Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Saturday, September 21, 2019

A quickie...

My battery is low so I'll make this short. I'm still practicing with my iPad here. Adding photos is tricky.

I'm having a pleasant Saturday. Painting the bathroom and a few household chores. Remember the kantha quilt I put away to protect it from harm? I changed my mind. How silly to hide it! So, I put it back on the couch along with some aqua pillow shams. My iPad doesn't get colors very accurate but the curtains are also Aqua.

Aqua and navy? Well, I'm trying to match the curtains. (Note the fan in front of the space heater. That tells you something about our weather lately.)

I took this picture this morning. Awesome,

I'm off to do stuff. Will I toot my tin whistle, do some drawing, read or paint some more? Anything is possible!

Now let's see if I can add some photos.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A change of technology...

My old faithful laptop finally gave up the ghost. I had just gotten it back from the repair shop and thought all was well, but then it began making weird noises and I shut it off lest it should explode. I had gotten all of my important pictures and files transferred to an external hard drive when it was in the shop, so I'm thankful for that. Now, rather than investing in a new laptop, I'm learning how to use my iPad. I think this slow hunt and peck method of typing will encourage me to write shorter posts. I'll also have to take photos with the iPad since I can't upload to it from my old camera. Learning curve! I know I can get a keyboard for it, but I'm going to try to get by without it. This is an iPad 2, so it's older, but I bought it for $30 from the local school when they replaced their old ones. (My main problem is the frustration of the slow typing which doesn't go well with my racing brain!)

Micah totaled her van last week when a deer collided with her. She was alone at the time and she's fine. She and Adam found a new used van on Saturday but it won't be delivered until tomorrow. Meanwhile, we're doing a lot of juggling to get everyone where they need to be using Adam's truck and my car.

Adam has been putting up a new fence around their yard and sully has figured out how to open the sliding door to get out to play. See the bar on the door? Only way to keep him in.  Remember this house is still under construction so the yard is a mess, but do you see the cattle panel by the red wagon in the background? Sully crawled through one of those squares the other day! I watched him from my window or I wouldn't have believed it. That's why they don't want him going out alone. He's an escape artist and usually heads for the road when he gets a chance. Anyway, the cattle panel was just a temporary gate. Adam built a nice solid gate and installed it last night. It might slow sully down, but he requires constant vigilance.

I'm going to give up and post this as is. I can't figure out how to drop down below the next photo and continue typing. It won't let me scroll down and even see the next photo and I'm getting impatient. I'll  keep trying!

Thanks for checking in!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Regular days...

Those are the best kind! I'm settling into more of a routine here on my own after all the company.

The last couple of weeks I've finally gotten around to painting some walls. I'll see if I can come up with some before and after shots. I realize I should have removed light switch and outlet plates. I did do that in other places. I'm so impatient! I decided to just move furniture a little bit and finish one wall at a time.

Before (with some painting around windows, etc.):
 I had purchased a pretty kantha quilt to cover my sofa with, but after having kids around I decided the loose quilt stitches might not stand up to their exuberance. So, for now I've replaced it with this old patchwork quilt. I like to be able to just wash the quilt instead of cleaning upholstery. My house has that thrift store decor look, lol.
I've also painted the kitchen/dining room and have done one coat on the hallway. I have one more coat for the hall and then the bathroom. That may be as far as I get for now. That just leaves the larger back bedroom and the laundry room. I'm not too concerned about them for the present.

I was pretty impressed with this group of mushrooms by my driveway. They've pretty much rotted away now, but they were huge when I took this shot. Are these puffballs? I should look it up
It's fallish here. It was in the lower 60's today, and will probably be in the 40's tonight. One of my favorite times of day is evening when the shadows are getting long (and sunrise!).

 The photo below was taken a couple of days ago. We had a rainstorm with high winds. The rain was coming down sideways, in sheets so thick you couldn't see the trees to the south of me. A few minutes later the storm clouds were disappearing into the distance.
Do you guys feed suet in the winter? We have woodpeckers all winter, but I was wondering if it freezes too hard for them. We've had some goldfinches in the last few days. They've been away for a while. I wonder if they're headed south and they're using my place as a refueling station.
There are no birds in this picture. You can stop looking, ha ha!
Most of the tourists have headed home for the year, though we'll get some weekenders as long as the weather is decent. We've kind of got our quiet little town back, which  is nice. I've been a little lazy about the walks lately. The painting has left me sore from bending, stooping and kneeling on the floor. I need to get outside while I can and enjoy the nice weather. It's cool, but I like that better than extreme heat.

I've done a few ATC swaps lately. So, just for my records I'll put them here. I've mostly been doing collage.

These seven cards were for a swap called "Clearance!" It's a swap where you can use any "left over" cards you made and didn't use for other swaps. They should be decent quality, but no required themes. I don't really make "extra" cards, so I started from scratch and made some new ones. Don't fret if you can't figure out what the cards are about. We do some weird things in the name of art!

This  next set was for a zentangle swap called "Alphabetical Zentangle Adventures." The zentangle patterns have names, so each card had to have at least two different zentangle patterns. The patterns on the first card had to start with the letter A. The second card-the letter B. And the third card-the letter C. I'll put the pattern names in the captions. (There will be more swaps until we reach the letter Z.)
The patterns for the card on the left were Checkmate (top) and Charlie (bottom). The card on the right is a gift for the swap host, so we could use any patterns. I used Auraknot for the cross and Beadline behind it. The host is a Christian, so I know she'll like the cross pattern.)

The patterns for the card on the left were called Borbz (bulging orbs?) and Bateek. (They like weird spellings.) The card on the right used Auraknot, Ahh and Antidots.
If you'd like to give zentangle a shot these patterns and zillions more can be found here. :)

Micah and family got together with in-laws and cousins for Labor Day. Their usual tradition is to visit the headwaters of the Mississippi, but they decided to change things up with a family picnic. These ten cousins were all born within a span of 8 years. Talk about chaos! :)
Here they're in order according to age. Audrey (8 in July), Cali, Hazel (7 a few days ago), Damien, Adele (4), Maximus, Sully (3 in a couple of days), Jaxon, Griffin and Thatcher (8 months).
 The five whose ages I don't include belong to Micah's two sisters-in-law. I don't know their exact ages. Suffice it to say, they can all play together, lol. Maximus and Jaxon belong to the same family. They are, of course, called Max and Jax.
Hazel is sporting a smaller cast these days; in her school color.
In other pleasant news, the neighbor's guinea hens paid us a visit yesterday. They live across the road. I sometimes hear what sounds like little children's voices down the road. Or sometimes, something that sounds like clanking machinery. Both are the guineas. They also like to run around in the alfalfa field next door. They're a lot of fun to watch, though they don't hang around long. They're always dashing about.

That's about it for now. I hope you're all enjoying the cooler weather!
Shalom to all!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Another mug...

Well, I'm not really collecting mugs or roosters, but I seem to be getting quite a diverse collection anyway! My sons gave me two ceramic rooster cookie jars back in their teens, along with a matching salt and pepper shaker, and now I have this mug that I found at the thrift store. It was the colors that caught my eye, but I like the rooster, too.

I'm doing this on my iPad, and not loving the hunt and peck typing. I may just add another photo and then go to my laptop to finish the text. I do like taking photos with the iPad and adding them here.

I made a little arrangement of wild flowers. It's hard to find nice flowers. Most of them are on the decline. It's COLD today. The high should be 62! I added a "sprig" of raspberry bush to fill in for flowers that I had to remove.

We've had some rain and are expecting more today.

Dear son, Josh, and family packed up and headed back to Kentucky over the weekend. Josh's business is picking up enough that he thinks they can make it financially back in Kentucky where they can find better medical help for the family. If they stayed here they would have to move closer to Minneapolis, and would be isolated from family, which they really need for support. So, they're back at his in-laws while they look for a place there. Hopefully this will be a permanent move. They've tried so many things to take care of a lot of complex medical and mental health issues. Josh's work in bookkeeping and copy writing is going well. He's getting lots of work and that's a real blessing! He's a good writer, and that's what he does mostly. I'm praying for continued success in that and some quiet time to do that creative work. Also, for all of the other complexities of his family's way of life.

Things are very quiet and peaceful  here. I've given the house a cleaning and now I'm beginning to paint walls. I started this project back in February but couldn't continue until now.

My windows are open in anticipation of painting later, which is making it bracingly cold in here. Adam hasn't fired up the woodstove yet. It's AUGUST after all. Shouldn't need it yet! So, I'll add some layers and soldier on.

My deli friends and I are getting together tomorrow for lunch. Haven't seen them in a couple of months. It should be fun. We're going to a little Italian restaurant just 5 miles from me. I've never been there, so I'm  hoping the food is good. :)

Stay warm or cool, depending on your location!
Shalom, my friends and family!

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Ditching things that aren't working...

Elizabeth mentioned in a comment that it's a good thing to ditch a book if it's not interesting. Couldn't agree more. Too many books, too little time! I've found the same to be true of a Netflix series. ("Anne With an E" to be specific.) I'm deep into season 2 and suddenly it seems that the screenwriters have hijacked the original author's idea and are using it to promote whatever lifestyles and viewpoints they like. Those of us who disagree are, of course, prudes and mean-spirited things. Oh well. Not surprising. I guess I'll have more time for reading now!

I did finish The Reason I Jump: The Inner Voice of a Thirteen Year Old Boy With Autism. It only took a couple of hours to read and was full of insight into the autistic mind. Of course, there are many degrees of autism. This boy is on the severe end of the spectrum and communicates by tapping out letters on a cardboard keyboard. He does a magnificent job of explaining what he's feeling. I highly recommend it!

I think I'll attempt some lawn mowing. I hope it's not too hot.
Y'all be good!

Friday, August 16, 2019

Coffee mug Friday..

Ha ha. Thought I'd borrow an idea from Granny Marigold. This won't be a regular thing. I found these two tall, skinny mugs (my favorite kind) at the thrift store today. Yeah, my second thrift store in two days! Anyway, at 50 cents I couldn't pass them up. I have a theory that coffee and tea stay hot longer in this shape of mug. :)
My real reason for checking out the thrift store was to find a cheap iPad case. Sometimes they pop up. My iPad is older and a little larger than the most recent types, so it's hard to find a case for it. I think I'll check out Amazon. I did find this little vintage rubber stamp set. This has smaller type than the stamp sets I have now. There are more letters in there than it looks like. Some are underneath. Anyway, I felt sorry for it.

Remember this cozy mystery I bought yesterday?
I made it through the first few pages and couldn't handle it, lol. The author is apparently known for her wit, but she seems to go waaaaay overboard trying to prove that she deserves the accolades. Every single sentence drips with humor, until you begin to gag on it.

Josh loaned me this book, which looks much more interesting.
I'll leave this short and sweet. Yay, right? :)
I hope you're all getting all the goodness you can out of the end of the summer!

Thursday, August 15, 2019

A little thrifting...

Very little, actually. I happened to be in Park Rapids (the slightly larger town 12 miles from home) and Micah called and asked if I'd check out a big rummage sale that was going on at our fairgrounds. I wasn't even aware of it, but said I'd be glad to. She asked me to be on the look out for some end tables and that sort of thing. Well, they had a small selection of very old-fashioned furniture. Not what she was looking for. She was glad she hadn't made a special trip and unloaded all the kids to check it out herself. I, of course, managed to find a few things.

There's a little church cookbook that has some old recipes and notes clipped inside. Love that! Also, an atlas with nice maps. (Collage!) The little wooden car and baby puzzle squares begged to be taken home to the grands. Then I went through the books. There was quite a nice selection, but I settled for one little cozy mystery. (I have SO MANY BOOKS!) After the rummage sale I went to the thrift store (just across the highway) and found three rubber stamps (not shown) and a pair of plastic (nylon?) knitting needles. (For that knitting I do every couple of years, lol.)
Besides the cozy mystery, I'm currently reading this... (Just a few pages a day. If I stick with it it will take me a couple of years to finish. We'll see..) Just so I can say I did!! (Or not.)
Well, almost time to babysit the grandgirls. Micah and Adam and the boys are running to Brainerd to pick up a desk Micah spoke for.

I'll talk to you later! Shalom, everyone!