Monday, May 31, 2021

Checking in!

 I hope you've all had a great Memorial Day! Things were quiet here. Well, except in our little town of Nevis which is overflowing with tourists! They all seem to be having a ball running, biking, eating ice cream, ATVing and anything else summery they can think of. Out at our place the kids are playing and Micah and Adam are doing house projects. I did do my one mile walk, but otherwise I've been indoors. The grands came over for almost 3 hours, which I hope helped Adam and Micah to get their projects further along. 

My flower collection has grown a bit. When I was painting trim on my dining room windows I looked out at the flowers on the steps and there was a little ruby throated hummingbird sipping from the marigolds! I don't have a feeder out (because of the aforementioned bear problem in the area) so I was glad to see this little fellow had found my flowers.

Yes, I did spend day before yesterday painting window trim in the living room and dining/kitchen area. It's about time! Now the baseboards look even worse, so I guess those are next. 

So, here we go, on a willy-nilly trip through my photos. Let's see what's happened since my last blog post two weeks ago.

This is our chicken sauna. Don't you have one of those? Adam's sister remodeled this old sauna to use as a chicken house. He just moved it over here yesterday. It has a little chicken door on the other side. He just needs to make a little yard so the chicks can come outside. It's actually pretty nice and spacious inside. The chicks think it's a step up from the water tank they've been living in. It's just a loan until Adam can construct a new chicken house. :) His sister decided not to have chickens this year. I should get some updated photos of the chicks. The guineas are starting to look like guineas!

This was quite a find at our local thrift store. A Boulder mug! I wonder how that got here? Since Boulder was my old stomping grounds in the '60's and '70's I couldn't pass it up! Like my flour sifter pour over contraption? It works!
I just finished these today for a Lovable Cat swap.

These were for what we call a Trash to Treasure swap. The host sent me an envelope full of scraps, and I make some very silly house shaped ATCs using those scraps. These scraps were from various games.

These clouds looked cooler in real life...
I showed this pointillism mushroom to you a few posts back, but I made three more to complete this What's the Pointillism? swap.

I finished the group of books I mentioned earlier, and now I'm reading these. (Well, I did give up on the wit and wisdom of Harry Truman. You can only take so much of one person's concentrated wit and wisdom.)
I read this one back in my twenties. It seems like only yesterday!
Some cards for an Open Theme swap. 

Some scenes along my walking route.

Cards for a postage stamp themed swap. Our subject matter on the stamps had to be household items or food. (I know. Bizarre.)

And a Sunflower themed swap.

Glenn, thanks for the box of PG Tips tea! I look forward to brewing up gallons of iced tea this summer!
Well, I'm off to enjoy the evening, have some supper and read some more. God bless and shalom to all of you wonderful people "out there"!


  1. This May-fullmoon really was bigger!

    Your May looks mild and warm and friendly. The drawing-cats have living eyes and the point-work is fine!

    Ha ha, a political-spiritual cup of tea!

    Your family has happy eggs!!! Very important!!!

    Your flowrs make nice colours!

    Better stay in your small paradies, than in the hotspot of the town. Meditative simple brave life - - -

  2. I am so glad to see the ATC world is alive and vibrant despite the pandemic times. I had to laugh at your remark about being able to take only so much of someone's "concentrated wit and wisdom." Ain't that the truth! Like your hummingbird, I can only sip here and there from such books (which I love).

  3. Hi Lisa, Nice to see a post from you today. Well, you may have posted it yesterday but with the summery weather I spend less time at my computer and I get behind reading and leaving comments. Nice pictures from your walk ( good to hear you're keeping on with the daily walks.)


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