Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sketchbook Project #3

I have a long list of things to include in my sketchbook for "The Project". Something that popped into my head this morning was the Jackpine Savage Beard Contest that our local paper sponsors every year. We're proud of our backwoodsy, scruffy beards! So, I immortalized this local custom for my third entry. I had some bleed through from the other side of the page again, so his face is a little smudgy. Oh well!

It was a good day off. It got better after a 2 hour nap! I worked hard yesterday and then stayed up too late (my fault). That combo is never a great thing.

It was beautiful outside today. The birdsong was tumultuous. Redwing blackbirds, pileated woodpeckers, starlings and dozens more. It's good to finally open windows and patio doors and let spring inside.

I'm going to try to be smart and get to bed early. Five o'clock alarm in the morning. We said good-bye to a great co-worker yesterday. She's retiring and she deserves it. She's in her 70's and was working part-time just for something to do. We'll miss her positive attitude and great work ethic. We have two new girls, so hopefully they'll learn quickly and stick around. One girl who had left on a long school trip is back and she's coming back to work. That's exciting! But we still need a couple more to be up to speed. Prayers appreciated. We're a weary bunch!

Goodnight all! And shalom to all of you!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sketchbook Project #2

Remember my Black Bears and Blueberries page in my Sketchbook Project?
Unfortunately, the black marker I used for the black banner bled through to the next page resulting in this. So, I had to think of a solution...
Hence this second painting. :)
I don't think I'll be using any more black markers!

Anyway, just wanted to update on the sketchbook thing. Time to get dressed and off to work. No work tomorrow, yay!

Shalom to all of you dear readers. :)

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just peeking in...

Not much new going on. I'm continuing my relaxing weekend. I started watching my son's church service in Texas this morning, but it looks like they're rerunning a previous service. The reason, I think, is that some of the church property was hit by a tornado either yesterday or day before. They have a large food bank building, which seems to be okay, but their clothes distribution building did get hit and several homes around it may have also been hit. I imagine they're out taking care of things. Nobody was hurt as far as I know. (Update: They must have just been reshowing part of their testimonies about their trip to India. They're back to the regular service now. Of course, I texted Jordan and he reassured me. ;)

I'm working on a swap called Things in Bottles or Jars (that's not the exact title, but something like that) and this is my first attempt. This card isn't quite finished. It's kind of a bizarre theme idea, but I love old bottles and jars, so it sounded like something that would be fun to try.

Later I'm hoping to get around to doing something more in my Sketchbook Project book. The difficult part is having too many ideas and wondering where to begin!
Today is daughter Micah and son-in-law Adam's 6th anniversary! This is a photo Micah posted on Facebook. The black and white photo is Adam at age 17 and the other is both of them at age 23.  They're doing a great job of being parents to their three little girls, and they really dig each other after "all these years"! :) Proud of 'em!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Typical UK stuff?

I've never watched the UK series Top Gear. Apparently, this fellow is one of the stars. I still found this video to be a fascinating inside look at one aspect of life in the UK. I like to snoop into other people's lives, and he obviously wanted us to. So let's give him what he wants! ;)

Today should have been my day off, but I was scheduled to work. So, I'm off tomorrow instead. I plan to go and visit with Micah and the girls tomorrow. For right now, I'm loafing!

I hope you're enjoying your day as well! Shalom!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

The first mark!

I've been letting perfectionism get the best of me. But today I decided to just go for it and do the first artwork in my Sketchbook Project sketchbook. Right smack dab in the middle. The theme of my book is "My North Woods". Here ya go!

I really enjoyed painting this. If I mess something up in the sketchbook it will just have to be that way. It's only a sketchbook, after all. I think that's the whole point of the project; to experiment and have fun and see what happens.

More animals and north woods related things to come. I've had this picture in my head for quite some time. Now I'll have to come up with a new idea!

The realtors came and asked numerous questions. They seem to think we need to figure out about my Dad's piece of property adjacent to mine before listing the property. Once we sell, that piece of property is landlocked and pretty much worthless. So, that will take some extra time as they do some investigative work.

Meanwhile, we hired a new gal at the deli...and two more are leaving. Just as the tourist season is about to hit us. We are so short-handed!! I think my character (and ability to survive) is about to be sorely tested.

Think I'll rustle up some lunch and read or something. That darn cold is still hanging on. Or is it allergies? Whatever! ;)

Talk to you folks later! Shalom!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recovery and discovery...

Came down with a cold Thursday night. Sore throat and achy all over. I felt a little better yesterday, but I'm glad to have the weekend to recover. Still headachy and my throat is the slightest bit sore. I'm taking it easy, drinking lots of tea and watching, of all things, videos about Cornish mines! These are beautiful old ruins and I find them fascinating. And I now know what an engine house is and what it was used for. Here, have a look.
The link above will take you to the website where there are multiple videos to watch. Here's one to begin with. I feel like I've been on a trip to Cornwall. Beautiful!

Otherwise, I'm trying to do some house cleaning and planning for my meeting with the realtors on Monday. Yes, my house may not draw any interested buyers, but on the other hand, it may! There are so many things to plan. Lists! Make lists! :) 

But, with all of this, I am trying to rest. Here's to another cup of tea and more videos. Maybe something uplifting and entertaining?

Micah and Adam are making a journey to Fargo today (90 miles) with the three little ones. Micah posted on Facebook that Hazel was sitting in the back seat with a pouty face and she said, "I'm not happy. I'm sad." Micah asked, "Why are you sad?", to which Hazel responded, "I want Grandma!" Ha ha! This tells me that Hazel was getting impatient with all that car travel and knew that if only she could get to Grandma there would be treats and she could play with forbidden toys stored on the high shelf. Mwahaha.

You may not have noticed, but my blogging was just interrupted by a phone call from my baby brother, Mark. His calls are usually fairly short and just about daily happenings. I enjoy it because it makes me feel like we live just down the block from each other, instead of 1,000 miles apart. He's fun to talk to. We're just getting to know each other after many years of not being in touch.

We're having beautiful weather, though we could sure use some rain. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend full of God's shalom. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Well, Mags...

...if you must know, I watched The Railway Children! :)

If you read my last post, this is one of the British movies I found through the Anglotopia website. I look forward to many more!

We're pressing onward with putting my house on the market. At this point I will be relieved when the whole process is over and I've found a more permanent place to live. I don't like this feeling of being in a holding pattern aka limbo. I think it's time to move on and let go. This little farm was a wonderful place for our children to run free and explore; to play and grow. But now that they're all grown and going on with their lives I feel like I should do the same. I'm praying that someone will come along who can really see the potential in this place.

My sketchbook is still empty. I must make that first mark!!
Too tired right now...

Seeing lots of tornado alerts on TV. Hope you are all safe and sound in your homes.

Shalom. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

England and Spring..

What more could you ask for? :)

I'm enjoying many of the offerings at the Anglotopia website. They have great lists of British movies and TV shows, plus lots of fun trivia.

It's a day off. I'm leaving in a few minutes to ride along with Micah and the girls to Adele's first baby checkup.

Have a great day!


Friday, April 3, 2015


I love the expression on Audrey's face. So proud and excited to be a big sister once again.

She's become a little girl seemingly over night. A big three year old! But still my grandbaby in many ways. Hazel was in the background somewhere. She's interested in new baby Adele, and thinks she's "SO CUTE!", but many other things are also interesting. We look forward to lots of fun with these three sisters!

I'm enjoying "Elizabeth and Her German Garden". At first I wasn't sure about her. She seemed to dislike her husband whom she referred to as The Man of Wrath. But as I read further my viewpoint was changed a bit. I'm still only a third of the way through, but I find her descriptions of her thoughts very much like my own. We are strange birds. ;) It's a real page turner. It's been a while since I've read a book that captured my attention as this one has.

Back to reading and drinking my decaf. Hope you have a cozy evening and a Happy Easter. It is finished! Shalom.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet Adele JoLee Yliniemi...

And if you can't pronounce her last're not alone! :)

Yil'-uh-nee-mee. Now you're in the know.

First, here's a shot of Micah and Adam last night as they arrived at the hospital.

There was talk of inducing, but she was far enough along they decided to forego that. Very glad! Micah wanted to experience a water birth, so that's what they did. She gave birth 2-1/2 hours after arriving at the hospital. She said it was very quick and "relatively" easy. She credits the water bath with being very relaxing. She stopped having contractions for about 20 minutes, then had two very hard ones, and there was Adele! Her regular doctor arrived a few minutes too late to help, but the ER doctor did a great job. (Micah says, the ER doctor has nicknamed her Garbage Gut because she always arrives at the clinic with a pop and candy bar!)

Here's Micah's Facebook announcement just a few hours ago:

She's here! Adele JoLee was born March 31st at 11:25pm. 6lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches of sweet, squishy baby I couldn't have asked for a more perfect water birth experience and we are very thankful everyone is healthy and feeling great!

Exactly the same size as sister Audrey was!

Mom and baby doing fine!
Thanks for prayers! God has blessed us once again.

Shalom to all!