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Monday, June 5, 2017

Odds and ends; bits and bobs

I thought I'd compose a quick post while I can. My little grands have been taking turns getting fevers and coughs. Standing in the checkout at Walmart a couple of hours ago I coughed and a little voice inside my head said, "Uh-oh. That didn't feel like a regular cough." You know how you can feel fine and then you feel the crud descending on you? That's what I'm feeling right now, so I'll write this fast, lol!

We had such a wonderful time last Monday getting to meet my sweet future daughter-in-law. It will only be two weeks until daughter Micah, little Sully and I take off for Ft. Worth for the wedding! But last week Jordan and Brooke went to a friend's wedding in Minneapolis, so we arranged to meet up halfway between "the cities" (as we call them here) and our little town. We met in St. Cloud at Red Robins and had lunch and visited for about three hours. The "we" from my end was Micah, Adam, Sully and myself. We left the three girls with "other Grandma Lisa" (Adam's mom) so we would have an easier time visiting and not quite so much chaos. Adam is staying home to watch the kids when Micah and I go to the wedding, so I'm glad he got to see them last Monday. He and Jordan are not only brothers-in-law, but they used to work together. Anyway, Brooke is such a wonderful match for Jordan. They have such similar tastes and they share the same sense of humor. They both love to worship the Lord and have just begun doing this together. Brooke is a middle school teacher and Jordan works at a food distribution business, but their ultimate goal is to have their own independent coffee shop that can be a business and a ministry to people. It will definitely include some music! I love Brooke and I'm so happy Jordan found such a treasure! To paraphrase Pride and Prejudice, I wouldn't have been able to give him up to anyone less.

Here are Jordan and Brooke leading worship together for the first time! :) (Those of you who've been reading my blog for a while know that Jordan's been a worship leader for some years, but this was their first time doing it together.)
Sullivan continues to make us smile!
 And he's starting to crawl around!
Here's one of my dear son, Josh. He and wife Jess were getting in some studying time at Starbucks while the kids were at VBS! :)

I'm simmering a pot of soup, so I think I'll try some. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The wedding is in TWO WEEKS? Wow. That came quickly. Nice that you could meet Brooke informally before the big day!
    I hope your cough doesn't turn out to be anything more than just that!! That soup should help.

  2. Hope the cough is away!

    It's so wonderful, when brothers live in peace together (Psalm 133,1), together with grandma 1 and grandma 2, with sisters and mothers and mothers in future :) and children and connected in music and faith! Amazing family, Lisa big heart!

    Who are the two beautiful musicians with this fine energy?

  3. Sounds like lots of family fun is coming your way!! I'm so happy for this joyful new addition to your family. It's wonderful to see a beloved son marry the love of his life.


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