Monday, July 12, 2021

Welcome to the world, little Sloan!

 Sloan Silas was born yesterday morning (July 11th) at about 7:30 in the morning. Weighing in at 7 lb. 6 oz. and 21 inches long, he is hale and hearty! And mom is doing great! The midwives came this morning for Micah's 24 hour checkup and affirmed that she's doing fine. The rest of the kids spent last night at their other grandma and grandpa's house, so Mom and Dad had a peaceful evening and a good night's rest.

Micah had planned a home birth, but not one sans midwives! LOL.

The midwives live about an hour and a half away, and since Micah awoke at 6:15 with contractions and gave birth at 7:30 the midwives didn't quite make it in time. Adam and I helped catch the baby with the midwife on the speaker phone! It was quite a great experience and a tale we can tell for years to come. 

The kids were kept occupied while the main event was taking place. (They're watching a movie.) Sully kept wandering out into the living room to watch Dad fill the birthing pool. A water birth was the plan, but it all happened too quickly. I was making muffins for the kids' breakfast when Micah said, "Oh! My water broke!" Muffins abandoned. Micah, not wanting to damage the new  couch, rolled off onto the floor. It was a blur of activity after that as the midwives were called, and Adam and I knelt with Micah, all poised to catch that baby who refused to wait for the midwives to arrive. It all went exactly as it should and mom and baby were soon arranged on the floor as comfortably as we could make them until the midwives arrived, which they did a few minutes later. I've often wondered when hearing tales of people giving birth on the way to the hospital, "How do they know what to do?" You don't have much choice! It just happens. And, thank the Lord, all was well.

Watchin' a movie...

After the midwives arrived they took things in hand and took over the care of Mom and babe. I resumed baking muffins and Adam made some scrambled eggs. The photographer Micah had hired also arrived after the fact. She lives an hour away. But she got some good photos. 
This is a photo of the other Grandma Lisa and the photographer in the background. By the way, the Silas in the baby's name is in honor of the two Grandma Lisas, with the letters rearranged. Clever, eh?

The intrepid midwives doing all the mysterious things they do...
Weighing the baby.

The kids can't get enough of their little brother! This is a baby-lovin' bunch!
Can you tell that Audrey is the little mom of the kids? And Thatcher/Chuck can't wait to get his hands on that baby!

Chuck has been hearing about the baby in his mom's tummy for nine months now, so after the birth he kept saying, "It's a baby now!" and looking at little Sloan with wondering eyes. He kept begging to hold his little brother. :) It was a proud moment!

We're waiting to see what color eyes Sloan will have. So far there are three blue eyed girls and two brown eyed boys. So it will either be an even number of each, or Sloan will be a unique combo. 

Nicknames abound in this household. Everyone has one or two. This guy might be Si. Short for his middle name or his initials, SSY. Or Cap, which is a nod to Captain America, and how they got there is a long story, ha ha. (It has to do with the SS in his name.)

This may be more info than some passersby are interested to know, but since this blog is a virtual journal, I wanted to include it all. My little camera doesn't take the best photos, but it's enough for a reminder of the big day. Glenn, Micah posted more photos on Facebook if you want to check there. 

I think I've exhausted my fit-to-print photos. Here's a farewell for now from Bubba the Robot. :) 

Shalom to all! Hope you're also having some good excitement where you are! :)


  1. Well, that must have been exciting!!! Congratulations to all concerned. So great that all turned out well and Mom and baby are doing fine. I had to chuckle when you wrote that after the baby was born you went back to making muffins. Isn't that life, huh? Take care.

  2. Oh wow!!! Praise God!! How wonderful!!! God bless!!!! Wonderful that your were so involved in the miracle of this birth!!!

  3. What a Grace! What a blessing! What Love and Joy! Beautiful livind scenes! Children a Present of the Lord! Congratulations! The Lord loves you all! And you love the Lord!

    1. And I love your exuberance, sister in the Lord! :) Thanks for being excited with me!

  4. I love the comment of Granny Marigold! Greetings!!!!

  5. Congratulations to the parents. Such a lovely baby! Nice to have a baby at home with all the family. You must be a very happy grandmother.

  6. Hooray! How wonderful! Congratulations, Granny!
    Jolly is on his way to MK. He had a nice time in Indiana with Heather!

  7. I loved the "Call the Midwife" British show. How different it all used to be, and it's heartwarming to see a home birth again! Glad baby and mommy are safe! Wow, that was a fast labor!

  8. Oh. My. Glory to God! That is a wonderful telling of the blessed event, and I think your pictures are fantastic!! I'm so glad you were there and could take your own pictures; everyone must be glad about that since the photographer couldn't do those first ones.

    Recently I read Baby Catcher by midwife Peggy Vincent, and one thing that stood out to me was how many women end up on the floor to deliver their babies. I didn't have that impulse myself at my home births! Micah provides one practical reason why to use the floor, which the women in the book didn't seem to have. They seemed to be more instinctive.

    Your family has received such a great gift, and the home birth multiplies the blessings and beauty.

    Congratulations, Grandmother!!

  9. Absolutely beautiful!! And glorious news for your family, Lisa. He's lovely. It all happened according to the Lord's plan :) Glad you were there!

  10. Hello! Having seen your name here and there in blogland, I decided to stop by and pay you a visit. But, wow, what a time to visit...right in the middle of a birthing. I love this sweet, sweet family. Congratulations to you all!


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