pick Audrey up at school, in which case I'll do that. Lots of schedule juggling going on!

With everyone talking about The Wind in the Willows I decided to get a Kindle copy (FREE!) to read until I can unearth my paper copy after I move. I've also watched The Man Who Invented Christmas a couple of times and I decided I would like to read the original version of A Christmas Carol. I found that for Kindle, also. (99 cents!) So, I look forward to two more good books. I'm not sure I've ever read A Christmas Carol! I always watch the really old, black and white version of the movie, made back in the '30's or '40's, so I'll see just how close it is to the original. :)

As for the house construction, the electricians are coming tomorrow and finishing up some work before the inspection can be done (all that will take about 5 days) and the kids can move in. They've also got the cabinets and flooring which Adam will be working on for the next few days. A move and a birth; two big events happening at the same time! At least they aren't moving very far! :)

I'll run home now. I'm still at Micah's taking advantage of the silence to post this. (They left about an hour and a half ago.) My car has been running and warming up for far too long, lol.

God bless us, every one!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Life stays exciting...

Remember that furniture I bought? It's still sitting at the thrift store. MY FAULT for buying it without warning the kids ahead of time. I called and they (the thrift store folks) said not to worry if I need extra time. Anyway, the reason it hasn't been picked up (I was relying on my son-in-law and maybe his dad to do this.) is because most days have been like today:

Micah took Adele and Sully to ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) and as she was standing there with the other parents SOMEONE left the door into the hallway open. Sully (who is always alert to the presence of open doors) dashed out the door, down the school hallway, slapped the big, round, metal button to open the exterior door and dashed out into the little circle drive in front of the building. Micah, eight months pregnant, who can hardly walk because the baby is so low, is trying to run after him and having to drag her left leg because her hips are in so much pain. Sully trips and lands face down in slushy, mucky snow. Otherwise, he might have made it to the main street! So, Sully was okay, but muddy and Micah was in extreme pain. They went back into ECFE and afterwards Micah dropped the two littles off at their "other Grandma Lisa's" house so she could try to get an appointment with a chiropractor. Adam came home to drive her up to Bemidji since she can still barely walk. I came over to clean house a bit and in an hour I'll run over and pick up the two older girls. Hopefully, the chiropractor treatment will help, but I told Micah she needs to skip all unnecessary outings until after the baby is born and she gets mobile enough to keep up with Sully. (I can't believe nobody was quick witted enough to help her chase him!)

Poor Adam was sick yesterday, and he's trying to get a hundred things done every day so they can get moved into their new home before the baby comes. (That's one of Micah's requests.) And THEN I come up with more stuff for him to do after work. Hopefully it will fit in tomorrow, though he has some manpower showing up to help put a big beam up in the vaulted ceiling. I don't think he'll be in a hurry to build another house any time soon, lol.

Yup, life is exciting.

In the quiet moments I'm still reading A Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee, Letters to the Church by Francis Chan and I just started The Dark Tower and Other Stories by C.S. Lewis.

You all have a great week! I'll check in later. Shalom!

Monday, November 26, 2018

Another quicky!

Sorry for all the quick posts. I'm at the library in a semi-private room. I was thinking I'd post something longer, but two guys just walked in and sat next to me, so I won't stay long. Can't wait to move and be able to blog at my leisure at home!

I just visited my local thrift store this morning and purchased a couch, dining table, side table and three lamps. All needed for my new home! After pricing new stuff I decided to go with "retro"! I'm sort of an eclectic gal anyway. All I need now is a bed for the master bedroom and I'll be fixed. Adam will have to stash some of this in his barn for now.

Adam and Micah are close to getting the house done. Menards has been giving them a few fits, like when they thought their kitchen cabinets were "in stock" but then found out they had been back ordered, so that's an extra wait. Predictable, I guess, when you're building. Anyway, things are happening!

We had a nice Thanksgiving. We drove to Bemidji (about 40 miles) and went to Perkins. Everyone else had breakfast for lunch, but I had the Thanksgiving meal and took my pumpkin pie home to eat when I wasn't so stuffed! This was Thanksgiving plus my birthday celebration. We ran into several people we knew and had a good visit with them as well.

Well, I'll close for now and add a photo, since it's the only one I have in my pictures that I haven't shown, lol!

Love you folks! Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

How to cook a Hazel

Every good northern Minnesotan knows that turkeys inhabit the road ditches. She knows where to hunt! ;)
 Bubba napping next to his new brother or sister...
 My silly son, Jordan (front) with some pals who helped him move a short while ago. Brooke had to work, so she missed out on the fun.
Just a few photos screaming to be posted, lol.

Monday, November 19, 2018

Woo hoo! Here I am!

Not much exciting going on. Furnace guys keep visiting. They can't seem to figure out what's happening. They are interesting characters and nice people. A couple of them belong on Duck Dynasty...or maybe in a Greek Orthodox monastery? Really. Awesome beards! But, seriously, I'll be okay if they don't get it fixed. Looks like it should only be a couple of weeks or so before I can move. Meanwhile, I'm keeping it comfortable with the space heater and the furnace is trying. If they're going to do something drastic to the furnace, I'd rather they wait until I'm gone.

I've been doing a lot of reading. I bought a couple of Max Lucado books to give as gifts, but I've gotta read them first, right?

Flies, anyone? It recently occurred to me that these would be fun to paint! I've saved a bunch of examples to use later. Aren't they pretty? Good decor for our area.

Well, things are escalating with the grandkids, noise-wise, so I'll close for now. I'll be coming back over to babysit Sully in the morning and I'll try to do some visiting. :)

UPDATE: MK, I received your book yesterday! Thanks! Really cute! :)

God bless y'all!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Still here!

I noticed it's been a while since I've posted. I've mostly been doing my computing from Micah's and often with grandkids running around. It makes it difficult to concentrate enough to compose a post. But that's okay. I don't  really have a lot of new news anyway!

My furnace hasn't been working well, so I've had guys in a couple of times. They're coming again next week to crawl underneath to see if some critter may have made a nest in the duct work which would decrease the airflow and make the system heat up, causing it to shut off prematurely. (Before reaching the set temp.) So, between the furnace (which works, but off and on) and a space heater I'm able to keep the temp up to 68* when it's in the low teens outside. Hopefully, this will be fixed this next week.

Meanwhile, I'm going to buy some totes and get some boxes and begin clearing out cabinets and packing stuff for moving. The actual move is still several weeks away, but this activity will keep me from thinking too much about the furnace situation. If it looks like they can't fix the furnace for some reason I'm going to request that they set me up in one of their motel rooms until it's time for me to move. (My landlords own the RV Park and a small motel.) In that case, I'll move my packed stuff into Micah's barn (which is heated) until I can actually move into the trailer. Just another growth and learning experience! All will be well!

I just purchased myself two books as a birthday present to myself. Yay! I'll be 62 on the 13th. ;)

Della has developed a mysterious limp in the last few days. Micah took her to the walk-in clinic and they dismissed it as something to do with a growth plate above her knee. Micah then took her elsewhere for a second opinion. The second doctor couldn't believe they just sent her  home the first time! She has a temporary cast (removable) to wear for a week to keep weight off of it. I'm sure it's probably something like a hyper-extended knee. (They took x-rays of her leg and hip, but couldn't see anything like a fracture.) These kids spend all of their time diving off of couches and windowsills, acting like superheroes, so this sort of thing is inevitable. She did enjoy her one-on-one time with Mom! :)
Subway with Mom after the doctor visit!

A recent selfie of Micah. Due at Christmas!

AWANA picture! :)

And now, I'm off to Walmart! (This epistle has been brought to you from the library...)

God bless all, and have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

A house and some cards...

For those who aren't interested in house construction this might be less than...interesting. Just wanted to post these for a couple who are interested. There'll be a few APC pics afterwards. That's all I can promise today, lol.

So, Glenn and Mark, I wandered around in Micah and Adam's house the other day and took a few photos. My battery died before I could take shots of the master bedroom and bathroom. These are already out of date because the mudder and taper guys have begun working, woo hoo! Eventually, if I can get my little video recorder on my camera figured out I'll try to do a video of the inside. We'll see if that happens. I'll wait until the M&T's (mudders and tapers) are finished.

Front of the house (south)
Back of the house (north side, facing to the west) Adam and his dad just got the soffit up. If you look past the end of the house that white object is my trailer.
Here I've entered the east door, which will be leading in from the garage...when there is a garage. Sort of a mudroom.
Here I've walked through the mudroom and have my back to the sliding glass doors you can see in the photo above. I'm standing in the dining/kitchen area facing the front door. That stud wall will be some sort of peninsula. I'm thinking the stove will be over there somewhere. The rest of the kitchen is to my left out of the photo along the north wall. The doorway over the half-wall is the door to the master bedroom.
Okay, here I'm looking to the left. The kitchen will also go along the left hand wall back to that doorway into the mudroom. The door to the right of the ladder is a pantry/utility room.
Here I've swung my camera to the right (still standing by the sliding doors) This is the hallway back to the kids rooms and bathroom. The living room area is to the left of the photo. I kind of skipped it, lol. Where that black trashcan is in the background there will be a fireplace with insert on that wall. Adam has plans to do a lot of rock work there, but that will happen later. They're trying to get enough done to move in and then they'll do more.
This is the living room ceiling, or part of it. It comes to a peak. Adam's stepdad, who is an electrician, did all the electrical work. He loves can lights! I think the ones to the right are curved because of the fireplace? You can see the front door with side windows and the living room window.
This is the hallway from the living room into the kids' rooms.
This is the girls' room. They'll have two sets of bunks.
Stepping into the girls' room and looking left, here is the closet and an alcove. It's really a pretty good size. Sully will probably sleep in here, too, for a while and they'll use his room for toys. The new baby will share Mom and Dad's room for a while. :)
The kids' bathroom.
Sully's room/toy room.
As I said, my battery died so I didn't get pics of the master bedroom and bathroom. They're pretty spacious, and the new baby will bunk in there for a year or so. All the junk has been cleared out for the M&T's and some mudding has been done. The kids' bathroom will be finished before they move in.

It's frustrating trying to show it in photos, so I'll attempt a video at some point. (Or Micah will!)

Okay, so here are my latest APCs. (I'm not sure if that stands for Altered Playing Cards or Artist Playing Cards. I've seen it both ways.)

These are supposed to be done on the Aces, and the theme was Birds. :)

Well, time is short at the library today since they close early, so I'll say farewell for now. Thanks for stopping by. Love and shalom to all y'all folks out there! :)