Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Friday, September 26, 2014

Art buddy package!! :)

Many, many thanks, Pom Pom, for such a delightful package brimming with goodies! I wanted you to see how the package looked when I took it from my mailbox. I'm thinking something heavy was dropped on it causing it to explode!

I thought it serendipitous that these two items should arrive together in my mailbox.
 You know me pretty well! Each of these pictures is such a treat for the eye. A couple are begging to be framed for my grandgirls' bedroom wall. (Though I may have to make copies for myself first!) Your drawings have a Richard Scarry flavor to them that I really love, Pom!
 Teapots, paper dolls, a sturdy pottery bowl and spoon, a little Van Gogh (one of my favorite artists!), and a log cabin in the woods which I'll surely frame for myself.
 I am so excited to get into these two books to learn more about how art can be used for the glory of God! I love the little journal, too. I was browsing through some at Walmart the other day and wondering if I should get one. Yay!
 Two wonderful children's books to read to Audrey and Hazel (and myself) and another beautiful little (impressionistic?) painting. The popcorn may be consumed tonight. Maybe I can find a good movie to watch with it!
 I was so glad to see that this beautiful little accordion book was still safely nestled in the bottom of the envelope! With that huge hole it could have easily been lost. The Lord was watching over this package!

 This little clothespin was the only casualty, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure if I can resuscitate it or not. I'll try operating on it later. :) 
 I know what I'll be doing this weekend. Enjoying this wonderful bounty! Thanks so much, my friend!

Well, in other news, I've been doing a little art course called Sustainably Creative and this was the latest assignment. Draw 4 or 5 similar items. I was to try not to look at the paper for the first item and then increasingly I could look at my paper for the last three. (I referred to this art group as Drawing Our Lives in my last post, but that's actually the name of this particular course.)

 The assignment before this was to draw my breakfast. I didn't look at my paper for this one. Can you tell? ;)
I've had a headache all day and am feeling a little crummy, so I am relieved to have the weekend off! I look forward to an enjoyable few days taking it easy and being artsy! I'll be posting a few ATC's later, I think. The House Shaped Halloween swap. Tune in!

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. Shalom, all! :)

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A nice day off...

It seems like my work days fly by and, before I know it, it's my day off again! Wish I could make the days off slow way down, but I think time is marching on and we can't stop it. It makes me so glad for the hope that is within me, that there is something magnificent awaiting all who love the Lord!
I came home to a little package in my mailbox containing these two little volumes. I read them both last night.

I feel this time of year approaching (though today feels rather summer-like!).

And I look forward to this sort of scene (though I don't have a working fireplace!). But you know what I mean. Cozy indoorness. Comfort foods. Reading.
I would LOVE to live here!

I also received an envelope with these ATC's in it. These are from the Postage Stamp swap.

I've joined a group called Drawing Our Lives. It's run by a man named Michael Nobbs, and consists of a large collection of podcasts that encourage us to spend some time each day drawing or exercising our creative side. I thought the membership fee might encourage me to be more disciplined in doing some drawing each day. These are the first two drawings I've made. He encourages us to draw without looking at our page, but I can't imagine doing that for 20 minutes! Anyway, looking is allowed. ;)

These are the books I'm reading today. (That's my Bible on the bottom of the pile.) I sat in a lawn chair on my deck and enjoyed the breezy day.
 I'm wondering. Do you suppose all of these turkeys will stay around and raise families of their own? I could be overrun in no time!
 I sprinkle sunflower seeds on my ramp. These little birds visited. They have a rosy color to their heads and chests. Purple finches? Anybody have an idea?
Well, I'm off to finish my lunch and then pack my bag to go and babysit little Hazel, while sister Audrey goes to gymnastics (pee wee version).

Have a great day, and I'm hoping you're still enjoying some summer-ish weather where you are!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

An awesome quote...

"I always try to see bats. Even though they come out at night I can see something flapping in the dark because I ate carrots yesterday to see better. "
-Nathan Aslan Richards (my grandson)

More awesomeness from my son, Josh, and little Nathan!

My latest arrival...

It's late, so I'll say goodnight and shalom!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

A nice relaxing weekend...

The days pass so quickly, don't they? Another weekend has rolled by and I'm thinking I should go to bed soon. But I don't quite want to let go of the weekend yet.

I've spent a lot of time reading and watching a bit of TV this weekend. I had breakfast with a gal I used to work with yesterday. We ate at the local small-town café in our little hamlet of 350 people. It was crowded! Everyone trying to get in one last weekend at the lakes, I guess. I expected to just see a few folks there. It was a nice start to the weekend.

I was trying to clear some more of the clutter on my bookshelves and started to send some things to the library book sale. Then I changed my mind. I want to spend some time reading these!

 I did manage to collect a pile for the sale as well.

I also came across some folders full of notes and articles I've saved for many years. I'm looking forward to going through those as well. There was also a folder of letters from my mom. Treasures!

I spent some time watching God's little turkey herd. The cat was after them again. They fluttered about, but didn't take him very seriously. :)
I went through my closet and threw out a pile of clothes that weren't good enough to give away. I also filled a bag for the thrift store. I know I'll be moving in the next year or two, so I'm thinking it will be best if I tackle this decluttering a little at a time.

I just ordered these two books, which I'm very much looking forward to enjoying! The grandgirls will love them, too!

"The Inklings" should be arriving very soon! (I feel like a squirrel collecting nuts for the winter!)

I've finished "The Pace of a Hen" and I hate to see it sitting idly on my shelf. If anyone would like to have it I will give it to the first person to ask. (I know I'm supposed to have a drawing for a giveaway, but I don't think there will be that many people dropping by!)

I've spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about what God would have me spend the rest of my life doing. There are so many possibilities, but nothing clear cut. Isn't that the way of life? I'm anxious to leave this season of working at my present job but it's such a leap of faith. My plans are very much influenced by what my daughter and her family do, so I have to be patient. It's so hard to wait! :) I'm trying to spend the time growing closer to God so when the time comes I'm prepared to step out. I have to learn to narrow my focus, I think, instead of wanting to do so many things!

Well, everyone have a good week! Shalom.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Super girls!

Nothing is more fun than watching these two chase each other around the house giggling! My super granddaughters! (Sporting their capes and masks!) :)

Have a super day! Shalom!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh me of little faith!

In my last post I mentioned ordering The Selected Letters of William Cowper. I also said that I probably wouldn't receive the cool old copy shown on Amazon.

Instead, I received this copy...

Ha, ha! See any similarities? God is so good to me. :) It's not really "old". Just 1951. That seems like only yesterday, right? The winter reading selection is looking good!

Here are a couple of photos taken last evening.

Just to keep my records complete I'm posting the finished versions of my Autumn Leaves ATC's.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this afternoon and my day off tomorrow! I think there will be some mowing, some putting the garden to bed for the season and lots of reading and drawing. My manager at work is bringing me a bag of plums from her trees so I'll have to buy a few jars and make some jelly. Just so I have something to show for the summer!

I'm off to read some blogs. Shalom friends, and thanks for looking in! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2014

A family time capsule...

I've been indulging in a little narcissism. (Thank you spell check.) I decided to, once again, try to get the family photos organized, or at least in one location. As I went through a box I came across a Ziploc bag containing a cassette tape (Remember those?) of myself and two other gals singing. We called ourselves Grace Trio and the year was approximately 1986. (Someday I'll unearth a photo of us in all of our 1980's splendor.) I wrote a note intended to be read by someone who comes across this tape in the future. :)

I thought to myself, "How on earth can I listen to this?" Well, lo and behold I had also saved a little cassette player which, believe it or not, still works!! So, I've listened to the tape of Grace Trio, which is quite a step back in time. One side was recorded at church, the other side is a very casual tape I made while we were practicing at one of the gals homes. The little baby voices in the background are my boys, Jordan and Josh, playing. They would have been maybe 4 and 2 years of age. (They're now 32 and 30!)

Besides the Grace Trio tape, this bag contains several tapes my kids made when they were little. Precious little voices. In the note I advise the reader not to spend too much time revisiting the past. The best is yet to come! (I get very weary after a couple of hours spent walking down memory lane.)

My parents also made this box full of CD's from cassettes I made while living in a little apartment in Angleton, TX at the age of 21. I'm doing a lot of cringing and wincing while listening to these. My guitar playing is abominable and my voice...shrill at times. That's what happens when an alto tries to sing things that are too high for her. Heh, heh.

My folks made me feel quite famous by putting my picture on the fronts of the CD's! Dig those crazy bell-bottoms! There are actually several songs on each CD, but one title is featured on each.

 My "boy cut" from high school years. (Actually, it was probably GrandPA Zimmerman who put these on CD's. Right, Glenn?) On some of these songs I just recorded myself singing along with an album, such as this one.
 This CD is decorated with one of our engagement pictures, circa 1980.
 This photo was taken when I was flying back to Colorado after a visit to Texas.
 This is a recording of my brother James made in 1975.
 And I have a couple of CD's of my cousin, who writes songs about God and family. Very nice stuff which he sings at small venues in the area around Georgetown, TX.
 Oh, and this is a copy of an album recorded in 1980. The group is called Doxology. They auditioned people to sing background on the album, and I got a spot singing alto. This is my only recording studio experience, and it was a lot of fun.
 And this is the time capsule which contains these CD's, plus a plethora of other stuff, such as boxes of videos of the kids and myself competing at taekwondo tournaments, my TKD uniform and last belt, an old cassette recorder for listening to some of these old tapes, and various other odds and ends that might be of interest to someone down the road. I'm contemplating replacing the trunk with a plastic tote. This old trunk is quite a safety hazard. The lid is kind of guillotine-like and probably unsafe around small children.
I started this post a few days ago and then had internet problems which required a visit from a tech guy, so I'm just now getting it posted.
I've been reading Letters of C.S. Lewis on my breaks at work.
I love this description of the library where he studies. (Click on the photo to actually read it.)

He expresses what I feel about William Cowper's writings. I especially have loved the letters he writes, though I've only read a few.

I've ordered this book, hoping I'll enjoy the letters as much as I remember. (Although, I don't expect I'll receive this really cool old copy.)
I've also ordered The Inklings by Humphrey Carpenter.
Oh, it's getting late! Work tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. I hope to catch up on visiting some blogs tomorrow. I've been indulging in lots of reading and even did some lawn mowing yesterday.
Hazel Jane had her second birthday yesterday! What a fun little character! :)
Goodnight all, and shalom!