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Sunday, September 14, 2014

A nice relaxing weekend...

The days pass so quickly, don't they? Another weekend has rolled by and I'm thinking I should go to bed soon. But I don't quite want to let go of the weekend yet.

I've spent a lot of time reading and watching a bit of TV this weekend. I had breakfast with a gal I used to work with yesterday. We ate at the local small-town café in our little hamlet of 350 people. It was crowded! Everyone trying to get in one last weekend at the lakes, I guess. I expected to just see a few folks there. It was a nice start to the weekend.

I was trying to clear some more of the clutter on my bookshelves and started to send some things to the library book sale. Then I changed my mind. I want to spend some time reading these!

 I did manage to collect a pile for the sale as well.

I also came across some folders full of notes and articles I've saved for many years. I'm looking forward to going through those as well. There was also a folder of letters from my mom. Treasures!

I spent some time watching God's little turkey herd. The cat was after them again. They fluttered about, but didn't take him very seriously. :)
I went through my closet and threw out a pile of clothes that weren't good enough to give away. I also filled a bag for the thrift store. I know I'll be moving in the next year or two, so I'm thinking it will be best if I tackle this decluttering a little at a time.

I just ordered these two books, which I'm very much looking forward to enjoying! The grandgirls will love them, too!

"The Inklings" should be arriving very soon! (I feel like a squirrel collecting nuts for the winter!)

I've finished "The Pace of a Hen" and I hate to see it sitting idly on my shelf. If anyone would like to have it I will give it to the first person to ask. (I know I'm supposed to have a drawing for a giveaway, but I don't think there will be that many people dropping by!)

I've spent a lot of time this weekend thinking about what God would have me spend the rest of my life doing. There are so many possibilities, but nothing clear cut. Isn't that the way of life? I'm anxious to leave this season of working at my present job but it's such a leap of faith. My plans are very much influenced by what my daughter and her family do, so I have to be patient. It's so hard to wait! :) I'm trying to spend the time growing closer to God so when the time comes I'm prepared to step out. I have to learn to narrow my focus, I think, instead of wanting to do so many things!

Well, everyone have a good week! Shalom.


  1. I enjoy reading about your decluttering, a sort of activity that in your case does not prevent you from acquiring more books a the same time :-) Books never seem like clutter to me, either. For one thing, they are all one type of item, and you can have a lot of them when you move, all simply packed into nice compact boxes labeled "BOOKS." How satisfying. And if you are a little nervous about the uncertainty of the future, at least you can know that you will take these good friends with you.

  2. Oh Lisa I was planning on typing about how much I loved the sound of your wekend and how it sounded like just exactly all the sorts of things I'd love in a weekend, and all the sorts of places, and books, and thoughts. But then I got to your last paragraph and it is resounding loudly all the way across the Atlantic. Now I yearn for a cup of coffee in the hamlet cafe with you and a long talk!

    1. That would be so much fun, mags!! :) Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. Hi Lisa!
    Written treasures. That's why we keep writing. It's holy.
    Some books are easy to part with, I agree. Some are keepers. That's happy.
    I like the way you are savoring your weekends, making them last (when you have time off).
    The future. Hmmmm. God has something very good for you.

    1. Thank you for those encouraging words, Pom!

  4. Although we've been widows about the same length of time, you are much younger than I am. I too have been going through things and giving much to thrift places. However, my dh's flyfishing library I have donated to museums in MN, WI, NY, and VT. I think he would be pleased. I mailed off over 200 books last week (media mail). I want to stay here in my home. I don't think I could be happy in an apartment or retirement home. Is there a reason you will have to move?

  5. I just picked up "Wilfred to the Rescue" that I thought was by Jill Barklem but isn't. Instead it's called "A brand-new story from Brambly Hedge based on the enchanting world created by Jill Barklem." I'm not too pleased The illustrations are NOT as nice at all. Oh well, next time I'll be more careful what I'm ordering
    . It's so great that you are close to your daughter and have such lovely grandkids to love.
    I hope that as time passes you'll have a clear vision of what direction you should go.


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