Monday, June 19, 2017

Wedding trip!

Micah, Sully and I will be driving down to Minneapolis tomorrow. We'll spend the night there and go to the airport on Wednesday morning to fly to the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport. We'll be gone until Tuesday the 27th. It's a long time for Micah to be away from her girls and hubby, but she seems excited to get to go to her big brother's wedding. Hubby Adam seems confident in his ability to wrangle that herd of girls until she returns. :)

Between Wednesday and Friday we'll sneak in a car trip down to Angleton (south of Houston) to visit my step-dad, Glenn. On the way down we'll stop off and visit with my "little" brother, Mark. It will just be a cup of coffee and a short visit, but we couldn't just drive by so close without seeing him. I think it's been about 37 years since I've seen him in person! We keep in touch via email and phone.
Brother Mark. He told me he'd just come out of his chrysalis. :)

Micah wants to see the ocean, so I think we'll spend Thursday at the beach. Maybe we'll go to Galveston. Of course, we'll have Glenn in tow for lots of good visiting and sightseeing. In the evening we'll try to get in a visit with some of the cousins and my Aunt Dixie at Glenn's house. Haven't seen them in a hundred years, either!

Friday we'll head back up to Ft. Worth where we'll catch up with my two boys,  Jordan and Josh, and their respective sweethearts. Josh and Jess are flying in from Kentucky and I think my step-son, Bob, will be there from Colorado. We'll see if his wife, Tiffany, can make it. I think that's all of our family that can make it. Brooke has family coming from Oregon.

Saturday night there will be a family BBQ and time for everyone to visit and get acquainted with Brooke's family. Sunday morning will be the rehearsal, and the wedding will be at 4 in the afternoon.

The happy couple-Brooke and Jordan. I'm SO EXCITED for them! Jordan was raised a country boy, but boy do they love Fort Worth!
We fly back to Minneapolis on Monday morning, then we will spend yet another night there. On Tuesday morning we'll hop across the border into Wisconsin where Sully has an appointment with a pediatric dentist. We suspect he is "tongue-tied" and will need a quick surgery to snip the little membrane under his tongue. This may be why he's been losing weight. He can't nurse properly and get enough milk. Anyway, we'll find out if that's the case. After that, we'll drive home! Whew!

Prayers for safe travel are much appreciated! I'll see you when we get back! :)
Shalom to all!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Eye doctor and other stuff...

I'm off to the eye doctor in less than an hour. I knew I was due for a checkup, but was putting it off until yesterday morning. I noticed a clear bubble of tissue on the white of my eye. It moves around a little, but is attached. It's a little irritating and concerned me, so I called for an appointment. She was going to schedule me for the 28th, but I said, "Well, what do I do about this bubble on my eye? Go to another eye doctor?" I wasn't going to put up with this for two weeks! She confabbed with someone in the background and they "remembered" they had a 9:30 appointment open this morning. Anyway, pray with me that it's not a big deal. Hopefully they can also make me a pair of glasses that I can actually see out of. I haven't had much luck with that lately. :) (Update: The bubble on my eye is a cyst or sort of a blister. Caused by dry, allergy eyes. She just recommended an allergy drop and an artificial tear drop to use and it should go away. If not, I'll go back. Sounds pretty routine.)

Here's my latest 5x7 canvas for the June swap. This gal had "chickens" listed as one of the themes she likes to receive, so chickens it is! :) I enjoyed painting these two girls.

It looks like we're expecting some severe weather today and tonight. I see via Facebook that my daughter is already making plans to hide out in her father-in-law's basement. Poor kiddo. She has a dread of storms in their trailer house. Something else to pray about.

When I was visiting Micah and the kids yesterday she said I HAD to see a book they got at the library. It's called North Woods Girl and it's about a grandma who lives in the woods. It's written from her granddaughter's viewpoint. She said they just laughed as they read it. The grandma in the story looks just like me! Micah said she reminded her so much of me that she's going to buy me a copy! I will  love having it. There's one place where the grandma and granddaughter are sitting on a log by a little pond in the woods and the girl is talking about how her grandpa dragged that log out of the pond before he died, so they like to sit there. Micah said that sounded so  much like something her dad would have done. Anyway, it's a delightful book and it struck a chord with us. Look it up sometime if you're at the library! :)

Thunder's rumbling so I'd better unplug my computer! Talk to you all later! :)

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Feeling like Super Girl!

Okay, so that's an exaggeration. But I did finally (after 5 days of laying around) go to the doctor yesterday and he confirmed that I had an infection in my lungs. So, I'm now on a course of antibiotics and am on the mend. Still not dancing around, but I'm feeling better. Enough about that!

My next art project? I'm going to paint a chicken on this...
What is it and why a chicken? (We'll pretend you asked.) I bought a stack of mulberry papers in different colors. They are full of texture. I glued a green sheet on my canvas and then a lavender one on top of it. I kind of liked the effect. My partner for the 5x7 canvas swap this month mentioned that she likes paintings of chickens, so that's what I'm doing. I'm planning on painting a white chicken and using some green or lavender for the shading. We'll see what happens.

These are ATCs I made for the Ballpoint Pen swap. The art was to be done entirely with a humble ballpoint pen.

 We're having a blustery, warm, humid kind of day. I love windy days!
Enjoy your day wherever you are and thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, June 8, 2017


Yup, still sick! It's day three. I can feel the slightest bit of improvement, but I had forgotten that I had volunteered to watch the grands tomorrow while Micah works at a garage sale for her MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group. I think she'll just take them with her if I don't feel better, but it's a lot of little ones to keep track of.

A random thought ran through my brain, so that's what my post is about, lol. Remember the post a few days back where I showed you the old Catholic cemetery? Well, a few days after that I went for that same walk with my daughter and the grands. We got to that little cemetery and I was talking about it with Micah. She had never really known what it was since it's way off the beaten track. After a few minutes, Hazel came up with two of her classic "whopper questions". First of all, "Grandma, what's a cemetery?" How to explain that without making it sound scary to a four year old. But she seemed satisfied when I told her that after our spirit leaves our body and goes to heaven, our body is put in the cemetery. Someday I'll explain further, but she was on to something else by that time.

Hazel's second question came as we were walking back. "Grandma, do people still have to die on that cross?" I'm weeping as I type this, wondering how often these innocent little folks have such misconceptions but never ask. Bless her heart! I reassured her that, no, nobody will die on that cross. Then I tried to explain that we have crosses to remind us of what Jesus did for us. Again, I hope to have the chance to talk further on that in the future.
I guess this makes me wonder. Yes, we can explain things as questions arise, but how many things are they taught in Sunday School or AWANA that they don't understand and nobody has time to explain because there are so many children standing in line to say their verses. How many misconceptions get planted in their  minds and they don't ask questions? It's a big job being a parent or grandparent, isn't it? We have to be very vigilant and walk alongside them spiritually so they know where they can go for answers. Are we trying to teach them things that are too advanced for them?

My daughter and her hubby have four little ones, nine months up to five years. I know it's difficult even to have time to help the girls memorize their AWANA verse each week without doing any extra, but it needs to be done.  Some of those verses are probably too advanced for their age and explanations are needed. We can't count on AWANA and Sunday School teachers to do this for us. The chaos of the day can wipe out our good intentions, but we'll keep on trying.

Little Miss Hazel sticking out her tongue, lol.
Okay, I'm done! :)
Now I'll go take some aspirin...
Shalom, my friends.

Monday, June 5, 2017

Odds and ends; bits and bobs

I thought I'd compose a quick post while I can. My little grands have been taking turns getting fevers and coughs. Standing in the checkout at Walmart a couple of hours ago I coughed and a little voice inside my head said, "Uh-oh. That didn't feel like a regular cough." You know how you can feel fine and then you feel the crud descending on you? That's what I'm feeling right now, so I'll write this fast, lol!

We had such a wonderful time last Monday getting to meet my sweet future daughter-in-law. It will only be two weeks until daughter Micah, little Sully and I take off for Ft. Worth for the wedding! But last week Jordan and Brooke went to a friend's wedding in Minneapolis, so we arranged to meet up halfway between "the cities" (as we call them here) and our little town. We met in St. Cloud at Red Robins and had lunch and visited for about three hours. The "we" from my end was Micah, Adam, Sully and myself. We left the three girls with "other Grandma Lisa" (Adam's mom) so we would have an easier time visiting and not quite so much chaos. Adam is staying home to watch the kids when Micah and I go to the wedding, so I'm glad he got to see them last Monday. He and Jordan are not only brothers-in-law, but they used to work together. Anyway, Brooke is such a wonderful match for Jordan. They have such similar tastes and they share the same sense of humor. They both love to worship the Lord and have just begun doing this together. Brooke is a middle school teacher and Jordan works at a food distribution business, but their ultimate goal is to have their own independent coffee shop that can be a business and a ministry to people. It will definitely include some music! I love Brooke and I'm so happy Jordan found such a treasure! To paraphrase Pride and Prejudice, I wouldn't have been able to give him up to anyone less.

Here are Jordan and Brooke leading worship together for the first time! :) (Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while know that Jordan's been a worship leader for some years, but this was their first time doing it together.)
Sullivan continues to make us smile!
 And he's starting to crawl around!
Here's one of my dear son, Josh. He and wife Jess were getting in some studying time at Starbucks while the kids were at VBS! :)

I'm simmering a pot of soup, so I think I'll try some. Thanks for stopping by!