Sunday, August 1, 2021

It's been a while! :)

 (Header art courtesy of Audrey. She took 40 years off my age!)

What a nice cool day! Have you guys been hot? We've been pretty warm, so today's mid-70's were a welcome relief. I took a morning walk and this evening I sat in a lawn chair and watched the antics of the chickens and guineas. It was their first day "free ranging". They stuck pretty close to the coop. Now Adam and the kids are rounding them up for the night. That's the chicken tractor with a tarp slung over it. Very temporary shelter to get them used to being outside before their real freedom began. 

Granny Marigold, you asked about the marsh I had mentioned. I've shown a few pics of it in the past. It's almost half a mile down the road from me. It's just where a little river passes under the road through a large culvert. It's a slow windy river with lots of rushes and cattails. It connects a chain of lakes called the Crow Wing Chain. You'll recognise the area, I'm sure. I show it a lot. 

East side of the road...
The culvert under the road. Where I've seen Mr. Water Rat.
West side of the road.
The culvert is right between the yellow and white road signs. The river cuts through woods, so it's not highly visible unless you're looking for it. Home is less than half a mile behind me.
This is a favorite car that passes me sometimes when I'm walking. There's also a Model A (or is it T?) that passes me sometimes, driven by an old gentleman. I think this is a 1940-something Chevy.
Earlier today I heard some loud bird calls outside and wandered out to see if it was what I thought it might be. I wasn't quite sure where the birds were. It sounded like they were in the woods to the west of us, but it turned out they were northeast of my house in the pasture. It was a pair of sandhill cranes making a lot of racket. Their calling was so loud it was echoing in the woods to the west. They were kind of far away, so I couldn't get a picture, but it was still fun to watch them. I was hoping they would take flight, but I eventually walked away. Then, they flew away. Sheesh.

Two of my latest books. The Phil book is kind like a devotional with excerpts from two of his books. I know, I have strange taste in books. Oh well. *wink*

I just re-read The Apothecary's Daughter. I like Julie Klassen's books. The other is a mystery that I picked up at the library book sale, I think. It's next.

Adele was drawing Pokemon characters. She's six.

Speaking of books, I picked up these two at the thrift store. The one on the left because I've heard so many people say that Dorothy Sayers is one of the best mystery writers ever. Just thought I'd sample her work. Not sure I'm going to get that far. Murder mysteries aren't really my forte. But also, I wondered if any of you have read Barbara Pym's books. Once again, I've heard her name a lot, but don't know if she's a decent (meaning clean as well as good) writer. Any opinions?
Other thrift finds included this box full of various games circa 1950's! And the pieces are all there. Now I just have to learn how to play them all, ha ha.
I also found a very vintage book starring cats. The backgrounds of the pictures were all crewel work. Sorry, but this is getting used for collage material. It's the sort of age that modern kids wouldn't be interested in reading it, but I'd like others to enjoy some of the crewel work and cat photos. A lot of the ladies at my ATC site are cat lovers and I think we all appreciate needlework!
I couldn't resist this little syrup pitcher with a squirrel handle. (At least I think it's a squirrel!)
I bought this old tin file box thinking I could put it to use storing craft things, but when I opened it, it was full of baggies which were full of puzzles...with no pictures. Should be interesting trying to put them together. 

Okay, warning. The rest of this post will be an excruciatingly long list of cards I've made for the Continuous Random Round Robin ATC swaps. Some are starter cards and some are completed, but I think I'll just post them without comment. Feel free to skip this if you aren't interested. And thanks for visiting!

This is some of the crewel work from the cat book.
And some of the cats from that book.

More crewel work...

So now I'm at the point that I suspect I may be showing some repeats, so I'll cease and desist. I always seem to get the urge to blog after 9 p.m., so now it's getting late and I'd better hang it up!

Oh! Be sure to pop over to MK's blog and see the fun video she made about Jolly's visit! (The video is on her July 24 post.)

Thanks to all that endured the ATC thing! I love all you folks out there in blogland and family that happen to pop by! Have a great week!


Monday, July 12, 2021

Welcome to the world, little Sloan!

 Sloan Silas was born yesterday morning (July 11th) at about 7:30 in the morning. Weighing in at 7 lb. 6 oz. and 21 inches long, he is hale and hearty! And mom is doing great! The midwives came this morning for Micah's 24 hour checkup and affirmed that she's doing fine. The rest of the kids spent last night at their other grandma and grandpa's house, so Mom and Dad had a peaceful evening and a good night's rest.

Micah had planned a home birth, but not one sans midwives! LOL.

The midwives live about an hour and a half away, and since Micah awoke at 6:15 with contractions and gave birth at 7:30 the midwives didn't quite make it in time. Adam and I helped catch the baby with the midwife on the speaker phone! It was quite a great experience and a tale we can tell for years to come. 

The kids were kept occupied while the main event was taking place. (They're watching a movie.) Sully kept wandering out into the living room to watch Dad fill the birthing pool. A water birth was the plan, but it all happened too quickly. I was making muffins for the kids' breakfast when Micah said, "Oh! My water broke!" Muffins abandoned. Micah, not wanting to damage the new  couch, rolled off onto the floor. It was a blur of activity after that as the midwives were called, and Adam and I knelt with Micah, all poised to catch that baby who refused to wait for the midwives to arrive. It all went exactly as it should and mom and baby were soon arranged on the floor as comfortably as we could make them until the midwives arrived, which they did a few minutes later. I've often wondered when hearing tales of people giving birth on the way to the hospital, "How do they know what to do?" You don't have much choice! It just happens. And, thank the Lord, all was well.

Watchin' a movie...

After the midwives arrived they took things in hand and took over the care of Mom and babe. I resumed baking muffins and Adam made some scrambled eggs. The photographer Micah had hired also arrived after the fact. She lives an hour away. But she got some good photos. 
This is a photo of the other Grandma Lisa and the photographer in the background. By the way, the Silas in the baby's name is in honor of the two Grandma Lisas, with the letters rearranged. Clever, eh?

The intrepid midwives doing all the mysterious things they do...
Weighing the baby.

The kids can't get enough of their little brother! This is a baby-lovin' bunch!
Can you tell that Audrey is the little mom of the kids? And Thatcher/Chuck can't wait to get his hands on that baby!

Chuck has been hearing about the baby in his mom's tummy for nine months now, so after the birth he kept saying, "It's a baby now!" and looking at little Sloan with wondering eyes. He kept begging to hold his little brother. :) It was a proud moment!

We're waiting to see what color eyes Sloan will have. So far there are three blue eyed girls and two brown eyed boys. So it will either be an even number of each, or Sloan will be a unique combo. 

Nicknames abound in this household. Everyone has one or two. This guy might be Si. Short for his middle name or his initials, SSY. Or Cap, which is a nod to Captain America, and how they got there is a long story, ha ha. (It has to do with the SS in his name.)

This may be more info than some passersby are interested to know, but since this blog is a virtual journal, I wanted to include it all. My little camera doesn't take the best photos, but it's enough for a reminder of the big day. Glenn, Micah posted more photos on Facebook if you want to check there. 

I think I've exhausted my fit-to-print photos. Here's a farewell for now from Bubba the Robot. :) 

Shalom to all! Hope you're also having some good excitement where you are! :)

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Popping up again!

 Micah and baby are still playing the waiting game. Things are, however, "moving along".  There are some "signs" that the time is drawing nigh. Micah thought maybe this weekend. But babies will do what they please, so we'll just have to wait and see. :)

One of the big events of this past week involved an unfortunately inaccurate aim, on Audrey's part, with a rock. It found the bull's eye on the back window of my car and shattered it completely. The glass guy will be here Tuesday, and hopefully all will end well.

On my last couple of walks I've gotten a glimpse of Mr. Water Rat (or muskrat, as we call them) paddling about in the river. He seems to have a home close to the culvert, so if I stand there a while I might see him a couple of times. The other day I also saw a kingfisher! I didn't know we had those here! I stood and watched him sitting on a tree branch over the water, hoping to see him dive. But I finally realized it could be a good long time, so I walked on. I love that little patch of marshland. :)

My camera doesn't do her justice. The deer are such a pretty chestnut color this time of year. I took this from my living room window.

My ATCs seem to multiply like rabbits. Can't keep up on posting them!

These four were for a swap for house-shaped orange cards. Only requirements: be house-shaped, and include lots of orange. I went heavy on the Richard Scarry elements. (As I may have mentioned before, I wouldn't ordinarily cut up a Richard Scarry book, but this one was in baaaad shape.)

And then there was the Fairy Realm swap. The other two cards are further down the page, because I can't figure out how to move photos on here, and Blogger just puts things where it wants to...ahem. Can you make out the blue and orange plaids in the background of the first picture? One gal on the swap site sent me some mail a while back and she had decorated her envelope with this hand-drawn plaid! I want to try doing that. I think highlighters would work. Anyway, I was impressed with it!

These four were for a swap with a theme of "Numbers". You just had to include items with numbers on them. I had some fun tracking down as many scraps as I could find with some sort of numbers on them. :) (More Richard Scarry!)

These are two "starter sets" I sent out for the Continuous Random Round Robin swap. Two more players will add to them.

Here are two more Fairy Realm cards. You could make actual fairies or just add wings to people, which is what most of us do.
Speaking of fairies, here's a little fairy ring that formed in my yard the other day!
We also did a swap about Pirates and Buccaneers. I decided to make treasure maps. They're kind of addictive. I pretty much copied one from Google images and then used it as a jumping off place to invent some others.

Here's some of that plaid envelope. Yeah, I shouldn't have posted this with most of my address on it. Oops. And it looked a lot better than this. :)
Getting sillier by the minute, this swap was called Animals in Fashionable Clothes. 

And this one was called It's Raining Men! Which only means that you have to have a man on the card.

Granny Marigold, you asked if I could show how I make these cards, and you mentioned that your cards are usually just glue and washi tape. Exactly. That's about it. It basically depends on what you've collected over the years in your "stash" as we call it. Lots of odds and ends. Some prefab things like the manly "paperdolls" (above) you can buy at Hobby Lobby or online, and prefab sayings and words. The main challenge is just making something that's fun to look at out of what you have. It's challenging for my brain, and that's partly why I do it. You end up giving away all of your art and collecting everyone else's! I've instructed Micah to donate my binders full of ATCs to the thrift store after I go on to glory. Believe it or not, there will be some art nut out there who will enjoy looking at them. :)

Audrey made a drawing to enter into a contest at Everbright magazine. It's a kids' magazine I subscribe to for them. 

Audrey will be 10 on July 18th! Here is one of her birthday gifts. She LOVES IT! 

Oh, almost forgot. Briefly revisiting the subject of ATCs, I got these in the mail today. This is a set of ATCs for the Continuous Random Round Robin swap. Two ladies have worked on these. I'm the third. I will finish the cards (which are random indeed in their subject matter). Then I'll keep my favorite and send the other two back to Player #1, who will keep her favorite and pass the last one along to Player #2. That's how that works. (In case you were interested.)

In the realm of bookishness, I'm currently reading In a Sunburned Country by Bill Bryson. I think it was recommended by Charles Krauthammer in his book. Next, perhaps, will be the Tom Bodett book. I just love that guy. 
But I'm ALSO reading this little book which was recommended by one of my favorite Christian YouTubers, Eric Metaxas. He compares Thomas Howard's writing to that of C.S. Lewis. Howard, in fact, knew C.S. Lewis, but would have been quite a bit younger. I can see the similarities, but I think Howard uses more "big words" that I have to look up, ha ha. Hence, the dictionary you see in the picture. There have been a couple of words I haven't even been able to find in the dictionary! (Exequies? Suttee?) But I think it will be worth the effort. And at only 136 pages, I can read it more than once. I think he delves into some deep and important things, but I'm near the beginning so I can't tell you much. Should be a good one.
Oh and looky at this little book! I found it on the $1 table on the sidewalk in front of a vintage/thrift store. It measures 2-3/4" x 5-1/2". It's adorable! I couldn't leave it there. The front cover feels like it's tooled. 
Well, I think I've run dry for now. The neighbors have gone to a neighboring town for a cousin's birthday party. (A cousin of my grandkids.) So, it will be pretty quiet around here. Good reading weather! 

I hope you're all well and enjoying this fine summer. God bless you all and your families!

Shalom! :)