Sunday, May 16, 2021

Potted up a few flowers!

 I'm a pretty sparse gardener compared to most of you out there. Yesterday I got a belated Mother's Day gift from my dear daughter in the form of a coupon for a hanging basket. That gave me the little kick start I needed to at least get a few flowers!

My bird feeders are still empty. Too many bears around. I'm not sure when it will be safe to fill them again. I sprinkle sunflower seeds on the ground, but I don't dare put out suet or a hummingbird feeder. Maybe the flowers will attract a few?

How do you like my funky flower pots? (below) Everyone was out of flower pots. At least, cheap ones! I punched some holes in the bottoms of these and I think they'll work. 
Marigolds and petunias. That's the extent of my garden. I'll admire everyone else's from afar!

Oh, I wanted to clear up some possible misunderstandings on the pages I decorated in Jolly's little notebook. Most of what you see is illustrations I cut out of books or photocopied and glued in. I didn't do hardly any actual art in there. I did draw the little brown sweater and used a few of my handcarved rubber stamps, but can't take credit for more than that. Gotta give credit where credit is due! (I did do the painting of the loon on the rock though! ha ha)

We almost melted yesterday when it got up in the low 70's. We're pretty wimpy when it comes to warm weather. We haven't had a chance to get acclimated to higher temps. It's getting even warmer today! Our trees are slowly getting some leaves. I think we need a bit of rain to hurry that along. 

I've just finished reading a big coffee table book called Scottish Country. It gave me a fascinating peek into some of the old Scottish country homes and some of their history. I highly recommend it. I also read a novel called A Quilter's Holiday  which I thought was a cozy mystery, but turned out to be a quilting themed novel which was only mildly interesting. I've also dabbled in The Wit and Wisdom of Harry Truman which has been kind of fun. The main book I'm slogging through slowly, because it takes some actual thought, is Black Rednecks and White Liberals by Thomas Sowell. I almost gave up on it because it does take some mental effort, but I'm glad I've stuck with it because he explores the history of slavery, not only in America but around the world, and the ways in which blacks and whites have effected each other's cultures. That's a very bad explanation, but I think it's an important book. It seems like something everyone needs to read in our current world situation, though it was written 16 years ago. Thomas Sowell is himself a black man, so he writes from some experience. He's also been described as "America's foremost intellectual" and "a national treasure". If he's still living he would be in his early nineties. I've become an admirer.

On to lighter topics. ATCs! :)

Here are cards for my latest swap which is a PAT (Pick-a-theme). I made a card for four other players based on a theme they chose.
(Angels; Frida Kahlo; Purple; and Abstract art.) I found the little Frida Kahlo drawing in a kid's magazine and added some features, ha ha.

I'm working on cards for a pointillism swap. I've finished a mushroom and have sketched out some aspens for my next card. These take so much time! Yikes.
Other than reading and making ATCs it's been mostly walking and babysitting. I have a predictable life. Not complaining! 

I hope everyone is well and thriving! Enjoy your summer and shalom to all!


  1. Nice ATCs. I can imagine how much time goes into a pointillism one. Whew!!
    I'm not doing much reading these days. I'm spending my time outside while the sun shines and when we get the rain that's in the forecast I'll do housework.
    Have a great week!!

  2. I absolutely loved your loon drawing! Guess I was "loony" over it! To put the elements others have created in a pleasing way, is a rare gift. The gift of design ability. And you have it. I have to smile at you saying you don't do warm weather very well. 70 degrees is considered "cold" here. They bundle up and run the heater at 70! I love the pointillism. I used to do a lot with a dip pen, just black and white designs. You are so right; it takes a lot of time, all those dots!

  3. i appreciate you way of life. You always fullfill your task as Lisa and gramdma with joy and heart and full of trust an faith and some fun.
    A few flowers in a few innovative pots make the heart happy.

    So warm here in your region! In the Bavarian Forest it is rather cold, our plants have to be sheltered. Weather always makes what it wants! :)


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