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Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh me of little faith!

In my last post I mentioned ordering The Selected Letters of William Cowper. I also said that I probably wouldn't receive the cool old copy shown on Amazon.

Instead, I received this copy...

Ha, ha! See any similarities? God is so good to me. :) It's not really "old". Just 1951. That seems like only yesterday, right? The winter reading selection is looking good!

Here are a couple of photos taken last evening.

Just to keep my records complete I'm posting the finished versions of my Autumn Leaves ATC's.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this afternoon and my day off tomorrow! I think there will be some mowing, some putting the garden to bed for the season and lots of reading and drawing. My manager at work is bringing me a bag of plums from her trees so I'll have to buy a few jars and make some jelly. Just so I have something to show for the summer!

I'm off to read some blogs. Shalom friends, and thanks for looking in! :)


  1. I love it when I get a nice copy of an old book! Yay!
    Pretty leaves, Lisa!

  2. Your painted autumn-leaves are beautiful!

    The photos of the sky are a sign of your amazing connection to heaven!

  3. Lisa, your leaves on the watercolor paper are super! I love autumn leaves and you have certainly got the right colors. Your "new" book looks interesting.

  4. You got a good photo of the full moon! DH and I are leaving shortly for the open country to watch the moon rise. Our city lot is surrounded by tall trees and I might get a glimpse of the moon through those trees around midnight but by then I should be asleep. So, off we will go. DH is so kind and patient. I know very well he doesn't give a hoot about the moon, full or otherwise. Not sure if I can get any good pics but I'll try.

  5. Hi, Lisa! I'm so behind in blog reading. Julia and I just enjoyed studying the depth you achieved on that ATC of a tree. Lovely perspective, looking up. I find that kind of thing so challenging! Enjoy your new book. Isn't that Cowper, the hymn-writer? He had such a troubled life, but did so much for God. I'm glad he's in heaven where his sad heart has been made new.


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