Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bono and Eugene Peterson

I never listened to Bono in my youth, but I'm becoming a fan in my old age. I just thought this was an interesting little video.

God bless you all! Tomorrow's a day off, so I'm getting in relaxed mode right now! :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What's up...

It just occurred to me that I haven't made the announcement here that...(drumroll) HOUSE SOLD! Yup, we close on May 27th. I'm in the process of getting someone to pick up the furniture that I don't have room for and don't need. A local thrift/antique store will be doing that tomorrow. Then there's the upright piano...
Grandpa Bob and Audrey
Yes, lots of memories...
A bigger Audrey
.I'm glad I got some photos to keep those memories alive! My hubby, Bob, could only play one silly song, (and his mother was a piano teacher!) so he loved to entertain anyone who would listen to it for the hundredth time. ;) Someday, I'll get a smaller electric keyboard and finally learn how to play! For now, a friend has promised to find a home for it. He and his family have a little place they call Jasper's Theater where they put on a Hee Haw style variety show during the summer months. This might be the most fun that old piano has ever had! It will be nice to finally have everything taken care of so we can go on to new things. It's always good to tie up loose ends. There are more memories to make with the folks we love!

I signed on with the Tyndale Bloggers to read and review books. Then I tried to back out because it crossed my mind that I have a bazillion books to read already! Too late. My first book was already in the mail. So, now I'm committed! I just started Lead Me Home by Amy Sorrells. I will be reviewing it here when I finish. :)
Finally, things are looking up at the deli! We've hired four new people in the last few days. Please pray they all work hard and stay around for a while! Thanks!

On the ATC front, here are my latest. I don't think I've shown these cards for the Castle swap...right?

 And then there was the May Bizarre Holidays swap...

Well, I guess I'd better get some reading done if I'm ever going to review that book! Thanks for stopping by and putting up with my ATC's, lol. I hope you are all well, and I'll be checking up on you soon!


Monday, April 18, 2016

Talking to Miss Audrey...

So, I babysat Miss Audrey, Miss Hazel and Miss Adele while their mom (my little girl) visited the dentist. We had fun painting and watching a movie. I brought along a copy of The Berenstain Bears' Bible Storybook (not sure if that's the exact title) and Audrey and Hazel snuggled up to listen to the story of creation. I got as far as the first day, when God created light, and Audrey sat up and declared, "But God doesn't have power! Just Jesus!" Yes, folks, Lisa's in theological hot water again. And so, I proceeded to explain the Godhead to a four year old. (I'm under no illusions that I fully understand this myself. None of us will this side of heaven.) Apparently, they don't even attempt this at Cubbies. (That's AWANA for those under age five.) But, ya know, I wouldn't put it past Audrey to actually pick up some of what I'm trying to explain, so I don't think it's time wasted. And then we went merrily on to eating from The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, with liberal doses of explaining. They found it all very interesting. Then we went back to painting and had some snacks. :) In the photo below Audrey is celebrating the day she got to face forward in her car seat. Her mom is a car seat safety tech and she keeps them backward facing as long as possible. Audrey felt pretty big!

I've been going through my YouTube favorites list, listening to old songs. I thought you all might like this one.

I'm sorely in need of a nap but, knowing me, I'll read or do something on the computer instead. Oh well. Enjoying my day off, and it was good to spend time with Micah and the girls! 

Hope you're all having a great day!
Shalom, everyone who passes this way.


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gervase Phinn anyone?

My copy of The Other Side of the Dale arrived a few days ago. Mr. Phinn is described as "the James Herriot of schools". So far, I've finished two chapters, and I would agree with this description. I had tears in my eyes at the end of both chapters, which is a trifle embarrassing when you're reading in the break room at work! Mr. Phinn has written a whole series of books (I'm so glad!) about his years as County Inspector of Schools in North Yorkshire. You can tell that he loves his work and the people of his county. I look forward to many more wonderful books!
Just had to share!
Shalom to all!

Sunday, April 10, 2016


Yup, I'm still alive and kicking! Still pooped out from work, so I tend to take the path of least resistance as far as use of my brain: watching videos and other things that don't require much mental energy.

I rode along to church with daughter Micah and the grandgirls. I haven't been for a while, so it was a good thing. We got in lots of visiting while the girls played in the Burger King playland.

Micah is signing Audrey up for kindergarten and Audrey is pretty excited. It was a hard decision. She had planned to homeschool, but is finding that to be a greater challenge than she realized with three little girls and a little boy on the way. Nevis is a very small town (300 souls) and the school is close-knit with teachers knowing most of the students' parents pretty well. Audrey will also have a  cousin in the same grade. She's still checking into Hazel going into preschool, but she may be better off having another year at home. Grandma (me) lives only 1/2 a block from the school, which may come in handy.

Other than working, resting, and watching YouTube videos of Escape to the Country (my fave!) I've been doing a few ATC swaps.  These are for the Upside-Down swap. We had to draw from an upside down photo of something. This is what they looked like when I turned them right side up.

(most disappointing)

Then there was the Octopus swap. I never realized how many types there are!

So, yeah. That's why I haven't been posting a lot. Not a lot going on. Well, things are busy on the balcony!

It was in the 40's today, so those icicles melted. Spring is still playing hide and seek.

Thanks for checking in!