Saturday, April 15, 2017

Broken record...

Aw, I appreciate all of your congratulations and sharing my joy at the defeat of the bedbugs, but I've now been back at my kids since Thursday. The "few bedbugs" just kept on biting and I wasn't going to hang around and get more bites. With multiple bites around my neck I was going bonkers with itching and just feeling yucky. SO, here I am again. I'm thinking it might be time to look for another apartment. The problem may get cleared up in the future, but I can't be a guinea pig any more and I want to find a solution so my kids can have their life back. They are being so good to me and don't act like I'm a bother, but I feel like it anyway. I'll keep you posted.

Faye, you asked how I keep from bringing the bedbugs to my kid's house. I've tried very hard to make sure all the clothing and things I bring over are clean or have been heat treated. There's no way to be 100% sure, but I do the best I can. These critters seem almost demonic in their ability to survive! (Well, not ALMOST. They're just another example of Satan's hold on this planet.) If I move I'll probably leave behind my bed, couch and recliner. I'll just be careful with everything else. I'm not going to drive myself crazy over-thinking things because, believe me, I'm capable of doing that, lol.

Anyway, I've worked one day at the tree nursery. It's rather repetitive, tedious work. I already knew that, but 8 hours of that kind of thing really brings it home. I plan to keep going. It's tough on the back muscles but hopefully they will get stronger as I go. I've missed two days being sick, but I hope by Monday I'll be feeling better. I think I'll try wearing a face mask while working because there's so much dust and pollen flying around as we work.

I'm so thankful to the Lord for providing family to help and to take me in. I'm so blessed to have a roof over my head and family to love. Besides my family here, all of my kids and step-dad have been giving me support and suggestions. It seems like in the last few months I've had only a few days that I've really felt well. It's either been bug bites or the latest wave of sickness. Thanks everyone, for lending an ear and being so kind.

Happy Easter to all! He is risen!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I'm back home!

Hello, all! I'm back in my apartment after about 3 WEEKS living with my daughter and her family. They are such troopers and saints to put up with me that long!

The exterminators came last Friday (April 7) and I moved back in that evening. I have a few new bedbug bites, but they tell me that's normal. There will be a few bugs that live for a while. They will come and re-inspect the place in 3 weeks. I hope this is it for the bugs!

I enjoyed the time with my family, though all of that youthful exuberance can be taxing when you're not used to it 24/7, lol. Two year old Adele is going through a phase of being moody, so she was the main challenge. I also got strep while I was there, and, of course, you don't know you're contagious until it's too late. A couple of the girls got sick later, though not with strep, thank goodness. Audrey missed four days of kindergarten, but her teacher has also missed some days being sick. It seems this year is particularly bad for folks getting sick. Are you guys getting that?

But I do love those kiddos...
I took Hazel's picture...

...and then she took mine!

Adele on the new bike/scooter she got for her birthday.

Audrey home from school sick.

Bouncy little Sullivan, aka Bubba.

And here's my baby holding her baby.
As you can see from the photo of Micah and baby Sully above, things haven't greened up yet in our neck of the northern Minnesota woods. We do have a tinge of green grass and some buds. I think a little rain and some sunny days will cause all to bust out in greenery very quickly. Birdies are finally coming to visit my feeder again. I've seen blue jays, a robin and a purple finch, along with various sparrow types this morning.

Here's my high-tech bird feeding system...
Yup, it's a shoe tray. I can get by with this because I'm on the second floor and squirrels can't get to my balcony, lol. I also have a hanging bird feeder right above it for the shy birds. I'm still deciding on whether I want to bother with a hummingbird feeder. It's more stressful than pleasant to watch them fight over it, and they totally ignore the flowers. Speaking of which, I'll soon be emptying the flower pots you see above.

I used a sheep manure mixture in my pots last year. Just trying to be different, I think. Many of my plants turned yellow. So, this year I'll try something else. Potting soil? Topsoil? What do you guys recommend for containers? I'm going to stick with some simple annuals. I do use Miracle Grow, but I'm probably not consistent enough with it.

I brought home a couple of thrift store items this week. A little patio table...
...and a little chair which I thought would be good for doing chair yoga. My other chair has arms on it and doesn't work so well for the yoga.
I've finally begun walking on the trail near my apartment. I have one route that is 2.2 miles long and another that's 2.4 miles. I'm alternating and walking every other day. I hope to do some yoga and small weights on the other days. I'll also find some other good walks around town. I like to have some variety.

Otherwise, I'm trying to catch up on some ATC swaps. My new one-month-long job starts tomorrow. I'll let you know how that goes.

I don't know about you all, but I don't know how anyone does this thing called life without Jesus. He is our only real hope and the only thing that makes it all worthwhile. Yes, our kids and family are so precious, but without Him we would have no hope to share with these loved ones. I'm so thankful for Him and I have to keep my eyes on Him when everything seems to be going wrong. Keep your eyes focused on Him and keep your thoughts on things above. Satan will try to pull you down with everything he can think of, but don't listen to him. God is good and faithful. Keep on following Him!

It may not be Easter yet, but He's already risen! Woo hoo!

Love y'all! Shalom to all!