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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Eye doctor and other stuff...

I'm off to the eye doctor in less than an hour. I knew I was due for a checkup, but was putting it off until yesterday morning. I noticed a clear bubble of tissue on the white of my eye. It moves around a little, but is attached. It's a little irritating and concerned me, so I called for an appointment. She was going to schedule me for the 28th, but I said, "Well, what do I do about this bubble on my eye? Go to another eye doctor?" I wasn't going to put up with this for two weeks! She confabbed with someone in the background and they "remembered" they had a 9:30 appointment open this morning. Anyway, pray with me that it's not a big deal. Hopefully they can also make me a pair of glasses that I can actually see out of. I haven't had much luck with that lately. :) (Update: The bubble on my eye is a cyst or sort of a blister. Caused by dry, allergy eyes. She just recommended an allergy drop and an artificial tear drop to use and it should go away. If not, I'll go back. Sounds pretty routine.)

Here's my latest 5x7 canvas for the June swap. This gal had "chickens" listed as one of the themes she likes to receive, so chickens it is! :) I enjoyed painting these two girls.

It looks like we're expecting some severe weather today and tonight. I see via Facebook that my daughter is already making plans to hide out in her father-in-law's basement. Poor kiddo. She has a dread of storms in their trailer house. Something else to pray about.

When I was visiting Micah and the kids yesterday she said I HAD to see a book they got at the library. It's called North Woods Girl and it's about a grandma who lives in the woods. It's written from her granddaughter's viewpoint. She said they just laughed as they read it. The grandma in the story looks just like me! Micah said she reminded her so much of me that she's going to buy me a copy! I will  love having it. There's one place where the grandma and granddaughter are sitting on a log by a little pond in the woods and the girl is talking about how her grandpa dragged that log out of the pond before he died, so they like to sit there. Micah said that sounded so  much like something her dad would have done. Anyway, it's a delightful book and it struck a chord with us. Look it up sometime if you're at the library! :)

Thunder's rumbling so I'd better unplug my computer! Talk to you all later! :)


  1. Stay safe in the storm, Lisa!
    I'm glad your eye is okay!
    Your chickens are absolutely delightful!

  2. Hope that the storm will not be too dangerous!

    Your eyes shall be good sheltered by the eye-drops. Sounds good!

    The painted chicken are very beautiful!

    Great: North-Wood-Girls are lisalike!! I love this! Congratulations for discovering it to Micah!

  3. Dry eyes seem to be a common problem for those of us getting let's say "older". I have yet to find eye drops that really help but don't want to take prescription meds unless I have to. Too many side effects.
    North Woods Girl sounds delightful. Some kids books are so worth reading and owning.
    Hope your storm wasn't too scary. Sometimes I miss a good old thunderstorm ( we rarely get any here but I grew up with the LOUD and SCARY kind).

  4. What a fun book!! I've never been to Minnesota, but it looks like a lovely read. How sweet of them to think of you :) I'm glad your eye troubles don't sound severe, and I hope you are all better very soon. No more sickness!!

  5. Love the chickens painting, Lisa. Great job! I have cysts on both eyes and they are of no consequence that I know. The doctor has not mentioned them. I do have mac. degeneration and get shots in my right eye. I hope you have a fabulous trip. Sounds like a lot of miles. My daughter lives in Houston. (HOT & HUMID) Prayers for safe journeying.


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