Monday, May 10, 2021

Bon voyage, Jolly!

 It was fun getting to know Jolly and sharing my north woods experience with him! He seemed to enjoy seeing a lot of nature and meeting some new friends. Everyone has exchanged addresses so they can send actual handwritten missives to one another. That's Jolly's favorite thing!

We thought it was about time he set off to his next destination. I know many hostesses are waiting to entertain him and do a little matchmaking! 

This is page two of the story I wrote to go in the envelope.

Oh, and page one...sorry they're out of order. I can't figure out how to remove and edit pictures, ha ha.

Here are the pages I decorated in Jolly's notebook with some washi tape, rubber stamps, stickers and book pages. Plus some animal drawings from an old Boy Scout manual. 

I just remembered two more things that happened while Jolly was here. Yesterday my granddaughter tapped on my living room window and pointed to the alfalfa field to the south of my house. Here's something I've never seen before! I hope you can see it. My camera isn't the fanciest! Porcupine! (Or porkypine as I actually say it.) He made it safely across the road, whew!

A few minutes later a badger was spotted in the same field, but he popped down a hole and we haven't seen him again. Audrey was giggling at the porcupine's big, furry feet. :)

Jolly also encouraged me to finish painting the "doorstop stone" I mentioned in a previous post. I decided to put it on my front steps instead of using it as a doorstop. (I found another stone for that purpose. I'll probably paint it later.) I kind of enjoy painting on rocks. Dori has her sheetmetal; I have my rocks!
And so, I've stamped Jolly's passport...
and he says, "See you all later! I've had a great time with Lisa and I'm excited to meet Heather!" 

Farewell to the land of Paul Bunyan! Hello Hoosiers! (I thought the heart envelope was kind of appropriate.)

Have a safe trip, Jolly! I'll be watching for your further adventures!
Everyone can follow the next leg of his "Wife Tour" at Heather's blog called Blackberry Rambles!

And for all of you who have been reading, God bless and shalom!


  1. First thank you for visiting my blog!
    I like the drawings and the stone painting.
    I went to the sea yesterday and brought two pebbles from the beach to paint them.
    I will add you to my blog list.have a nice day!

  2. That is so fun, lovely and creative!! Yay Jolly!!!

  3. I have never seen either a porcupine or a badger. I'd be quite thrilled to see either.

  4. I say with Granny Marigold:

    I have never seen either a porcupine or a badger. I'd be quite thrilled to see either.

    AND I say also:

    What a wonderful writing you made and a funny book for sweet Jolly!

    Good Gramdma fairytale Lisa!!!

  5. You have such artistic ability! I didn't realize you are not only good at designing but also good at sketching and painting. I have never seen a porcupine in the wild, either, but I have seen some poor doggos who encountered some in West Texas of all places!

  6. Your painted rock design is just beautiful. I am amazed at all the creativity that went into hosting Jolly. You are overflowing with it!

  7. you are a very good storyteller! I have loved your posts forJolly's wife hunt - also your painted stone is delightful :)


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