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Friday, March 16, 2018

Dave and Goliath...

Wednesday night was AWANA night. Do you have AWANA at your church? It's a youth program for preschool through elementary that my kids, and now my grandkids, participate(d) in where they learn Bible stories and memorize scripture along with a game time. Audrey and Hazel really enjoy their time there. I volunteer with the older girls, and Micah and the babies enjoy the nursery, where Micah helps out.

Anyway, we were visiting with Hazel's Cubbies leader, Mrs. Blake, in the hallway afterwards and she's always so enthusiastic about what they're doing with the kids. (She's Hazel's favorite.) She was asking Hazel questions about the Bible story they had dramatized during Cubbies, which is the preschool part of AWANA. Mrs. Blake had a slingshot in her hand that someone had fashioned out of a long strip of sweatshirt material. Hazel and Audrey were very much into the idea of slinging a stone at someone and knocking them out! Then Mrs. Blake asked Hazel, "What was the name of the young shepherd who used this slingshot to slay the giant, Goliath?" Hazel looked puzzled for a moment, clearly not recalling such a mundane detail. After all, she had been paying much more attention to the part about throwing rocks! Mrs. Blake leaned down and whispered a hint in her ear. A smile spread across Hazel's face and she said, "Oh yeah! Dave!"  Ha ha!! We all had a good laugh at the thought of Dave and Goliath. It just doesn't sound quite right, does it? :)
In case you don't know which one is Hazel, lol. Micah needs to take more pics of the girls. Sully's kind of been hogging the photo shoots lately. :)  BTW, she's showing you her tooth that she just pulled out. That was a while back.
 Two treats came my way today. A letter from MK and two books that I'd requested from the library. Thanks for the nice note, MK! And the pretty bookmark! I'm glad you're enjoying the Charlotte Bronte book. The forward was SO LONG, but I was glad to learn that I was reading the original edition of the book rather than the "edited-to-death" version. I'll have to get some pretty stationery or note cards so I can write some snail mail. Or maybe I'm too impatient for that? Ha ! I've been enjoying Dr. Robinson's TED Talks and thought I'd try out a couple of his books. MK, I think it was you that posted that first TED Talk, right? Thanks, again!

Here are some of my latest ATC's for a Favorite Animals swap...

 I don't recall if I showed this one already. It was for a private trade. What can I say; the gal wanted an opossum (or possum, as we call them in my neck of the woods).
I'll be settling in to do some reading and movie watching tonight. I hope you all have pleasant plans for this evening and the weekend!
God bless and shalom. :)

Friday, March 9, 2018

Finished painting...

I don't have much to post about, but I did finish the little ATC landscape for the contest. And here it is! :)
A while back one of the other ATC people sent me what we call a pocket letter. It's another kind of trade where you send someone a nine-pocket vinyl baseball card page filled with little trinkets and treats. This gal sent me some adorable little cut-out figures and I just love them, but couldn't find quite the right project to use them. I decided to use them to make some bookmarks to give another lady for our monthly RAK (Random Act of Kindness). This lady lost her husband just a few weeks ago, so I sent her a sympathy card and these two little bookmarks. I took lots of photos of them before sending them off so I can try to replicate them later. I think they're so pretty! Here are the bookmarks.

 This is the happy, chaotic mess on my kitchen table! :)
I figure if I get some stuff out I might think of a way to use it. I've stamped some of my images on ATC's and now I'm hoping to figure out how to use them as collage backgrounds. I don't "think" in collage terms, but I keep trying. LOL.

It's a bright, sunny day. Still snowy out, but a hint of spring in the air. Thanks for stopping by and I'll be visiting you soon...if you have a blog, that is. ;)

God bless all.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Snow day!

The grands got a snow day today. The first of the year! It didn't seem all that bad when I made a quick trip across the highway to go to the post office and store for essentials. But just after I got home the wind really kicked up blowing snow like crazy. We had icy rain last night, so the ice sheet underneath probably has something to do with the snow day. Maybe they know something's coming before school would have been out. I think Jody's wind has reached us!

Anyway, I'm glad to be snug at home with no place I have to go. I have lots of books and art projects to keep me entertained.

This is the beginning of an ATC I'm painting for what's called the Monthly Contest over at ATCs for All. You enter an ATC based on a theme (Waterscapes this month.) and then they have a vote. The 2 top winners get a prize of some art materials. This is just the first layer of watercolor. I plan to work on it a little at a time instead of rushing, like I usually do. It has to be entered by the end of March.
More layers to come! I will also do some ink lines after the painting is all finished.

Reference photo.
For this painting I'm using some very cheap paints from Walmart. They're sort of hard and chalky, but I kind of like the effect. They almost look moldy on top when they dry, but that happens within minutes of using them, so I don't think it's mold. I couldn't resist the large selection of bright colors! (Although, they're actually very pastel when you use them.)

As for reading material, I'm going through a children's book phase again, so I'm reading books about writing for children...
...AND I'm reading some actual children's books to see how different authors write for the age I'm interested in writing for. These are Magic Finger by Roald Dahl and Blubber by Judy Blume. I disliked the content of both, but I'm getting some ideas about dialogue and length of chapters, etc. I know Judy Blume is famous for her "honesty", but I found the book depressing. Better to talk to a kid about bullying than immerse him/her in a whole book about it. Anyway, I think by reading many more books in this age range (10-12 year olds) I'll start to develop a better feel for how to write them.
These three I haven't read yet.
My favorites at this age were horse books. I might have to try one of those, eventually! :)

I'm also taking a FREE watercolor painting class online. It's the sort of thing you can do at any time, once they post the video. So, if you never get around to it, nobody is the wiser!
Strathmore Watercolor Workshop

I hope you all have something fun to do today! Thanks for visiting!
Shalom. :)

Friday, March 2, 2018


I see many of you are seeing the dawn of spring. Well...we will be enjoying snow for a bit longer, I think. Here are the views outside my window this morning.

The snow has actually melted quite a bit. So nice to see temps above freezing! Warmer temps also bring us a lot of snow in March and April, but the end is in sight! Up north we always rejoice at getting through another winter! :)

I find that my craftiness, lately, has taken the form of looking at other people's craftiness more than making anything myself. Watching knitting videos...

...and being inspired to try sewing some simple clothes by seeing these patterns on Pom Pom's blog!

I don't even have a machine, but I might just get one...some day!
Dori inspired me to pick up my pen and sketchbook and try my hand at drawing a complex scene like this! (Drawing from Dori's blog.)
I've also been collecting images of fish. I have a fascination with drawing and painting fish. I haven't done many, but I hope to do more. One example...(From Google.)
The only original art of my own I have to share today is my latest attempt at a stamp, lol.

MK, I'm excited to see how your kitchen is coming along! Here is a little drawing of my someday dream "cabin". (Click on pic to make larger.) You have to have a dream!

Well, I was just checking out everyone else's blogs and wanted to refresh mine as well. Time for bed,I think! Thanks for all of the inspiration you folks give me. Some day I'll have the energy to pursue some of these things. But in the meantime, I'll enjoy watching everyone else! :)

God bless and shalom! Have a great weekend!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Quiet weekend...

Sully was sporting a beard yesterday. His "other Grandma Lisa" crocheted it for him. Now he looks just like his daddy. Well, if he had more hair on top...
 I've had a quiet, loafing kind of weekend. We've had LOTS of snow. My brother in Texas, and son in Kentucky have had lots of rain, so I guess we get the northern version. My snowplow guy has been here a couple of times, so I could have gone somewhere, but I didn't really NEED to go anywhere, so I putzed around at home.

I guess while I'm looking at snow, folks in Kentucky go to the zoo!
 I think this is a cute picture of Josh. He and Jess just celebrated their 9th anniversary yesterday.
 I think things are going well for Josh and his family. I'm liking the shorter beard, so I can see his face!

I did a few more stamps. This is supposed to be a feather, but looks a little like a leaf, lol.
 The white spaces on these fish are caused by the dips in the erasers I was using to carve. I think I'll switch to another type of eraser.
 I like the little coffee mugs. The cat...nah.
 These kitties are better, but the facial features are too hard to get right with these bad erasers. They're too hard to carve to do small details.
 So, these are the inferior erasers. I won't use them any more. They are pitted and have air bubbles in them. They have sort of a hard "skin" on the outside that resists carving. Maybe they're just old?
 These erasers (below) I can buy cheaply at Walmart and they cut very easily. Just wanted to share my experience in case any of you want to give this a shot. My carving tool is by Speedball. I ordered it online, but if you have a Hobby Lobby nearby they probably have them. My Hobby Lobby is about 35 miles away.
I watched Jane Eyre today; the Orson Wells version. That and the Toby Stephens version are still my favorites. I decided to watch the 1970 version with George C. Scott. (Is that enough "versions"?) I gave up part way through it. I thought they tried to make Jane Eyre too feminist-like. She was just too bold and uppity to be true to the original. Soon I'll probably re-read the book so I can decide which movie is closest to it. I've read it a couple of times, but it's been quite a while. That will have to wait until I finish Charlotte Bronte's biography. I'm getting there!

I heard some great preaching online at Upper Room Dallas this morning. And later I listened to more great teaching from a John Piper video. I know these don't take the place of going to a physical church building, but I think I can concentrate on the message better when I'm not in a crowd. I do need to get out and fellowship more, though.

Time to wind down for bed. Everyone have a fantastic week!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Stamping up some bookmarks!

You guys may remember I went crazy making rubber stamps a while back. Actually, I'd love to make some more, and I have a huge supply of erasers, so...
My problem was, I couldn't think of what to USE them for. They don't really work well on ATC's. It just doesn't look right to try to incorporate them into a scene. So the thought came to me to use them on bookmarks.
Since I needed to make a bookmark or two for a swap partner I just decided to keep going and make a few more. I even made bookmarks out of a couple of "mistakes"! I bought a 12-pack of tiny ink pads in multiple colors which makes it a lot more fun. This stuff is sticky and full of color. I got some extra on my working surface a couple of times and ended up getting it where I didn't want it. Hence, the "mistakes" I mentioned.
Some of my stamps and the little ink pads I bought at Walmart.
This is the card for a swap partner. Below is the back side of it.

 Here are some of the others.
Side #1...

Flip side. The one on the right is also for my swap partner.
These are two sides of a tiny bookmark. I hate to throw out stamped images!

And these are the two sides of another one.

They all got laminated and tossed into my pile o' bookmarks! After saying that I can't figure out what to use them for (above) several ideas came to mind. Notecards, stationary, decorating envelopes, stamping on gift wrap. Yeah, I'll think of some things to do with them. :)

Oh man. My stomach's grumbling. Must be lunch time!

I'm not going to make any controversial statements here on the blog about the scary situation in our nation's schools, but I would like to say I need to follow through on praying for my local school. I've seen groups that walk around their schools and pray, and I've thought it was a great idea, but I didn't really follow through. This is something that requires spiritual warfare (in addition to trying to solve things in the natural) and prayer against forces of evil. I know we all agree on that point. I need to be sure I'm holding up my end of the responsibility by not getting lax on praying. My kids are grown, but I have LOTS of grandkids in school. Let's surround them with angelic protection!

Love you guys! Have a fantastic weekend! I see I have some new blog posts to read. Woo hoo!
Shalom to all!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Thanks, Billy...

I just heard about Billy Graham going home to be with the Lord when I got home from church tonight. I vividly remember an evening in the summer of 1973. My folks had gone out to dinner and I was home alone scrolling through the TV channels. I stopped to watch a Billy Graham crusade. Very out of character for me at the age of sixteen. But as he preached his simple, unvarnished version of the gospel I knew I needed this Jesus he told me about. I gave my heart to the Lord right then and there. I owe Billy a lot, and I rejoice for him. He's now in the presence of Jesus. I'll see him and thank him when I get there. 
It's late, so I'll just say God bless us every one and shalom!