Thursday, September 9, 2021

Surprise visit!

 Actually, I just surprised myself by hitting the "new post" button. I hadn't really planned to post right now, ha ha. Well, I guess I'm as ready as I've ever been! 

We're cooling down a bit. In the 40's and 50's at night and the 70's during the day. As we say every year, "If only this could last all year!" Micah likes to say we should move somewhere where it's like this all year, to which I routinely reply, "Yeah, where everyone else wants to live. Including SNAKES!" :) The only poisonous thing we have in Minnesota is poison ivy...and the occasional recluse spider that sneaks in via a box of produce.

I've just been decluttering my art supplies and have a nice box full of stuff someone else will enjoy. And I still have plenty left! 

I did go back to the thrift store looking for more old magazines and hit the mother lode! The store owner said to pick out a bunch and she'd give me a good price. She said the magazines are just being abused and getting in worse shape, so she was anxious to get rid of them. I got about 20 pounds worth of magazines for five bucks! Here are some of the cool covers. 

Unfortunately, I don't have a use for the large cover art, but I may send them to other people on my ATC site along with their cards. I'll have to ask if anyone has a use for them. Otherwise, I'll cut out smaller images and ads, etc. that I can use on cards. This is a lifetime worth of material, so I'll probably also be giving some away to other players. My nasal passages don't appreciate the mustiness, but it's still fun to thumb through these!

I also got these two books at the Dollar Tree. Not my usual type of reading material, but they looked kind of interesting. I'm a sucker for anything that's "only a dollar". ;)

I'm reading this one at the moment. Also, The School of Christ by T. Austin Sparks. (I think I may have mentioned it in an earlier post. My mom gave it to me 27 years ago and now I'm reading it!)

A spider decided to make it's home in a peculiar spot...

These cards were made for a swap called Pumpkins and Coffee. 

And these were for a Halloween swap. I don't keep a lot of Halloween art around so I scrounged through an old book and made a few hand-cut rubber stamps. (The pumpkins and coffee cup above, and the bats below.)

Almost forgot. The Cactus and Succulent swap.

Now for scads more starter cards for the Continuous Random Round Robin! Yay! (You shouted.) As I've explained before, my memory card adapter has a bad habit of scrambling my photos, so apologies if I repeat something. This is "just for my records". Hang on, here we go. (Explanation for the newbies: These are starter cards. Two more people will add things to them.)

Whoops. This one wasn't a starter card. I was the second player. I added the vintage doll and passed these along to the third player.

When we got chicks last spring we thought we might have gotten all females, but the little bantam silky decided to start crowing a few weeks ago. He's in mid crow in the photo. He's on the bottom. At first I thought one of Micah's babies had escaped and was crying in the woods. Nope. This guy has a weird crow. It sounds like one of those baby dolls with the pull string. He's getting better. He has the right number of syllables. It just sounds weird!

Well, it feels like lunch time and I always listen to that feeling! I also need to run to the post office and I'll probably walk on the hiking trail while I'm in town. I imagine the grands will be over after they finish school. They already went for a walk on the trail this morning and took school pictures while they were there. (They're homeschooled.) 
Micah posted some pics on Facebook, so I took pictures of her pictures on my laptop screen. It's the best I know how to do, lol.

Enough pictures? I'm even hungrier now! I'll drop by and visit everyone later. Have a great day and trust in the Lord for everything! 
Shalom y'all!


  1. OH How I love to see all five children in ONE picture- and the baby with Mama!!! I'm so impressed!!!! Many greetings! Blessings!! Wonderful!!!!!!!!


  2. You sure did get enough old magazines to last you for years of projects!! If they smell too musty you might want to spread them outside on a sunny day. That might help.
    I love seeing the grands lined up and looking so cheery. Hard to believe Sloan is almost 2 months old already!! Take care and keep safe.

  3. Fine comment of Granny Marigold!

    This morning I read the complete text by my translator and enjoy your stories and funny stile!

  4. Hello Lisa and thank you for leaving your sweet comment over at mine. I must say, I am in awe of your artistic talent and what an honour to actually have some of your artwork here in my home inside the journal of Jolly the Roving Postman so you could say, a little bit of you is in Scotland! Lovely pics of your grands too. Good weekend to you.

    1. Thanks for the nice comments! I did mention in a post that most of the art I put in Jolly's envelope was cut from books. I drew the sweater. Don't remember if I drew anything else. :)

  5. What neat vintage magazines! Cute pictures of your grands!

  6. You can right-click on almost any photo and a menu will appear. Choose the "Save Image As" and rename it something you'll recognize. I have my browsers set to ask me where I want to save it, otherwise it usually will save in Downloads if you don't have that setting. What a lovely crop of grandkids! You really hit the jackpot with those magazines. You can sell the ads on Ebay pretty easily, and probably the covers, too...I see them for sale constantly when I'm looking for vintage images.

  7. Aw! Those grands are so cute and they are growing up!

  8. Those children are gorgeous. I admire all your postcard art -- it's very appealing and must be so much fun to create. My favorites this time were the coffee and pumpkin cards! They made me want to make something pumpkin to eat with coffee tomorrow morning <3

  9. AHHHHHH THE BABY!!! AAAdorable! Your artwork is fun and good but the BABY!!!!! love love, love
    Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm


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