Tuesday, February 16, 2021


 Looks like it's been a whole month since I last posted! Sorry for being so postally lazy! 

You might recall that a month ago I had just begun a 1,000 piece puzzle. Well, I finished it yesterday. Is that a long time to take on a puzzle? It was challenging and, of course, I was wondering all the while if all the pieces were there. Someone had made a note on the box that said the pieces were "All Here". Sure enough, they were! I may pass this along to Adam's mom who likes to do puzzles. I think it's rather striking and was thinking it might be fun to paint wood carvings. Probably won't, but it looks like it would be fun. :)

It turned out to be 29" by 19". 

It'll be good to have my table back! I think I've had enough of puzzles for a while.

I've been doing a lot of You Tube watching and reading, plus a little exercising. I've gained back a few pounds, so I'd better cut down on the snacking and do more of the exercising!

Is everyone staying warm? It's been well below zero, in our area, for the past couple of weeks. (-25 to -35 or so at night; staying below zero during the day.) Beginning today I think we're crawling above zero during the day. Hopefully we're coming out of the deep freeze and we'll be making our way toward spring. I know there's been some bad freezing rain and snow in Texas. I'm getting news from several family members down there. Rolling blackouts, single digit temps, snow and ice. Praying you can all stay home until the roads are safe and that your heat will stay on!

Good reading weather! I'll check on what you're all reading after I finish this blog post. I finished The God Who Is There by Francis Schaeffer. There's some good stuff in there, but I'll be the first to admit it was hard slogging for this old brain. By the way, I just ordered The Hidden Art of Homemaking by his wife, Edith Schaeffer. In fact, it looks like it was delivered to my post office box yesterday, so I'm looking forward to that. I read it MANY years ago when I was a young home schooling mom, and I remember loving it. I also ordered a copy of Appointment in Jerusalem by Lydia Prince which I read even longer ago and have wanted to re-read for a long time. Finally found a really cheap copy, so I grabbed it. Currently, I'm still working on Live Not By Lies: A Manual for Christian Dissidents by Rod Dreher and Down the Garden Path by Beverley Nichols, because you have to have some sunshine along with your more serious books. :) I'm also still reading occasionally from Evidence That Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell, but that's a long term book. Kind of like reading an encyclopedia. Really interesting, but you need to take it in short bursts.

In Live Not by Lies Rod Dreher interviews many people who have lived under totalitarianism and is finding out how they survived with their Christian faith intact. A subject I've long been interested in and something we can learn from. I'm only a third of the way through it, but so far I recommend it!

I had thought that I might work my way back through my collection of Beverley Nichols books, but I may have too many others I want to read first!

Beverley Nichols...
I love reading about his English gardens and cottage. I am noticing, as I re-read Down the Garden Path, that he makes a slightly off color comment now and then. But on the whole, lovers of things English will find him charming.

Oh, and I finished The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek quite a while ago. It was a fascinating story, but darker than I was expecting.

 I'll finish up with my cards. I keep thinking I'll quit making them for a while, but then I see something that looks like it would be fun. I think I just like being involved with the group and having a deadline and a goal. :)

The Mushroom Swap:

The Yeti Swap:

The Rhyme Time Swap. For instance...
Dragon in a Wagon
Mermaid with a Lampshade
Map with a Flap

Map with a Flap...filled with (s)crap(s).
And a Norse Horse.

Children with Wings Swap: (Strange but true!)

Clearance Swap. Any cards you've made and didn't use in a swap for one reason or another. I never have extra cards, so I made some new ones.
I think this was just a Butterfly Swap:

These were also for the Clearance Swap.

The Green Houses Swap. (House shaped cards with a green theme.)

Postage Stamp ATC (Art themed stamp)

Flowers and Something Extra swap.

All the usual bird people are visiting. I had six big fat blue jays perching in the bare top of my bird feeder tree the other day. Of course, they refused to pose for a picture, but they looked so beautiful against the blue sky! I did get a few pics of Phil the Pil...and a little guy at the bottom of the tree, ha ha.

In my Bible study I've begun making myself an outline of each book. I don't know about you guys, but I've given up on memorizing scripture. It's a good thing to do, but my brain just doesn't retain it! So, I thought at least I could have an outline of each book so I can locate the teaching that I'm looking for. I'm sure someone has already done this and I'm doing it the hard way, but I think that's the point. Writing it down is part of the fun! I'm just putting the chapter number (circled) and then copying down the headings that the translators put in as a guide to find various stories. And, of course, I'm reading a few chapters each day. Trying to go very slowly and mull over each verse. Isn't it amazing how God can show you something new even though you've read a verse many times? Kinda supernatural, ya know? :)

Micah and I drove to Walmart on Valentine's Day evening while Adam was home with the kids. Best Valentine's Day present ever! We had a great time visiting, getting a Caribou, and doing our shopping. Adam's good about letting Micah get out of the house for some peace and quiet. She has quite a noisy brood around her all day. For us, a shopping trip is fun and quite exotic enough, ha ha.

Hope you are all well! Stay warm and may your homes and hearts be filled with the shalom of God! I'll be around to visit blogs soon! :)


  1. Fine to see a new blogpost from you! I see, you made some good meditations with books, svaps and with the big 1000-pieces-puzzle. The result is great!
    I also study the holy bible every day for about half an hour reading some sentences and thinking about God's message this day for me. . Its really a spiritual experience reading some text and suddenly to find a new message, though you have read this part several times in former times.

    Your nights are as cold as in deepest Russia!!! Zero dergrees let us feel mor free. Here in Bavaria it also was very cold day and night - - but today we had mild zero or more.

    Blessings to you all - also to the noisy brood :)

  2. Beautiful and creative cards -- you have quite the artistic knack for them! I can't fathom such cold temps as yours. Brrrr. I am sure you have already read it, but I enjoy rereading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom very much.

  3. Shoot. I just lost the long comment I wrote. Maybe it was too long and Blogger objected.
    Anyway, I'm glad you're finding things to keep busy with until the more pleasant weather comes. Nice that you and Micah could get out without the kids and do the shopping. I have to ask...what is a Caribou? I mean, besides the obvious..

    1. Caribou is a coffee shop, lol. Sort of like Starbucks. When Micah says she needs a "Boo", I know what she means! :)

  4. What a fun Valentine's Day! It's great that you can be in close proximity to your daughter and able to jump on opportunities like that.

    But the COLD! Brrr! Makes me want to go crawl under the covers, just thinking about it.

  5. Oh that's so fun, the Valentine's day outing! It's my version of fun 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I love your work on pondering the Holy Scriptures!!! And your art is always fun! I love all your reading! Rod's book sounds good! Love to you on this cold day!🥰

  6. Lisa, you've done a good job of staying busy during that northern winter deep-freeze! The puzzle looks HARD - good job! And all that reading! Very impressive! It's a good use of time in the winter. You've done so many cards. They do look fun, quick reward for your effort and interesting.

    I likewise struggled to retain any Scripture I succeeded in memorizing. I knew it was a "temporary memorizing," although it did seem to keep the ideas of the passage in my mind better. Then I did something different -- I took a passage I wanted to memorize, and I set it to music. I made up a tune for it (or you could set the text to a tune you already know - any tune). I also picked out a piano part and wrote it on sheet music, but you don't have to do that.
    And wammo! That passage is stuck in my head forever, just like the songs on the radio that you still know every word to, from when you were 17, haha! It's a great comfort to have that passage right at hand, and sing it, whenever I need that comfort. "How precious is Thy lovingkindness, O Lord! The children of men hide in the shelter of Thy wings. They drink their fill of the abundance of Thy house. Thou dost give them drink from the river of Thy delights. For with Thee is the fountain of life. In Thy light we see the light." It's been a while, and I think I mostly got that right!! And I have a brain that is rapidly sinking through the sieve :)

    Stay safe and warm!

  7. The woodpecker is beautiful! I want one!
    I loved The Hidden Art of Homemaking. I also loved L'Abri. I like Edith more than Frances.
    Sending heaps of love and don't worry. Jolly's story is going to be rewritten AGAIN now and then he'll come see you.


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