Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

May God bless you all in 2018!
My New Year's resolution? To read Wind in the Willows again! After looking at my header photo, I just feel this sudden need to read it again. First, I have to find my copy! I think it's on my Kindle, too.

Well, I could go on and on!
My only really important resolution will be to come to know Jesus better and to spend more time looking at Him. It's too easy to get lured into entertaining yourself until the day has sped by. Time spent with Him and being His hands and feet in this world are all that really count in the end. Why is that so difficult? Distraction is one of the enemies most effective tools. Reading the Word and talking to Jesus is the best antidote. I'll try to work on those two areas.

Good night, friends and family. I doubt that I'll stay up until midnight. ;)


  1. True. True! Knowing Him and aiming to spend determined and focused time with HIM is BEST, best, best.
    I am going to get out my annotated Wind in the Willows today! I love it.
    God be with you, good Lisa. Sending love and friendship your way!

  2. Lisa, I so agree with your decision -- to keep close to Jesus and be His hands and feet. That is my decision too. All else falls into it's rightful place. JOY-ful 2018 to you!

  3. Love your new year's resolution. A good one for me also, delving more into the Bible and drawing closer to Jesus, helping others and being thankful.

    Have a wonderful 2018 dear Lisa

  4. Happy new year, Lisa! I felt exactly the same way, when I first saw your blog banner picture up there -- Ah! Wind in the Willows! And instantly I wanted to revisit Badger's house and hear the carolers at Mole End and enjoy the river with Ratty. I'll avoid Toad, whom I find irritating :)


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