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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Happy birthday, Audrey!

Audrey is seven years old today! Grandma will deliver some gifts this morning. Maybe I'll stop off at the local bakery and pick up some muffins.

Micah was remembering how her dad used to "fake cry" and say, "What am I going to do when I don't have a six year old anymore?!?" In Micah's case she'll have another six year old in six weeks! (Miss Hazel)

Thanks, friends, for all of the assurances and experiences you shared concerning cataract and basal cell surgeries. I've opted to postpone the cataract surgery for now. Partly because both of my appointments were so close together, and I'm unsure about my insurance coverage. But I think I'll be okay for a couple more years. I'm getting new glasses and I don't think the cataracts are at the unbearable stage yet.

Vacation Bible school is going well. Just two more days! These kids are really tugging at my heart. It's hard to believe there is such a high percentage of kids with behavioral problems. Or maybe they just stand out. Also, so many of these kids come from broken homes with multiple parents and lots of drug and alcohol problems. Bless their hearts. It's a broken world we live in. I'm thinking I'll get involved with the after-school program when the school year starts up. Not every day, but one or two days a week. They have a program from 3:30-5:30 every day. I don't feel like the most qualified person to help, but God can use weak vessels, right? Maybe I'll come up with some art projects.

Being involved in VBS and other things at church has kept me so busy and in such close contact with PEOPLE constantly that I'm getting kind of exhausted. Probably more emotionally than physically. I'm hoping to have a little rest for a few days when VBS is over. We'll see. (Maybe after we finish making a float for the parade?!?)

A FEW HOURS LATER: Well, I delivered Audrey's gifts and visited for a while. Now I'm off to Walmart to pick up some things I thought of for VBS. I attempted to take a nap, but my mind keeps whirring along. :)

Catch you all later! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Hey, y'all!

My internet has been on strike for a couple of days, so I'm typing this at the library. Just checking in and had a couple of life events to share.

I, apparently, have a basal cell carcinoma on my nose. A spot that hasn't wanted to heal for a long time. I went to the doctor yesterday and he is going to make an appointment with another doctor in Bemidji who will look at it and do the actual out-patient surgery. Have any of you had this done? I'd love to hear your experiences in the comments so I'll have some idea what to expect. :) I have at least one other spot on my face that may need a freeze gun applied to it.

Also, I will be having cataract surgery on one of my eyes this fall. Any stories?

Old age. The body is slowly coming to the end of itself! But, I trust I have some good years ahead, so...I continue to buy books at the book sale!

This time it was $1 per bag, so I stocked up. :)

I like to pick up books in foreign texts. I'll use the pages as background text for ATCs and give a lot of it to other ATC creators as gifts. I later realized that the book on the left is a Bible, so I won't be cutting that up. Anyone know what languages these are? Somebody donated a lot of them to the library.

Once more, some foreign text for collage. The bookplates are really cool, too, and would be good material for collages.

I was blown away to get these! I've given my field guides to my grands in the past and wished I had some more. Woo hoo!

Remembering the Kana is showing how to do Japanese calligraphy. Something else for ATCs. The other two books also have lots of collage-ready pictures.

I saw lots of Jack Higgins books in the jumbled boxes and thought to myself, "If hey had The Eagle Has Landed I would grab it." Ta-dah! I read it as a teen and thought it would be fun to revisit. Also, some Austen and Bronte. Villette is one of my favorites.

I love to learn about life in other cultures, so these called my name.

I always wished I  had hung onto some of my nursing materials. Just interesting, I guess. So I grabbed this manual. Another book about Japan. A celtic music DVD. And a couple of random magazine-type things.

A variety of spiritual material.

I couldn't pass up the little volume of Animal Farm. Read it in junior high. I keep buying Moby Dick and then not reading it. Someone called Melville "the American Shakespeare" so I thought I'd get it again...just in case. The SparkNotes of LOTR....why not? Tom Sawyer was a whim.

Another little hodgepodge.

Children's books. Some for me; some for Audrey. Not sure which is which yet. :)

I made a lot of little posters of periodical table elements to decorate for VBS. We have a lab theme. These took a lot longer than I expected. I made 15 of them and they don't look quite right, but close enough. ;)

I'm continuing to add to my scripture memorization journal. Did I mention this before?
I'll write out the bottom verse. I usually wait until I have it memorized before I draw it out.

Somebody mentioned having baby's breath in their garden. See the blobs on the hillside across the highway? It grows wild here. There's lots along the trail. This was taken out my kitchen window.
I'm currently reading:
If I like it I'll pass it along to Micah.
I have to hurry off to a picnic with the deli gals. My old manager has a lake lot, so it should be fun!
The grands ready for the 4th of July parade.

Always smiley, little Sully. :)

Glamorous Audrey.

Hazel being cheesy.

Della got a sucker for using the potty! Ha ha!
Oh yeah! I'd better get out of here or they may eat all the burgers before I get there! Love y'all!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Where have I been?!?

Really! Just wanderin' around, I guess, lol. Not even caring to check in with my buds. I have been reading your posts, though I'm sure I have a little catching up to do.

Well, I haven't been up to anything particularly earthshaking. It seems like the days just fly by and I'm not sure what became of them.

I've spent one Wednesday afternoon helping package up craft supplies for VBS. We probably have another couple of days worth of work to get that all done. Today was my second time to practice with my fellow singers for leading worship. Worship is a very unpolished thing at this little church, but they do welcome anyone who wants to participate in leading. We had a mixture of adults and kids. We use YouTube videos with lyrics on the contemporary songs (2) and then the rest is hymns. In recent years I've been used to churches with "worship bands" who took care of all of this. This little church has a pianist and an organist, so in an attempt to please some of the younger members we've added some contemporary songs. Like I say, unpolished, but everyone is enthusiastic! I still have a way to go as far as "rehabilitating" my vocal cords which have suffered from lack of use, lol.

In Sunday School we're working on scripture memorization and I decided to incorporate a little artwork with my memorization. I had a  journal sitting empty and I decided I would write my verses in it as I memorized them, and draw a little illustration. No reference photos allowed; just a doodle out of my head.  Isaiah 26:3 is next in line.

I've been doing a lot of reading. I just finished The Oath by Frank Peretti, and am still working on The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis.

 While reading The Oath, I came across a tiny little folded bit of paper which appeared to have been tucked in the book for many years. (The is a library book sale find.) So, I unfolded it and what should appear but this...A drawing of some guy! He now resides with my collage bits. I may just glue him into a collage someday. I couldn't bring myself to throw him in the trash!

I have a hankering to begin reading The Works of Josephus, but the printing is so tiny. Maybe... I certainly have no shortage of books to choose from! Also making steady progress in my Bible. What a blessing!

My little grandson Nathan, who's eight years old, is back at the residential treatment place. He just got out of there a couple of weeks ago. He's been having problems again with episodes of anger and it's kind of reached scary levels. Please send up a
prayer for him and my dear son and daughter-in-law. I contacted a cousin in Texas who I know is a prayer warrior and he told me he and his wife had gone through exactly the same thing with their daughter many years back. He invited Josh and Jess to contact him for support. That in itself is a gift from God! As my cousin said, it's such a relief just to talk to someone who's gone through what you're experiencing.

I've unearthed the notes for a YA (or is it a 'tween?) novel I've been making notes on for about 10 years (LOL) and scribbled a few more. I keep talking myself out of even attempting a book. Does the world need another book? I ask. We shall see.

I've begun drying some of my violas for use in collages. 

 I see so many pretty wildflowers when walking on the trail, but I'm sure there's probably a law against picking them. I did see what I figure must be the last columbine of the season and I quickly snatched it up and stuffed it in my pocket! (It was in an area that had been mowed, so I figure it's fair game! It's not our state flower or anything.)
 Lastly, I made this little kingfisher card for an ATC buddy.

Everyone have a safe 4th!
Shalom and love to all!

Friday, June 15, 2018

It's a grey Friday here...

We have low hanging clouds and perhaps some drizzle forecast for the day. It's 8:30 a.m. and I already need a nap! It seems like no matter what time I go to bed (9:30 last night) I wake up at about 4:30. It's already getting light and the birds are waking up by that time. Theoretically that looks like enough hours of sleep, but I don't sleep soundly. Anyway, not complaining. A nap will do the trick. Just not quite yet! 

On Wednesday Micah took her crew into town for a park play date with some other moms from her MOPS group. (Mothers of Preschoolers) They don't meet officially in the summer, so the moms decided to get together every week or two for a Bible study at the park while the kids play. There are a couple of older girls (12 or 13 years old) who keep an eye on the smaller kids. While they were gone I dropped by Micah's house (my future trailer home) and did some housework. By the way, Micah doesn't expect me to help with housework. I'm pushy. With all of her kids, and one on the way, life can get pretty exhausting. Besides, it's fun for me! After I finished I sat down and watched a movie, (they have Netflix!) and then I took a few pictures outside. I know I've shown similar pics in the past, but I just love my future yard! The sun glinting off of the green leaves and the breeze fluttering through the branches...well, I never tire of looking at it. I'm so looking forward to living out here!

A 180* of the front yard...

And the back yard...
 The grass in the back yard is long because Adam doesn't have a small lawnmower that works at the moment and he can't get in there with the rider. But it's just as well, because the kids find a lot of butterflies and caterpillars and other nature in there when the grass is long. I tried to avoid the toy clutter, swing set and trampoline in my shots, lol.
They have a cute little barn with a heated floor that the dogs can get in and out of in winter. And the outdoor wood stove is to the right of that little wood stack, hidden by the trees.

I've just noticed recently that the comments aren't showing up in my email. They have been in the past, but something must have changed. Anyone else having that happen?

I had a little meeting with the lady who's in charge of VBS at church. Pastor Dawn works part-time at our church and also travels to work at some other area churches. She's in charge of children's ministries such as VBS and release time during the school year. Probably also Junior Worship, as we call Sunday School. It looks like I'll be helping to get craft supplies organized for an expected 75 kids and I'll also help with registration. I also got a tour of the church, so now I know where everything is located. Good to know!

I just finished Mere Christianity. Yay! I loved it and will read it again. Now for some fluff! Yes, I've become quite the Julie Klassen fan. :)

It's now 11:30. Yeah, uploading photos is taking forever again! So, I'm ready for lunch. Just one more photo of a recent ATC.  This is for a swap called Weird Country Music Song Titles. I'm working on a few more that I'll show later.
Happy weekend, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Glorious weekend!

The main event yesterday was walking on the trail. I took a two mile walk, then made a trip to Walmart for some things, and then upon my return I decided to get my camera and return to the trail. As usual, I forgot to take my camera with me the first time, and since I had seen so many pretty flowers, I decided to go back and take some pictures. I only walked a mile the second time; just hitting the high points. I'd like to make a painting of the wild roses, so I tried to get some close-ups.
A lovely wild rose. This one would be a good model for my painting!

There were also lots of nice columbines.

Of course, poison ivy is always abundant. Leaves of three; let it be!

Looking down from the bike trail to the horse trail.
That way to the resort.

That country road parallels the trail for a few miles and you can see Lake Belletaine beyond it.

A shortcut to someone's lake home.

Purple vetch?
Well, that's a little proof that I actually took a walk!
Today was a full day. First was church. Our pastor left on a 3 week road trip (his vacation) right after church. He's traveling west to visit some national parks and he's traveling in his mini-van which he's converted into an RV! His wife didn't want to go. Too rustic for her, I think. So, he went solo. Sounds like fun to me!

After church I wandered around Nevis for our annual Nevis Bites 'n' Sites Day. There were lots of booths, rummage, crafts, fun activities for kids and adults. There was also live music from two stages. It lasted from noon-six, but I left before the end.

The high point of the Bites 'n' Sites was a community painting. They set up two easels and canvases, a selection of craft paints and brushes and told everyone to feel free to paint something. They had penciled in an outline of Minnesota, and we each added a little painting. You guessed it. I painted the loon. What else?
The lady in charge brought out that framed loon painting for me to use as a reference. I ended up just doing my own version. I was the first one to paint on the canvas, so I hogged the middle, lol.

The adult painting...

...and the kids' version.
 They were auctioned off and brought $30 each. The proceeds from all of the festival activities went to benefit the local food shelf. Oh, and I won a $20 certificate from the Iron Horse Bar and Grill! I think I'll pick up a box of chicken strips or something to share with Micah's crew.

This band of youngsters was fun to watch. I left when the older, more polished, performers took the stage.

 So, that was my weekend! Tomorrow morning is our monthly deli gal get-together and sometime later in the day I'm joining the other vacation Bible school volunteers to get things rolling. I think I'm going to need a planner from here on out! The pace of life is picking up, but that's a good thing!

Before I forget, this is a hoopoe I painted for one of my ATC friends. For you trivia buffs, the hoopoe is the national bird of Israel! :)

God bless you all! A little Bible reading and I'm off to bed.