Thursday, May 6, 2021

All thrifting, all the time!

 Well, my piece about Jolly's third date isn't yet ready to go to press, so I thought I'd catch you up on my thrift store finds. I'm thinking it really isn't that thrifty if a person is buying stuff they don't really need, but then, this is one of my few vices, so I'll forgive myself!

A couple of days ago (or was it yesterday?) I went to a thrift store in Park Rapids (12 miles west of me) and I forgot to share what I got. 

(So much for Swedish death cleaning. I guess my kids can redonate all of this stuff when I'm gone. Not planning to exit any time soon, just saying...)

Okay, let's see what's on my camera.

I'm adding to my woodsy stuff collection. The one on the bottom is small. I think it's for toothpicks or something like that. I'll have to invent a use for it, lol. Hey, it's got a pinecone on it! 

Just a little rug to put by the back door for the grandkids' muddy boots.

One of my favorite things was this 1950's (maybe ?) glass. Would it have had jelly in it originally? It's my new official juice glass. 

I also got a pink twin-size blanket with roses. It looked fairly old, but it was so cute I couldn't pass it up. 

I thought this loon print was cute.
I donated a box full of stuff the day I got the above items and I have most of a box full of stuff ready to donate again. That should make us feel better about my habit, ha ha.

Today I went to a different thrift store in Akeley (5 miles to the east). This is what I found there.

Some new old games and game pieces for the games cabinet. I had recently donated my old chinese checkers board; the kind in a round red tin, because you couldn't get the lid off to get the marbles out. This one is more user friendly and kind of cool. The bag of marbles was separate and may not have all we need, but those are easy enough to find. The old backgammon/checker board was pretty vintage and colorful. The little thing at the top is a magnetic game of Snakes and Ladders. The grands will have fun trying them out. I'll have to refresh my memory on the rules for backgammon!
I'm getting a little addicted to packs of cards. I do use them for making altered playing cards (APCs), but I've got a LOT of them. Anytime I find a deck that is a little unique or old I can't resist.
More books!

I've seen the movie (TGLAPPPS), but thought the book might be good? The two old map books are for collage materials. I think I might start making up some happy mail for my fellow ATC makers. I need to share some of my collage material stash and other folks seem to enjoy getting an unexpected envelope full of stuff that's new to them. That could be fun!
This Scottish Country book is a beautiful big coffee table book that will be fun to peruse. The little Scandinavian book is for collage material. I'm going to Google a translation of the title. It seems to be some kind of liturgical book. I don't think anyone will get any use out of it, so I'll probably use it anyway. (Scandinavian Ballads of the Middle Ages.)
Well, that's all for now. I'll be getting back to you with more on Jolly's 2021 Wife Tour!

Thanks for stopping by and shalom to everyone!


  1. I love your happy mail idea. It IS so fun to get new bits and pieces of materials. When I go to Estate Sales, I gravitate over to the baggies that have this 'n' that in them, little crafty things or vintage things, usually just for $1. I have found some real treasures! And you found a lot of treasures! That juice glass is entirely cool.

  2. The very old humans were hunters and collectors. This way of life-feeling you have in your mind. I'm also a hunter and collector!

    To give some pieces to other pepole is a good idea to have some new place for new old things! :)

    The glass to drink juice is really fine!

  3. Ivanhoe is one of my absolutely FAVORITE books! I've read it twice as an adult, and I'm waiting until I sufficiently forget it, so I can read it again. I hope you enjoy it.
    TGLAPPPS is a wonderful book too. I watched the movie several times before I was able to buy the book at my thrift store, and I think I enjoyed the book more. Of course, it has more detail and presents a fuller picture of the story. I'm not sure, but I think in the book there is not quite so much conflict between the older lady and the visiting writer.


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