Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Posting again so soon? Wow!

Another fine day in the upper half of Minnesota! A little rain earlier, and then this evening I did some lawn mowing, which I'm counting as my exercise for the day. :) Day before yesterday (Tues.) I walked 2 miles with a very steep hill part. I'm feeling it in my gluts the last two days. Somehow I missed walking yesterday. It seems like days just whiz by and I look at my calendar and see I haven't walked, and I thought I did! Anyway, I'm doing pretty well in that department.

I joined a PAT swap (Pick-a-Theme). As you all probably know, that means that there are several groups of 5 people. The group I joined has to hand-draw/hand-paint their cards. Each person requests a certain theme. So, we each end up making four cards. One for each member except ourselves. These are what I ended up making.

While walking next door to Micah's today I spied these flowers. Never knew they were there before!
I picked three and left one to hopefully drop some seeds.
 I've never seen Columbines in this stage of making seed pods. So cool!

Right next to these was a little raspberry bush full of berries. Forgot to take a picture, but I ate one of the berries. I was saving the rest to show Nathan. :)

Today is Audrey's birthday. She's eight! I gave her a pretty illustrated book of Enchanted Stories by Usborne. She's been reading chapter books like crazy, but said she missed having pictures to look at. The book I gave her has beautiful illustrations and lots of well known stories like The Secret Garden and many others. I also found an I Spy game that they really were having fun with. This evening they were going to the county fair and out to eat. She's quite a gal!

I just finished reading this book:
I made the mistake of taking it along to the physical therapist today to read while he had me hooked up to one of his gadgets. I was sitting next to a young man, and I was having a hard time not laughing out loud. I figured Tom Bodett must be so old he had probably gone on to glory by now. But it turns out he was only 30 years old when he wrote this book in 1986! He's my age! I'm glad to know such a nice man is probably still alive and kicking in Homer, Alaska. I marvel at how a 30 year old could have so much wisdom!

I'm also reading this book, and really loving it.
Just goes to show, you can find some good stuff at the library book sale!

In other news, Josh's car is dead as a door nail. So, now to figure out what to do. He'll have to pay it off and get another car somehow. Thankfully, he doesn't seem as stressed as he was, now that all is revealed. He's looking into options. Prayers appreciated.

I visited my doctor about the continuing tingling in my left arm, which remains even though my shoulder feels better. He's arranging for an MRI to see what's up. Did I tell you this already? I'm still awaiting a call from the hospital to set up an appointment. Meanwhile, I'll continue therapy.I'm not in great pain or anything. They just don't think I should go around with a tingling arm, I guess, lol.

Well, that's all I really had to say at the moment. And when you've said all you have to say you should probably stop talking, right?  Ha ha!

Thanks for stopping by, fine people.
Much shalom to you all!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A short one...I think.

I just wanted to post the ATC's I made out of the faux postage stamps I showed you a couple of days ago. And heeeere they are! I know. I know. They may not make total sense, but that seems to be the way of collage. Ha ha.

I mostly stayed home today. Josh and I are sharing my car, with his in the shop. He had an appointment for Nathan in town, so I stayed close to home, except for a trip into Nevis (3 miles; I drove) to pick up the mail and sit by the lake for a short while. It was hot and I guess I just wasn't feeling like it today, so I didn't stay long. It was pretty, though.
Just feeling sad, I guess about all the challenges in Josh's family. He's not sure what he'll do if they can't fix his car. But I know this isn't too big for God, and we're trying to keep that perspective. He will provide. Meantime, we do have a car to use, and I thank God for that. Aren't we spoiled in our country? We're so rich by the standards of most countries. Thank you Lord!

And Sully had a green smoothie! Ha ha. I had a little visit with Micah, Adam and family this afternoon. Ate a little pizza. I hadn't seen them for a day or two, except for the kids waving out their bedroom window. So, it was nice to hug everyone and watch their shenanigans. Kinda like a happy pill! :)

Well, that's all for now. I'm thinking about taking a walk. Hopefully it's cooled down out there!
Thanks for stopping by. Love y'all!

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Tornado warnings and...

thunderstorm watches this evening. We kept an eye on things, prepared to invade Adam's dad's basement if necessary, but now it's a beautiful evening with blue skies and some pink bits of clouds.

I just remembered that I'd taken some pictures a couple of days ago. Do you see the little fellow in the upper right of this photo. He's our little hummingbird. That's his (or her) favorite perch. He/she seems dangerously exposed up there. There were a couple of hawks flying among my trees yesterday. Watch out, hummer!
And I caught a thief in the act. I think I'm going to stop putting the bird feed out. I'm mostly feeding the squirrel. I'll probably keep the suet out.

I bought a few things at the library book sale. I don't think I have pictures of everything, here. I've already incorporated them into my bookshelves, so I may show more later. Or not, lol.

I thought this was kind of sweet. This is from a book he wrote for his children, but never intended to have published. It was only published, with permission, after the death of his children. 

I got this little book, which is a history of some little town in Indiana. Why?
 Well, it contains some cool old pictures for my collage materials stash, but...
 ...mostly because it contained this old envelope which had some cool old stamps on it! More stuff for collage. There's even a letter inside! I know. I'm weird. I love old historical stuff like this.
This book is about decorative screens of all sorts. It looked interesting just to look through. These books were all from the 10 cent room, and everything was half-price on top of that!
This old cookbook has several full-color, 70's style pages like the cover. Those will make good artwork for ATCs.
You know how I love foreign language text. Well, this tattered old book is in Norwegian! The title translates as, "Do not hug a miserable in the gate", lol. I found this in a box of freebies. Had to give it a home.

 Some others that I found. Every so often I get rid of my copy of War and Peace. Then, later, I get another copy. Have any of you read it? Is it worth the time? I got the Kinfolk book to add to my Pearl Buck collection. I'm not sure I like her that much. I've only read one or two of her books in the past. I got the Father Brown book because I've watched the TV version and I know it's nothing like what Chesterton would come up with. So, I'm curious to see how this compares.
I actually follow Patsy Clairmont on Facebook! She's a grey-haired little old lady now, but she has lots of good spiritual insights. I like her. I thought I might like this book other than the icky artwork on the cover, ha ha. I hadn't read this Corrie ten Boom book, I don't think. And, MK, I found this little book of selections from Gift From the Sea. It seemed like a good way to see if I want to read more by Anne Lindbergh.
Then a couple of little, old books.

 My bookshelves are getting full. I try to cull books now and then, and I usually donate books back to the library after I read them. So, hopefully I can keep things under control.

My current read is this one. Yep. Back to the smarmy Christian/British/historical romances. Pure escapism of the most innocent kind. I need that these days. ;) I went through a Julie Klassen phase a while back where I read all of her novels. They are very similar to this one. They're published by the same company (Bethany House) and the cover art is the same style. This is the first book I've read by this author and I like her style. But she does copy some of Julie Klassen's little phrases, which bugs me. It's so flagrant. Everyone's always "biting back a smile" or some such thing. (That bugged me in Julie's books because she used it way too often. What a critic am I!) Otherwise, it's a nice bit of entertainment.
Josh just got his car back from the shop. It cost a pretty penny to "fix" it. Now something else is wrong, so he and Adam hauled it back into town tonight. Praying it's something simple. Life. It's always throwing you curve balls!

The newest fad in ATC-land is Faux Postage Stamps. I made these for a swap. I'll have to make decorated ATC cards to attach them to. These stamps are 1"x1" or 1"x1-1/2" approximately.
Here's a sample of what I mean by attaching them to an ATC. I didn't make this one.
Okay. Probably more than you wanted to know about faux stamps!

Hazel and Audrey (with cousin Cali in the middle) helped their "other Grandma Lisa" with some strawberry slicing. I call her "the fun Grandma". She always has something fun for them to do.

It's past my bedtime, so I'll say adieu for now. Thanks for listening!

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Lazy Sunday...

Other than going to church this morning I've been just lying around. I'm kind of tired. Probably from the 3 mile walk yesterday and the heat. I'm going to take a day off of walking today and hope to be peppier tomorrow.

I found some cool cloud photos in my camera. I took them a few days ago when a storm was on its way; though we didn't get much of anything.

I also took a few at the beach. It was an overcast day, so they didn't come out well. I've gone to sit there a couple of times in the last week or so. Even when the water is full of boats and people, the park itself is pretty quiet. A good place to people watch and reflect.

A favorite bench. I've taken my canvas chair the last couple of times. Even better!

This is my most recent ATC swap. It was called Macro ATCs.

I think I'm going to go outside and enjoy the evening. Too much time spent inside today! Thanks for dropping by! Shalom.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

A day in town...

By town I usually mean the slightly larger town 12 miles down the road. The one with more stores and people (maybe 3,000?) than our little Nevis. Ha ha.

I started out with my two mile walk (in Nevis on the trail) a little before 9, before it got too hot. The trail was "packed" with joggers. Meaning, I was constantly within view of someone coming or going for the entire 45 minutes or so. This isn't unusual, I guess, since there are lots of tourists staying through the week of the 4th, and many of them probably plan to run the Firecracker 5k on Saturday, which is held in the larger town (Park Rapids) mentioned above. Everyone was out for their workout. I didn't envy them jogging. It was a little humid and starting to warm up. Walking was fine by me!

After the walk, I stopped off at the little gas station/convenience store (one of two) in Nevis and got a cuppa joe, and then went to the beach here in Nevis to enjoy the cooler breeze by the lake. I had the place to myself except for a young lady (who I hear is a first grade teacher and a lifeguard) who was giving swimming lessons to little kids. I sat in a couple of different locations, enjoying the boats and pontoons coming and going, and a loon landing and diving for fish. I didn't have my camera, so I'll post an older picture here, because, dang, this is a lot of text!

Actually, these don't do it justice. These are in the fall, and now it's nice and green. I'll have to remember my camera next time!

After spending lots of time vegging and gazing at the lake, I headed for Park Rapids where I:

*went to my physical therapist and had a little chat and made a few more appointments
*went to the thrift store where I bought a few old books and other odds and ends
*I was starving by then, so I went to Burger King, and even ate inside!
*went to our little Ben Franklin store and bought a few small items for making cards
*went to Walmart to get a gas can (finally got my mower back from the mechanic) and a few groceries
*went back to Nevis and filled the gas can, and then...
*went home.
*Oh, and then to the post office.

Since getting home I've finished my cards for the "Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh" swap. No, they don't look much like his paintings, but then, if I'm not willing to spend my whole life and all of that blood (remember the ear?), sweat and tears he did in perfecting my craft, I can hardly expect them to. Right? Hee, hee.  (The operative phrase is "inspired by".)

Granny Marigold, you asked how I did the stamp collages. I have some mulberry paper that I like to use as a background. I just rip a piece off, glue it to the card. Then I pick some washi tape that seems to be in the same color family as the mulberry paper and the stamps I'm going to use. Put some of that on where it looks me. Then I glue the stamps on. I'm not as creative as some, but I'm working on it. Maybe next time I make one I'll actually take some step-by-step photos. :)

Well, it's past supper time and I'm hungry! So, I'm going to wrap this up with photos of two of my favorite boys (I have lots of great boys!). Micah just posted this one of Thatcher...
...and son Jordan sent this one to Facebook to show me his "new" 1976 Schwinn bike. His wifey, Brooke, bought it for him for his birthday. (He was 37 yesterday!!!) Jordan is sort of a retro guy. Now they're looking for a bike for her so they can hit the biking trails in Ft. Worth. :)
Photo taken in front of their retro house in a retro neighborhood of Ft. Worth. LOL
God bless you all! Have a safe Fourth of July!