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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

ATC's and other things...

Well, here are my ATC's for the House Shaped Halloween swap! It was fun coming up with ideas and I enjoyed using my colored pencils. I'm slowing down on the ATC swaps because they seem to make me feel a little stressed. I think I try too hard! I find myself spending too much time on each card and feeling like there are other things I would like to spend my time on. SO, I'm not going to say I'm quitting them, but I definitely want to slow down. (There's an owl swap I just may have to do, but the cards aren't due until the end of November. That may work, lol.)
I came home today to this little sight! I remember sprinkling some poppy seeds in my garden last spring, but I had given up on them doing anything. Now, at the last minute, this little red poppy...popped up! The majority of the leaves you see are foxglove, which didn't do anything. The rest of my garden is done for the year and we'll probably have a hard freeze tonight or tomorrow night, so I took a quick picture!

 For the little art course I'm taking I drew a little accordion journal full of Pom-Pom's drawings. Drawings of someone else's drawings!
 Then I drew my shoe. This turned out better than I expected. The perspective was really tricky! One of my favorite parts was the stitching.
Micah and Audrey dropped by for a few minutes on their way to AWANA. Micah needed to borrow my iron to iron a little patch on Audrey's Cubbies vest. Audrey found a Little Critter book that she wanted to look at, so I sent it along with her to look at on her way. She loves AWANA!

I'm pretty worn out after a day at work. Looking forward to a day off tomorrow. :)

Shalom to all!


  1. Oh I hope you have a very restful day off. And I hope you don't get a killing frost just yet so you can enjoy that solitary red Poppy. I like red poppies. This year I mostly had the golden Welsh Poppies that can be quite invasive. Next Spring I will try to get rid of (most) of them. The original seed for those came from a public garden where I snitched some ripe seeds to sow here at home. Guess it serves me right to be over run with them now.

    1. Ha, ha! Getting your just desserts for seed snitching, eh? :)

  2. what a productive week!! those halloween houses are too cute! we have some last minute blooms in our garden, too. It should be getting cold any day now, well, at night time for sure. Then they'll be gone :(

    enjoy your day off!

  3. I like your art exercises, Lisa! Your houses are extra great! You should do a 8 by 10 house drawing and frame it. People love houses and you're so good at that!
    Pretty poppy!
    It's getting colder here and soon all the greens will be brown and the earth will rest again.
    Have a lovely day off! Tea! Books! Cozy! xo

    1. Tea! Books! Cozy! Sounds good to me! :)


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