Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On his way home...

My sweet boy packed up his car and headed home last night. His wife asked him if he would come home. (She's the one who asked him to leave!) Anyway, I'll try not to expose all of their private stuff here. Suffice it to say there is a whole lot to work out and it's mostly rooted in her bipolar challenges. Josh is just trying to deal with the ever-shifting emotions which cause her to act irrationally. He's willing to fight for his family's future. He read a lot of John Eldredge books (Wild at Heart, etc.) as a youngster and he's kind of a knight-in-shining-armor type. I'm proud of him for being so faithful. My heart aches for him, but I know his marriage vows and his love for  his family motivate his good heart. He loves God with all of his heart and I pray he will grow even closer to Him through this. Thanks for all of your prayers. I think he's probably in Indiana by the time I type this. He lives near Berea, Kentucky, which is south of Lexington.

As if the old blood hasn't been pumping enough, I checked my bank account this morning and found out that someone has been helping themselves to my debit card!!! They ordered three items from Ebay. I was shaking like a leaf as I dialed the bank. They quickly blocked my card. I followed directions and went in and got a new card and signed some papers. My money should be back in my account by tomorrow at the latest. My credit union did a great job! Scary stuff.

Right now I'm stuffing my face with a bean burrito topped with lots of guacamole. Just what I needed! :) (I LOVE Wholey Guacamole!)

Tonight I'm going to an AWANA BBQ for new volunteers. I look forward to helping and having some fun social interaction with kids and adults at church. I also signed up for Life Groups, which is our version of small groups. I'm hoping there is one near Nevis so I don't have to spend too much time driving back and forth to Park Rapids. It's only 12 miles, but in the winter it can be 12 miles too far, lol.

I'd better start thinking about getting ready for church. It's a rainy day. We sure do need it!

Love you folks! Thanks for your prayer support and kindness.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Checking in...

I'm enjoying my long visit with my dear son, Josh. I feel more sure every day that he and his wife will reconcile, so I'm trying to just enjoy and be thankful for the time I have with him. My prayer is that he will return home refreshed and ready to face all the challenges of a family dealing with bipolar and other mental health issues. He's been very strong for a lot of years and I think he needed this break, though I know he doesn't want to be away from his family. He's doing bookkeeping online and is becoming accustomed to his new job. He loves the flexibility it will give him to be home and help with children more. Please continue to pray for him and his family. Thanks so much!

I've been getting in some good 2 mile walks and I hope to keep it up. Josh brought a ton of good books with him and I'm now reading "Life With God" by Richard Foster. I'm reading a lot so I can return the books to him before he leaves. Not sure when that will be so I'm reading a lot.

 We enjoyed a movie last night called "The Intern". I've been wanting to watch it for a while but it wasn't available on Amazon. Josh found it at the local gas station/convenience store! I thought it was a really sweet movie.
I think a nap and a walk are in order. (In THAT order.) Thanks for dropping by!