Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Not much!

I've been immersed in homework mostly, but I do have a new room just for my studying and art (if I ever get around to doing art again!).

I'm really enjoying all of this space and it's a pleasant place to spread out and study. The little old sofa sleeper works more as a desk than a couch, but it's very convenient for the present needs. My old art desk with some of my supplies is in the corner ready when I find some time. I would love to find a large poster with a beautiful nature scene to hang above the couch. Something soothing to contemplate as a break from nursing study. Any ideas where these types of posters can be found?

One of the biggest projects was moving the bookcase and all of my books from the room next door! We had to move everything out of the room so we could turn the bookcase on its side so it would fit through the door. Of course, my books were set in stacks all over the floors of BOTH rooms, so there was a lot of shifting of stacks to get this accomplished. It just wouldn't have been "my" room without the bookcase. My hubby is creating his own space in the other bedroom. We're having fun!

I'm squeezing my beloved slant-top desk between my desk and bookcase. It rolls easily so I can use it to spread out my schoolbooks if I need to.

I leave you with a lovely sunrise that I found residing in my camera. If you'd like to see more workdesks, go to Julia's Stamping Ground and follow the links to snoop around!

Shalom, all, and have a great week!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just for the record...

I was deleting photos from my camera and came across these. I sent these to Pom Pom, so just for the record I'm posting them here so I can remember that I painted them once upon a time! :)

This is a rook in Pom Pom's garden. I used a photo from Pom Pom's blog for the flowers and added the rook just because I was fascinated with the idea of painting a rook at that moment! Actually, I had looked up pics of crows, then the word "rook" floated across my mind, probably picked up on my travels through Jane Eyre. So I looked up rook pictures to see just what they were and this is what I came up with. He's kind of large...

This was painted from one of Pom's vacation pictures...

I must have deleted the picture of the owl bookmark. Oh well, I have a copy of it somewhere. Maybe I'll post it later.

Not much going on painting-wise here. School takes a lot of time! :)

Shalom and happy fall!