Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

I'm heeeeere!

Meaning, in my new home! I spent last night here...sleeping on Sully's bed, lol. Some would say I haven't really moved yet. After all, most of my stuff is still at my old place, and lots of Micah and Adam's stuff is still here. But, we decided to begin moving as we can.

Micah and family took their mattresses and bedding, food, some clothes and bathroom items and spent their first night in their new home. Here is a very bad nighttime photo out of my window. See how close we are? They still have only Tyvek on the outside, but Adam still works methodically on his long "to-do" list. (Curtains are on the agenda, lol.) (Adam's step-dad is an electrician, and he's got that house lit up like a blinkin' beacon!)
Kind of hard to see the house with all the reflections on the inside of my window!
Of course, the week we chose to begin moving has been very sub-zero. Today was much "warmer" at about 18 degrees above, but that only brought lots of snow. About 6-7 inches last night. This has added another level of challenge, but we're soldiering on.

Here's another night shot out my front door and my window facing away from "the neighbors", as I shall call them henceforth.

Out the window. You can see the TV reflection, whoops. I'm watching A Wrinkle in Time.
"The kids" (Micah and Adam) have left their big TV for the time being, so I'm enjoying some Netflix while it lasts. I may still get it (Netflix) later. We have to figure that out.

I drove over to my old place today, after bringing Audrey and Hazel home from school. My old landlord hadn't plowed at all, so it was thrilling trying to get up their very steep driveway, through deep, rutted snow, and then parking in my old parking spot. AKA a snowdrift. I packed as much into my car as I could, and now I have everything I need to keep me until the weekend, when we'll probably move the rest of my things. I'm using Sully's bed because they just took three mattresses over for the four kids. They figured when they layed (sp?) them all out on the floor the kids would just sleep wherever they felt like it anyway. I won't have my bed moved here until the weekend, I don't think. Anyway, we're all sort of camping out, and I've been having fun organizing "the neighbors" stuff to make it easier for them to move when the time comes. Oh, and I got to do some shoveling around my car to get out of my old parking spot. I was praising the Lord after getting safely out!

This is what my apartment looked like a few days ago. Sort of like a storage locker. But it should all be moved shortly. Yay!

The desk, chair and side table are thrift store finds. The chair needs refinishing, but I'll wait til summer to tackle that!
I was glad to get my box of "important papers", my journal and Bible, and some of my reading books. It's feeling a lot more like home! I hope the grands are feeling excited about their move. I think they are. :) It's so much fun to talk to Micah on the phone about something and then look out the window and there she is walking through the snow to my front door. May I borrow a cup of sugar? (She didn't really borrow sugar. It just has that neighborly feel.) ;)

Here are two of my most recent books.
The Swedish Death Cleaning book was good, but I felt sorry for the author. She admits she has no belief in an afterlife. That boggles my mind.

A friend at the ATC site asked for some inchies with little tools on them. She works at Lowe's, and wanted to display them in her clear smartphone case.
Have any of you seen the movie "Risen"? I rented it before and really liked it. They take liberties with the gospel account, but I think it really points to the truth that Jesus is risen indeed! This copy I got for free at the library.
Here's another library find. As I was checking it out the library lady asked me if I was aware that the movie is in Swedish! Hmmm. I'm not a fan of reading subtitles, but it sounded like an interesting story, so I'm going to give it a shot.
Well, the saga will continue as Micah and I move small stuff, and Adam and his dad will move larger items as they have a chance. My good son-in-law is outside Bobcatting the snow away, so getting the kids to school should be easier tomorrow morning. I'm blessed to have such a great s-i-l, and a great family!

That's it for now. God bless y'all!

Saturday, January 5, 2019

Another thrift store surprise!

I've been shopping the thrift stores to find things for my new home. I saw two little pieces of needlework in very nice old carved frames. It was the frames I wanted to use for watercolors.

But when I removed the needlework from the frames, I found surprises underneath!

The needlework looks pretty ancient, but it's not the type I would want to keep.
 Look how the back is done. They are a combination of needlepoint and cross-stitch. If anyone wants them let me know in the comments. Otherwise,  I may give them back to the lady at the thrift store. I don't want to throw them out!
After removing the nails in the back of the frame there was a piece of paper behind the needlework. This is what was on the two pieces of paper...
After dusting off the frames and cleaning the glass this is how they look. Pretty!
I also bought most, if not all, of the paint and curtains I'll need for the trailer. I'll be having lots of decorating fun shortly! I also found a comforter and blanket, plus two end tables. I prefer lamplight to overhead light, so you need end tables to set lamps on, right? I'll move in with the furniture I have now, and then see what I need to fill in. :)

The grandkids have all gone to their other grandparents' for the night, and Micah, Adam and Thatcher have gone grocery shopping and out to supper, so I'm going to relax and use their Netflix to watch a movie! So, I'm outta here! :)

Shalom, friends and family!

Saturday, December 29, 2018

This is what we're doing...

It got deeper than this. I had actually brushed snow off this side of the car so I could get inside and get my CD's. :)

I was snowed in Thursday. Later that night the landlord plowed us out, but I wasn't going anywhere at that time of day. Friday I tried to get out, but the snow had drifted enough during the night that I got stuck. Adam happened to be at a nearby gas station, so he came over and helped me get unstuck and back into my parking spot. One more day at home. Later last evening the landlord plowed again, and, YEAH, I got out finally this morning so I could get mail and do laundry! It was well below zero last night, and slightly above now. I'm typing from Micah's place...
Good times!
Just a quick note for now! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Christmas joy among the munchkins!

We had a nice Christmas breakfast compliments of Adam. He's a willing and good cook. :)

After breakfast we opened gifts.
Bedheads and Christmas pajamas abounded. The big hit of the morning was a play kitchen. Dad Adam spent 7 HOURS putting it together. It took him all night! And this is a guy who's mechanically gifted. I told him that's a "classic Christmas memory". ;)
Della preps fruit.
Sully sautes veggies...

Ole "Blood and Guts" Hazel was excited to do a little operating.
Audrey got a puzzle for age 10+. She's 7. Grandma shouldn't have been so confident about her abilities, but it will wait for later.
She was a good sport about it.
Lots of Legos and Magnetiles were received. They were actually for the kids, but Adam couldn't resist.

Mama Micah and Thatcher watched the frenzy from afar.
Here are a few of the little decorations I put up for Christmas. I'm sort of a minimalist...

There's a tiny, blurry little nativity in there somewhere.

 I couldn't resist this cute little Christmas tablecloth at Walmart. :)

The next two days I'll be babysitting the four youngest for a few hours a day while Micah goes to chiropractor and midwife appointments. Then, maybe we'll be done with those for a while! There will be heavy use of Netflix and iPads. Sorry, this granny can't take the chaos for too long, lol. And that's why they love me! :)

Merry Christmas, everyone! I'll let you know when the moving begins. Not quite yet! :)

Saturday, December 22, 2018


MERRRRY CHRISTMAS! (From Thatcher and the whole gang, lol.)
Tough lookin' fella! ;)

And Nathan got to go home from the hospital last night! For good! Yay!

Love you all! Stay safe and enjoy every minute of the holidays. Thank you, Jesus, for coming down to abide with us.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

It happened!

This is Micah in labor...
 This is what a home birthing tub looks like.
 This is Millie, the doula, and Molly, the midwife. Cool ladies who know what they're doing.

 The original plan was to take the kids to "Other Grandma Lisa's" house before the birth, but plans don't always work out. Fortunately, three of the kids slept (the baby was born at 4:55 a.m.) until the baby was born, and then their daddy woke them to come and see their new baby BROTHER. Sully, of course, woke much earlier, and I had to try to keep him entertained in the living room. He did manage to visit mom a couple of times before the baby was born, but I distracted him with cartoons when the real labor set in. Micah is blessed with short labors. She went into labor at about 1:30 a.m. (didn't expect it to happen THIS night) and gave birth at 4:55 a.m. She only had about 5 minutes of really hard labor at the end.

The new brother is named Thatcher Charles, the middle name in honor of his great-granddaddy. He was 7 lb. 12 oz. and 21.5 inches long. He has quite a bit of dark hair. We look forward to the many adventures of Sully and Thatch!
I went home later, after dropping the girls off at school (Boy, did they have fun telling everyone!) and couldn't go back to sleep. So, instead, I put up my Dollar Tree Christmas tree. I'll take pics later. Now I'm back at Micah's to use the internet. The four older kiddos are now at "Other Grandma Lisa's" (and Grandpa Ken's). So, Micah and Adam will have a fairly peaceful evening.

In other, less important, news:

Here's my latest knitting project. I just saw this yarn and thought it would make a cute scarf.
I'm such a beginner! I think I always will be. ;)
 I found two cute tablecloths at Walmart. One was 50 cents; the other a dollar! I know they're Fall/Thanksgiving-ish, but they're still colorful and cute.
 This is a cute candle which was one of the gifts given to our church's widows at our annual Christmas lunch. I wasn't able to go because I was sick, but they saved me a bag full of goodies. Such nice ladies! The candle has holly leaves and cranberries in it, and then is filled with water and the candle is set on top. Cute idea!
 Well, that's all for now. Just wanted to make the big announcement! Everyone have a blessed Christmas if I don't post before then!