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Friday, September 26, 2014

Art buddy package!! :)

Many, many thanks, Pom Pom, for such a delightful package brimming with goodies! I wanted you to see how the package looked when I took it from my mailbox. I'm thinking something heavy was dropped on it causing it to explode!

I thought it serendipitous that these two items should arrive together in my mailbox.
 You know me pretty well! Each of these pictures is such a treat for the eye. A couple are begging to be framed for my grandgirls' bedroom wall. (Though I may have to make copies for myself first!) Your drawings have a Richard Scarry flavor to them that I really love, Pom!
 Teapots, paper dolls, a sturdy pottery bowl and spoon, a little Van Gogh (one of my favorite artists!), and a log cabin in the woods which I'll surely frame for myself.
 I am so excited to get into these two books to learn more about how art can be used for the glory of God! I love the little journal, too. I was browsing through some at Walmart the other day and wondering if I should get one. Yay!
 Two wonderful children's books to read to Audrey and Hazel (and myself) and another beautiful little (impressionistic?) painting. The popcorn may be consumed tonight. Maybe I can find a good movie to watch with it!
 I was so glad to see that this beautiful little accordion book was still safely nestled in the bottom of the envelope! With that huge hole it could have easily been lost. The Lord was watching over this package!

 This little clothespin was the only casualty, as far as I can tell. I'm not sure if I can resuscitate it or not. I'll try operating on it later. :) 
 I know what I'll be doing this weekend. Enjoying this wonderful bounty! Thanks so much, my friend!

Well, in other news, I've been doing a little art course called Sustainably Creative and this was the latest assignment. Draw 4 or 5 similar items. I was to try not to look at the paper for the first item and then increasingly I could look at my paper for the last three. (I referred to this art group as Drawing Our Lives in my last post, but that's actually the name of this particular course.)

 The assignment before this was to draw my breakfast. I didn't look at my paper for this one. Can you tell? ;)
I've had a headache all day and am feeling a little crummy, so I am relieved to have the weekend off! I look forward to an enjoyable few days taking it easy and being artsy! I'll be posting a few ATC's later, I think. The House Shaped Halloween swap. Tune in!

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend. Shalom, all! :)


  1. Yay! I'm sorry the package popped, but it did arrive very quickly! I'm glad you like everything and I hope you have fun reading those two artsy books.
    Seems like some crud is going around. You better rest, friend! Love Love Love

    1. Thoroughly enjoying everything you sent! :)

  2. What a wonderful gift! Everything looks wonderful from the books to the drawings!

  3. I've had on and off internet problems so only got to read Friday's post today. Love all the pretty pictures. I enlarged each one to get a good look and enjoy. Isn't it fun to get a package ( instead of bills) in the mail!!
    I hope your headache is gone and you're having a pleasant Sunday.

  4. There is a lot of love and friendship in the envelope for a lovely and valuable and always thankful friend.

    Nice friendly header! I am looking for new drawings from you in this Blog....

  5. I hate to admit it, but I rather like the effect when you don't look at the paper. It's fun! But you are talented too. And you're right!!! Pom's style does resemble Richard Scarry a LOT -- I'd never thought of it, but it does. I love his artwork so much. Reminds me of my own childhood, all his little rabbits. That's quite a lovely care package, and it does make you feel loved :) I love the idea of a little accordion book -- I may need to try that one.


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