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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hippy grandgirls and gramma...

Thursday after work I had a delightful time being with my grandgirls while Mommy went to a college class 90 miles away in Moorhead, MN. This will be a twice weekly occurrence until mid-December. (Warning: lots of photos of grandkids, but you can scroll through it like a flip book if you like!)

"Gramma, can we paiiiiint?" comes the plaintive, oft repeated request. Painting is the special privilege when gramma comes to visit and they never tire of it. :)

They requested removal of sweaters because they were too hot. Hence the "hippy" remark in the title of this post. Don't get me wrong, my daughter loves the whole idea of hippyness, as does her mom. :)

This is what Gramma did to the popcorn, so...

we had peanut butter crackers instead.

Dd has a wall full of family photos taken recently.

 Adam, Micah and baby #3.

 Wow, Hazel stood still for a minute!
As most of you know, my husband went to Heaven about a year ago. Someone said of this photo that it looks like Audrey is holding her Grampa's hand. I like that.

I let each of the girls draw in my Drawing Your Life book. They were going through the contents of my purse. Always a favorite activity!

Time out to eat apples and watch some TV!
And now, some old school selfies!! I'm looking for a new profile picture. As soon as I decide which one is the funniest! :)

It's a weekend off. Such a blessing! It's after 1:00 p.m. and I haven't even turned the television on once! I've been doing a lot of reading and meditating on scripture and also reading some books. I'm thinking about doing some drawing and painting and, sometime this weekend, looking over my accounts and figuring out more of a budget.

The situation with my step-daughter mentioned in the last post is resolving itself quickly. Well, I should say God is working! She is now praying for her ex-boyfriend that he will come to know God and find direction for his life, whether they get back together or not. We'll take it one day at a time.

I've begun reading "My Cape Cod" by Gladys Taber as my breakroom book. It works well for that. It should only take me a year to finish it, ha, ha!

Hope you're all having a dandy weekend. Much shalom to you and yours!


  1. What nice "selfies" you took. I especially like the first one where you look so serene.
    I love to read Gladys Taber. Talk about serenity, her way of writing ( and seeing the world) is peaceful and full of the joy of the everyday.

    1. I like Gladys a lot. I have several of her books which I'll get to eventually. I kind of like that first one, too. Wish I could get something similar without the camera in it. I don't photograph well! :)

  2. I like the second picture the very very best, but I think the third is the bloggiest! I had about a year out of blogging and everything there after my mother had a very severe stroke, so I'm sad to learn your news. Your Spirit is indomitable x

    1. Sorry to hear about your mom, too! As you know, God is good, and my husband is in His presence! What joy he's experiencing, and freedom from the pain and suffering of this world. Thanks for your kind words. XO

  3. Very creative band!!!!

    The photo, where Audrey is holding her Grampa's hand is really amazing! I like that, too...

    Lisa, when I make photos of myself, I never look really like Dori. I think you should find someone with a good and happy feeling for you making some shoots of you for your website. I love these intimate shoots very much - and I see me in these shoots :)

  4. I read 3 Gladys Taber books that way too -- in little snippets :) She's lovely that way, a very forgiving writer if you set her down and can't take her up again for a bit. Of your three selfies, I like the middle one best - pretty cute :) Your family is so fortunate to have you, Lisa. You're a real blessing.

  5. I've often thought (over the past year) of your loss of your husband. You certainly lean on the Lord, and that's an encouragement to me. And your family is so sweet....pretty daughter. :) Joys.

  6. i love all the selfies you took. My favorite is the one you chose. I can relate to it :)

  7. The one you chose is the one I liked best, too. You look very cute :-)
    Your grandchildren are so lucky! Stay warm now!


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