Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Still here!

I noticed it's been a while since I've posted. I've mostly been doing my computing from Micah's and often with grandkids running around. It makes it difficult to concentrate enough to compose a post. But that's okay. I don't  really have a lot of new news anyway!

My furnace hasn't been working well, so I've had guys in a couple of times. They're coming again next week to crawl underneath to see if some critter may have made a nest in the duct work which would decrease the airflow and make the system heat up, causing it to shut off prematurely. (Before reaching the set temp.) So, between the furnace (which works, but off and on) and a space heater I'm able to keep the temp up to 68* when it's in the low teens outside. Hopefully, this will be fixed this next week.

Meanwhile, I'm going to buy some totes and get some boxes and begin clearing out cabinets and packing stuff for moving. The actual move is still several weeks away, but this activity will keep me from thinking too much about the furnace situation. If it looks like they can't fix the furnace for some reason I'm going to request that they set me up in one of their motel rooms until it's time for me to move. (My landlords own the RV Park and a small motel.) In that case, I'll move my packed stuff into Micah's barn (which is heated) until I can actually move into the trailer. Just another growth and learning experience! All will be well!

I just purchased myself two books as a birthday present to myself. Yay! I'll be 62 on the 13th. ;)

Della has developed a mysterious limp in the last few days. Micah took her to the walk-in clinic and they dismissed it as something to do with a growth plate above her knee. Micah then took her elsewhere for a second opinion. The second doctor couldn't believe they just sent her  home the first time! She has a temporary cast (removable) to wear for a week to keep weight off of it. I'm sure it's probably something like a hyper-extended knee. (They took x-rays of her leg and hip, but couldn't see anything like a fracture.) These kids spend all of their time diving off of couches and windowsills, acting like superheroes, so this sort of thing is inevitable. She did enjoy her one-on-one time with Mom! :)
Subway with Mom after the doctor visit!

A recent selfie of Micah. Due at Christmas!

AWANA picture! :)

And now, I'm off to Walmart! (This epistle has been brought to you from the library...)

God bless all, and have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

A house and some cards...

For those who aren't interested in house construction this might be less than...interesting. Just wanted to post these for a couple who are interested. There'll be a few APC pics afterwards. That's all I can promise today, lol.

So, Glenn and Mark, I wandered around in Micah and Adam's house the other day and took a few photos. My battery died before I could take shots of the master bedroom and bathroom. These are already out of date because the mudder and taper guys have begun working, woo hoo! Eventually, if I can get my little video recorder on my camera figured out I'll try to do a video of the inside. We'll see if that happens. I'll wait until the M&T's (mudders and tapers) are finished.

Front of the house (south)
Back of the house (north side, facing to the west) Adam and his dad just got the soffit up. If you look past the end of the house that white object is my trailer.
Here I've entered the east door, which will be leading in from the garage...when there is a garage. Sort of a mudroom.
Here I've walked through the mudroom and have my back to the sliding glass doors you can see in the photo above. I'm standing in the dining/kitchen area facing the front door. That stud wall will be some sort of peninsula. I'm thinking the stove will be over there somewhere. The rest of the kitchen is to my left out of the photo along the north wall. The doorway over the half-wall is the door to the master bedroom.
Okay, here I'm looking to the left. The kitchen will also go along the left hand wall back to that doorway into the mudroom. The door to the right of the ladder is a pantry/utility room.
Here I've swung my camera to the right (still standing by the sliding doors) This is the hallway back to the kids rooms and bathroom. The living room area is to the left of the photo. I kind of skipped it, lol. Where that black trashcan is in the background there will be a fireplace with insert on that wall. Adam has plans to do a lot of rock work there, but that will happen later. They're trying to get enough done to move in and then they'll do more.
This is the living room ceiling, or part of it. It comes to a peak. Adam's stepdad, who is an electrician, did all the electrical work. He loves can lights! I think the ones to the right are curved because of the fireplace? You can see the front door with side windows and the living room window.
This is the hallway from the living room into the kids' rooms.
This is the girls' room. They'll have two sets of bunks.
Stepping into the girls' room and looking left, here is the closet and an alcove. It's really a pretty good size. Sully will probably sleep in here, too, for a while and they'll use his room for toys. The new baby will share Mom and Dad's room for a while. :)
The kids' bathroom.
Sully's room/toy room.
As I said, my battery died so I didn't get pics of the master bedroom and bathroom. They're pretty spacious, and the new baby will bunk in there for a year or so. All the junk has been cleared out for the M&T's and some mudding has been done. The kids' bathroom will be finished before they move in.

It's frustrating trying to show it in photos, so I'll attempt a video at some point. (Or Micah will!)

Okay, so here are my latest APCs. (I'm not sure if that stands for Altered Playing Cards or Artist Playing Cards. I've seen it both ways.)

These are supposed to be done on the Aces, and the theme was Birds. :)

Well, time is short at the library today since they close early, so I'll say farewell for now. Thanks for stopping by. Love and shalom to all y'all folks out there! :)

Monday, October 29, 2018

Just a short one...

Just a normal little overcast Monday in northern Minnesota. I decided to act "fall-ish" and brew up a pot of tea this morning. It's the first time I've actually  used this little pot!
The pattern on this teapot reminds me of a sweater. This is the only pot I own since downsizing.

My fancy tea cozy. ;)

Yup, I'm into Pioneer Woman dishes. I don't have a lot, but just enough to have a couple of lady friends over, lol.

I've been reading a lot of "fluff" lately, it seems. I kind of feel like a kid who's eaten too much cake. I thought I'd pull out a few more serious spiritual tomes for a change of pace.

This is the painting a gal sent me this month for the 5x7 canvas swap. Sparkly!
Micah and Adam FINALLY found someone to "tape and mud" their drywall. They will also prime the walls and paint the ceilings. So, when they're done Adam will just have to paint the walls. Things aren't going as quickly as they'd hoped just because the original "mudders and tapers" kept postponing, but now things should begin to move! Still a lot to do, but Micah wants to be in there before the baby comes. Push, push, push! Before you know it, I'll be in the trailer and posting pictures of my decorating attempts, lol.

Well, I've been lollygagging at the library long enough. It takes a ridiculous amount of time to check everything online when you only come on here once every day or two. I still have to make a run to Walmart for a few groceries, and then get home in time to help with school pickup.

I'll try to visit everyone soon! Thanks for dropping by!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Some artwork...

Apparently, my camera decided to just reset itself to take huge pictures, which means I can't post them on my ATC site without going to a photo editor and resizing them. Instead, I'm just going to post them here and put a link at the ATC site. SO, that's all that's going on here at the moment!:)

These are for the Whimsical Faces swap...

 And these are for an APC (Artist Playing Cards) swap. These are made using a playing card as the background. The number and suite are left exposed, but you can collage or paint over as much of the rest as you want to.

Here are a bunch of playing cards I picked up cheap at the thrift store because I loved the vintage art on them. I planned to make cards like those above with them, or just give them as extra gifts to other ATC players, but I found out that they are BRIDGE cards; not POKER cards, so they can't be used. They are 1/4 inch too narrow! I'm thinking that rule needs to be changed since we make ATCs in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days. But I can still give them away as collage materials. I did "accidentally" pick up one pack of Poker cards, which I used for the above APCs.
 This is the cool old case those cards came in, along with some Canasta score sheets. (More good collage materials!) A lot of these cards are in really bad shape, so I don't feel so bad about breaking up the sets.
 I'm sure I'll hang onto some of these for actually playing cards with the grands.(Probably not the sexy swimsuit girls, ha ha.)
On the house constructing scene, here's a pic of the yard which Adam and his dad have dug up to lay pipes for sewer, water and heat (which comes from an outdoor woodstove, which you can see next to the barn). It takes a lot of huge digging in our sandy soil so trenches don't collapse before you can get the pipe laid. Most of this has already been back-filled. This was a while ago. Glenn, I'll try to get some updated photos. ;)

Jordan and Brooke have also been doing "housework" on their 1950's ranch house in Fort Worth. Here are some pics they posted after refinishing floors. There was a video touring the whole house, because they've actually finished all of the floors, but I didn't know how to put that here. The picture here is one of the bedrooms, I think, where the floors and painting are finished. The others show how damaged the floors were.

 Actually, I'm not sure if the walls have been painted here or not. I can't see them that well. But the floor is done! :) They're having fun.
Well, I'm going to call that good. Typing from the library. Micah had new tires put on her van this morning, so I met her in town and we took the babies to breakfast while we waited. Now I'm doing a few errands on my own. Hope everyone's enjoying their autumnal weather. It's pretty nice here today!

God bless us, every one!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Not much new news...

But I thought I'd check in anyhoo.

Well, I've kind of sidelined the Ben Franklin book for now. Instead, I've taken up The Naturalist, a book about Theodore Roosevelt's adventures as a naturalist from childhood.
I may get back to Ben later. That book is quite a long, slow read and I have so many in line. But when I left off reading he had gotten himself in a fix, at age 18, and I may need to see how he got out of it, lol.

Here is my latest 5x7 canvas for a swap.
 And here are three ATCs for a Galaxy swap.
 I'm at Micah's and the family has gone to Grandpa's for a birthday party. SO, I may borrow their Netflix to watch some Call the Midwife. Tricky!

God bless all! I'll try to drop by and see everyone!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Good results...

Hallellujah! Got back a "normal" report on my mammography, for those of you who have been sitting on the edge of your proverbial seats waiting to hear, lol. Thanks for your prayers!

I'm sitting in the library, in my usual hurry to get some errands done, so this will be short. I just finished Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortensen and highly recommend it! I learned a lot about the history of the conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan, along with the history of the people. Greg did some amazingly difficult things to bring education to a lot of the impoverished children of these countries, and his charity (Central Asia Institute) continues to do this good work. He's retired, but still involved.

I've now embarked on The First American: The Life and Times of Benjamin Franklin. It's a lot to read, and I'll have to decide how interested I am. It's had some interesting sections, and a few not so interesting. I found some quotes from it in The Last Child in the Woods, which whetted my appetite. Hopefully, I'll enjoy learning about Ben. :)
I'm off to choose some movies to check out. I hear that I'll be surrounded by ATVers this weekend and I may need some noise to drown them out. But,  honestly, with the temps as they are I suspect they won't be spending a lot of time outside where I'll be able to hear them. I'm thinking some National Treasure or Indiana Jones? Ha ha. Just a hankering at the moment. Maybe some popcorn and hot chocolate.

Y'all have a hygge weekend!
Blessings and shalom to everyone! :)

Friday, October 5, 2018

Encouragement from unexpected sources...

Mammogram day! I saw my doctor recently to seek advice and an exam because of what I perceived as some "changes". It's only been 2 years since my last mammo, and I've heard a lot of negative press about them, but I decided to get one because I couldn't think of a better option. Things went smoothly and I'll hear the results next week, probably. Of course, I managed to do a bit of worrying, but the Lord kept reminding me that He's taking care of me. (Whether I live or die I'm His!)

When I checked in on Facebook just now a daughter-in-law and a granddaughter-in-law had posted scriptures about not being anxious and trusting in God, knowing nothing about my appointment. Earlier, as I sat in the waiting room waiting for my turn I figured I had 30 minutes to read, so I opened up my copy of Three Cups of Tea, which I just started yesterday, and the first thing that met my eye was a quote at the beginning of the chapter.

Why ponder thus the future to foresee,
and jade thy brain to vain perplexity?
Cast off thy care, leave Allah's plans to him--
He formed them all without consulting thee.
-Omar Khayyam, The Rubaiyat-

Of course, Omar's Allah borrowed that idea from the God of Israel. But it served to remind me of Jesus's many reminders to cast our cares on Him. As it turned out, the patient before me had cancelled, so I was called in immediately and that was all I got to read...but it was enough!

I'm counting my blessings and expecting a good report. And now I'm off to read some blogs!