Friday, September 18, 2020


 What a fun way to start the day! I was opening my dining room curtains this morning about 7 a.m. and saw several deer running and jumping over the pasture fence. I didn't know what startled them, but then I went to my south window (the big living room window) and saw a bobcat walking down the driveway headed east! He trotted past that pile of logs and past Josh's old silver car and kept on going. 

Of course, I jumped onto Google Images to confirm whether I'd seen a bobcat or a lynx (both in the lynx family). I'm sure it was a bobcat. It said they have about a 7 square mile territory and like to be where there are lots of deer and turkeys. We have an abundance of those. We've also had a reduction in our barn cat population. My "trusty" camera decided to be contrary or I might have gotten a distant shot before he disappeared. I'll be looking for him in the mornings! :)

We've been having some "crisp" autumn weather. I prefer it to extreme heat. Adam's been firing up the wood stove, though it's hard to know how to act when the temps can change so much from day to day. It's a major deal figuring out how to dress for a walk, lol. 

The grand girls have been spending lots of time at my dining table "doing art" and sometimes tuning into an online art tutorial. They start the day playing outside in knit caps, gloves and jackets, then discard them midday and re-don them later in the day. 

I've been doing a bit of art. Let me go rummage through my memory card. Hmmm...

Well, I was proud of myself for neatening up the art table. It's quite a mess when the kids get done. I piled their coloring/dot-to-dot books on the counter in the background, which is also where I keep my daily planner where I keep track of appointments and miles walked. 

I've moved my personal art materials to the back bedroom, which may work better than using random places to set up when I feel the urge to create. There are lots of lamps and other light when I need them. I also have a large bin full of books I tear pages from for collages. The painting leaning against the wall is one I rescued from the thrift store.
The plastic tub contains odds and ends I use for collage, and lots of Poker cards and such. The three ring binders hold my ATC collection, and this is also where I collect the kids' paintings and a pile of books for them to the left.
My first creation in my new art space was this "found poetry" card. You snip random words from a variety of places and make a "poem" (using the word very loosely) from them. Weird, I know. My brain is challenged by these "irrational" types of card making swaps, but I'm also intrigued to see if I can come up with something. (We were supposed to add some little item to "enhance" the card. Hence, the owl.)

I also made these "moos" this week. (1"x 2-3/4") I have no idea why they're called MOOs. Any guesses? The host of this swap gave us a long list of items which most of us have in our "stash". We were required to use 3 of the items on the list for each MOO. (Ex: rubber stamps, postage stamps, paint, stickers, maps, text, washi tape, magazine clippings, etc.)

Then there were these Fall themed inchies...

and a Pick-A-Theme swap where the other players request a certain theme...

Once again, apologies if I've shown these before. My memory card is so random and out of order. These were for an ongoing APC swap. Working our way through a deck. Theme: Flowers and a Little Something Else.

A twinchie swap (2"x 2") They were supposed to be "whimsical", which is another thing that my mind finds challenging. So, most of them were copied from artists in books I have on the shelf. (The mushrooms were the only thing from my "imagination".)

This was a card I made for a Random Act of Kindness. This lady likes owls. 
My new favorite coffee mug. I'm growing very fond of my redneck brothers in the Lord, lol. Check 'em out on YouTube.

Another Pick-a-Theme swap... All cards were to be in black-and-white only.

A folk art angel and a player's puppy...
A forest scene and a vintage boxer. This swap reminded me of how much I enjoy simple pen and ink drawings. 
And a random card that I think I made as a hostess gift. She loves cats. (For the host of Flowers and a Little Something Else.)

Well, I kind of think that's all for now. I really need to go through my memory card and delete some stuff. Hopefully I'll get around to that. 

I hope you're all having delightful fall weather and that nobody is in the path of a hurricane at the moment. (Texas relatives? MK?) Gretchen stay safe in California! Right now I'm glad to be in the middle/north of the country!

Hugs and holy kisses to everyone!
Shalom and love.

Monday, August 31, 2020

 Hopping back into the game! I had my second cataract surgery on Thursday (the 27th). Once again my post-op checkup went well. She said I was showing off, ha ha. I went straight to Walmart and bought some reading glasses. She said it was okay to go ahead and do that. I now have four pairs strewn about the house and car. I  may also get a pair of prescription glasses with bifocals. We'll see if my insurance covers that since the cataract surgery doesn't correct my close vision. In fact, it makes it so you can't see things no matter how close you hold them. So you have to use readers. It can be inconvenient having to grab readers every five minutes, but better than my old eye sight!

Time for random photos from my memory card!

The girls are in charge of making sure the horses have enough water. Just one of their chores.

This is a little something I came across on the shoulder of the road as I was walking. It must have rolled out of the back of someone's truck?
Here are a bunch of the CRRR (Continuous Random Round Robin) cards I've sent out. These are what we in the biz call Starter Cards. This is the first layer which will be added to by two other players. I'll eventually get one of them back as a finished card. Some of these I may have shown before. I didn't go back and check previous posts. :)

Sights along my walk day before yesterday. I wish I'd had a camera along yesterday. I saw a heron and a cormorant perched in trees above the little river I cross over.

Micah and I are taking the kids to the dentist today. It's about an hour and a half drive, so I'd better be getting ready to go. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to visit all of you later today.

Shalom and love to all!

Saturday, August 15, 2020

A quick update...

 The surgery went well. I got a post-op checkup yesterday and I read the eye chart. She said I was one line above 20/20 and that it would get even better as it healed! Meanwhile, my close vision and the vision in my other eye are still bad, but I can't get reading glasses until the second eye is done and healed. So, this type of blogging may be difficult since I can't see what I'm doing very well. :)

Granny, you mentioned eye drops. I know of someone else who had to put in drops every 3 hours, but my doctor said there would be no eye drops. I'm not sure why doctors do things differently. She said I could use over the counter eye drops after a few more days of healing. She said they could contain bacteria, so she wanted me to be well on the way to healing before using those. She said to take Tylenol if I felt pain, but I haven't even had to do that. It just feels a little irritated, like with a dry contact lens.

Next surgery, August 27!

Anyway, doing well! Thanks for all your encouragement!

Shalom and love!

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Surgery tomorrow...

 Just an update. My cataract surgery (left eye) is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30. Micah and crew will deliver me to the hospital, go and get breakfast at a drive-through and then return to wait for me. (My COVID test came back negative, obviously. Yay!)

Prayers appreciated! :) The next four weeks (including the surgery on the other eye) will be interesting. 

These three painted rocks were left along our walking trail the other day.

This one wasn't one of them. I just can't figure out how to remove it! 

Sully invented a new game...

Outside art...

I think C.S. Lewis expressed these thoughts in several different places and in slightly different ways over the years. But I always love to read it.
The evening parade. And there are more out-of-frame!
Oh, a friend of my daughter's said they call these "redneck kites"! Ha ha! In case you didn't see the previous post, it's a grocery bag, tied to a stick with a string. Then you RUN FAST! 

Most of my ATC/APC art lately has been for the Continuous Random Round Robin. I know I explained this earlier, but it basically means three people work on the cards. I've sent out "starters", then two more people will add something to them and send one completed one back to me. That's the short explanation, lol. Here are the starters I've sent out lately.

Apparently, I neglected to take photos of the Aces, twos and threes. I did make a note in my "records", describing them. I'm too obsessive about recordkeeping, ha ha.

Not much else to report. I've enjoyed visiting your blogs this morning! God bless everyone and peace on your households. Love y'all!

Saturday, August 8, 2020

In the aftermath...

 We had a storm last night. I hopped into my car and drove next door, since it was already raining and lightning when Micah warned me. I usually just ride it out at home, but decided to visit the neighbors this time! A couple of tornadoes had been spotted in the area. We lost somewhere around eight trees. 

One landed on the barn. That will be a nasty one to remove. Pray for Adam's safety as he does it.

(Not liking this new Blogger editor page!!) Above is another tree down near the barn. And below is one blocking the drive back to the barn.

Several are down in the front pasture. They're in the distance behind these front trees.

Then a couple across our driveway right next to where I park my car. The next three photos are the same trees.

Anyway, that was exciting. I was praying for angels to surround and protect us! I've been reading some of Dutch Sheets' books on intercessory prayer. Time to put it into practice. I kind of naturally do that anyway, but I'm becoming a little more militant about it, lol. 

Adam made short work of the trees blocking driveways. I'm always thankful for his skills and that the Bobcat was handy!

This next week (Thursday) I have my first cataract surgery. Monday I go for a Covid test. That will be interesting. 

Today is a cloudy, foggy day. I think I'm going to need a nap after last night's excitement. One good result of the storm is that my windows look cleaner! Ha ha.

I think I'm going to close for now. Time for breakfast. I've been busy wandering around outside taking pictures and haven't gotten around to eating yet. That's important. :)

God bless all and shalom!