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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My son, my hero...

Well, things have taken another turn. My son, Josh, has tried so valiantly to find a way to move his family out of a situation that he feels isn't good for them. But the challenges were just too overwhelming. Though he had a job, we just couldn't find a place for them to live that was a decent size, and at a rent they would be able to afford. They were willing to sacrifice a lot, but he decided it just wasn't a good idea to make so many compromises to get here. Josh's wife, Jess, is bipolar, and my little grandson was just diagnosed with pediatric bipolar disorder. My granddaughter is autistic to some degree. They have so many challenges already without the stress of this big move. So...for now, Josh will continue at his present job and hopefully he can train for a higher paying position which will allow them to move to happier accommodations just 10 miles from Jess's family. Don't get me wrong. She has a great family, but two of her siblings are misbehaving in a big way, and they just don't think it's a good atmosphere for the little ones. (For those who don't know, Josh and Jess live with Jess's parents and her six siblings. They are college students working on their Masters degrees.)

I've been praying that God would throw roadblocks in their way if this move wasn't a good idea. I believe He did just that, and I think they need to be where they are for now. I also prayed for wisdom for Josh and Jess, and I believe God gave them wisdom to see that they were trying too hard. He can bless them right where they are. I'll miss seeing my boy in person. My heart aches at that thought. But I think their present living situation will turn out to suit them best. And you know, once your little ones grow up and marry, they belong first to their spouses. You never get them back in the same way as when they were children. It's time to move onward and upward! I will always love my kids more than any earthly thing and pray for them daily, and I know my Heavenly Father loves them more than I even know how to.

My sweet Kentucky family...

 This picture was taken three years ago, but I like it because they look so happy.

 This was taken at their home in Kentucky. Isn't it gorgeous? I pray that God will richly bless them wherever they live.
Thanks for listening to this mom ramble on about her kids! :) I've gotten kind of keyed up over the last few days. I think I need a rest.

Bless you all! Hope your week is filled with the peace of God!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Life is getting a little complicated!

My son, Josh, d-i-l Jess and the kids, Nathan and Starry, are making another attempt at moving to Minnesota from Kentucky. This time there's a new spin. Josh has a job waiting for him! He got a job at a business called Mann Lake, which is a place that makes beekeeping equipment and bee food. They have several sites around the country.

They will be arriving on Saturday, and we haven't lined up living accommodations quite yet. We've certainly been trying! They may be camping on my living room floor for a while until we find the right place. They're willing to squeeze into something small if need be, if we can find something. I'm staying positive about this.

When they get here, they will unpack either at the house/apartment we find, or in a storage garage. Then the U-Haul will be returned. Because they are borrowing the van they're driving here, Josh will have to drive BACK to Kentucky (!) and exchange cars and drive back! Bless his heart! 

Josh has a 35 minute commute from here to Hackensack, where his job is. He'll be working three night shifts each week (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and then he'll have four days off. It won't be easy, but he's hoping a day shift will open up eventually. Prayers for a place to live and for the family to adjust to this new life in Minnesota are appreciated! Also for safe travel!

Meanwhile, the mama sparrows are bringing their hungry babies along to raid my birdseed supply!
 Those little boogers are old enough to fly, but they still want mom to put the food in their mouths!
 Look what just arrived in the mail!
 I've read a couple of these, but didn't know there were five in the series! I think I read #1 and #3. It's been a while. I look forward to revisiting them.
If you don't hear from me for a while, you'll know why! :)

Thanks for dropping by and much shalom to everyone.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Baby tomato!

My first bit of produce was noticed this morning!
 The rest of the plants are also doing well.

I'm just beginning my three day vacation/weekend! Of course, I woke up at 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep, so a nap might be in order later.
I'm having fun with Sketchbook Skool. Here are two more sketches I made for my class with Danny Gregory.

Our teacher for this week (Koosje Koene) is trying to get us to go outside to sketch. We'll see if she succeeds with me!
I found this note slipped under my door last night. (That's how we communicate around here.)
 Dean is one of the older residents of the building. I think he's lived here for quite some time. It will be a good chance for me to get to know my neighbors. And the gazebo isn't too far away... (Please excuse the bird poo on my balcony railing. Sheesh.)
I just finished reading Over Hill and Dale, the second book in Gervase Phinn's Dales trilogy, and I ordered the third book, Head Over Heels in the Dales
I'm really enjoying his humorous and heartwarming stories of the little Yorkshire children and their teachers. 
Meanwhile, I'm currently reading Merry Hall by Beverly Nichols, another favorite English author.
Hope you're enjoying some good reading and other fun pursuits this summer. The month of June is passing quickly!

Shalom on your weekend!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Over a week...

Yup, it's been that long since I last blogged. Well, let's see what I can rummage up from my camera. (That's how I remember what I've done!)

I babysat Audrey and Hazel on Friday while Micah went to her OB checkup. She took Adele along because I wasn't sure I could handle all three. Adele's in a transitional, fussy stage of life. Micah figured she could plop her into the stroller and she wouldn't be a problem to have along.

We did all the usual Grandma Day stuff.

Mostly a lot of messing about with paints!

 I bought the girls a big package of paintbrushes and sponges...
 and they tried them all out.
 I brought along a few books.
 Hazel's buddy...
 Then it was time to splash in the sink. This is a bouquet the girls gave Micah. It's spent...
 Hazel tries to revive a flower.
"Look, Grandma! A flower shower!"
 Duchessa and Jesse, hanging out in the pasture. Jesse, the old grey mare, is about 25 years old. She's carried Micah through many a barrel race. She's earned her retirement.
 I love their woodsy little yard. Someday it might be my yard. If the kids build or buy a bigger trailer, I might purchase this one and keep it right where it is. We would share a yard. We'll see how that works out.

 Audrey took a picture of Hazel. Then...
 Hazel took a picture of Audrey.
 Audrey took a picture of me. Then...
 Hazel took a picture of me!
 Hazel likes to draw monsters. We were telling her what great monsters she drew, and she informed us that the little ones are PEOPLE, not monsters!
I just completed an ATC swap called "Cute Monsters, Aliens and Hybrids". I have difficulty thinking up original monsters so, I borrowed Hazel's idea! I call the card below "Totally Stolen". Thanks, Hazey!
 The Abominable Snowteen.
 Bride of Beetlejuice. I used zentangle patterns for this one, and the tangle I used for her mouth is called "Beetlejuice".
 Baby Cyclops.
 I also did the June Pick-a-Theme, so I made eight cards for eight different players. They had each picked a theme for me to draw. The first one is "Modern Architecture".
 "Falcons or Hawks"
 "Geometric abstract" (I loved the spattering part!)
 "Ancient Architecture"
 I signed on for another session of Sketchbook Skool. Our first assignment was to make a painting of something that had meaning for us. This is a painting of a banner my son and daughter-in-law gave me as a house warming gift.
Well, thanks for coming to see my slideshow! It's been a long day. Time to hunt up some supper and brew a cup of decaf. Blessings on all of you!


Monday, June 6, 2016

Old Jack falls and goes boom...

Remember the gusty winds I mentioned in yesterday's post? (Probably not.)
Remember this tree, which is a prominent feature in my backyard?
The apartment ladies have dubbed it Old Jack, because they fancy that it's a Jack Pine. Actually, I think it's a spruce, but I don't want to spoil their fun. Anyway, that big gust of wind yesterday did this to Jack...

There's a propane tank just behind the tree trunk. He missed it by 1-1/2 feet. He did take out the power line to the brown and white building on the right, which is our little town newspaper, but I see they've fixed it today.
I heard several loud noises before the tree fell and I thought the wind was blowing my tomato containers around on the balcony. But it must have been the innards of the trunk giving way. I was the only eye witness to Jack's downfall. Others saw it after the fact. ;) Maybe the newspaper will want to interview me? Nah.

At first I bemoaned the loss of some of my privacy, but after some thought I came to the conclusion that Jack was an ugly and mangy old tree, so it wasn't such a bad thing after all. And I'm very thankful that he fell away from the apartment, because my apartment would have been right in his path if he'd come this way. That's my little apartment manager, Rose, in the red sweatshirt.

That's all the excitement for now! Hope you enjoyed my tale. :)

A nice evening to all and shalom!