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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An emotional rollercoaster of a week!

But first, some beautiful clouds. I love the positive/negative thing that God has going on in the sky!

You know how God tells us to be anxious about NOTHING? Well, I wasn't listening so well this week. (Surprise!) Son Jordan hadn't checked in for a while, which is understandable. He has a FULL schedule as the music leader in his church. But it had been longer than usual and he hadn't posted on Facebook for a couple of days. Satan decided to plant the seed of worry. I asked myself, "If Jordan had an emergency and couldn't call me, would any of his friends in Texas know how to get in touch with me? How would I know if he needed something?" (He's single and lives alone, so there isn't a d-I-l or roommate to keep me posted.) So, I spent the whole day at work Saturday worrying about him and then called my daughter and cried in her ear about my worries. An hour after hanging up with her my phone rang. It was Jordan, of course. I asked, "Did someone tell you to call me?" "No. I just decided to call", he said innocently. Seems he does the same thing I do. When he thought to call me he would think, "Maybe it's not a good time", and that sort of thing. Moral of story, just try to call anyway. I'll do the same and save myself some grief. All is well with him and we had a good 40 minute chat. He's going to Uganda in January on a missions trip. Prayers appreciated! BTW, his church (Open Door Church, Burleson, TX) has an orphanage in India. There was a hurricane in the area which didn't damage the orphanage, but they need to get electricity going, and they need food and water. If you're so led, here's a link to a video.
On the lighter side (before the next dip in the rollercoaster), I've been rethinking my dish situation. While waiting for my oil to be changed at Walmart, I was browsing the shelves in the dishware section. (They always get me to buy stuff when I'm waiting on my oil change!) I'm planning to buy a few dishes at a time. All mismatched with the general theme of "handmade-rustic-earthy". This is the beginning of my collection.
I'm growing tired of my faux-country mismatched dishes and am looking for something more "authentic". It's just an artistic affliction of mine, I think. ;) I'm going to pare things down to just maybe four of each item (4 bowls, 4 plates, some dessert size plates, etc.) instead of heaps of stuff I won't use. Taking my time. Not breaking the bank. After all, gotta have money to send to orphans. Let's keep things in perspective. :)
Another dip in the rollercoaster (besides my worrying over son mentioned above). Texts from my younger step-daughter. She's having a crisis of faith. She's had a really hard time with her dad's death and now it seems she and her boyfriend (live-in, so more like a marriage) have broken up. She is a very emotional person and is "hating" (her word) god (her lower case "g") and her boyfriend with a vengeance. Her older brother is in close contact, though distant geographically, and is doing his best to help. I'm feeling insufficient for the task, but I know God IS sufficient.
Having a contemplative day off. Enjoying more of the "imagine" book, reading scripture and just sitting and staring out the window at a nice, sunny, fall day. In a few hours I will be babysitting Audrey and Hazel. I must pack my granny bag so I have something to delight them with. :) They are a delight. My dd will be driving to Moorhead, MN (90 miles) twice a week between now and December 14 for a photography class she's taking for college. I've arranged my schedule so I can watch the girls. I really have to work on the not worrying thing (all that driving!). I know the scriptures; it's just remembering and trusting! God loves my kids more than I even know how to love them!
Sorry I rambled on so much. Lots of text and few photos makes for a long post sometimes. If you read this far, God bless you real good! :) I hope you are all well!
Shalom on your day! XXOO


  1. I hope babysitting those precious little ones goes well. As for worrying, well, I must admit to doing a little too much myself!

  2. "God tells us to be anxious about NOTHING". - So often I forget this. Wise amazing Lisa! Often we see later, that God was a perfect guide in special situations....

  3. Ah, I understand. I'm a chronic worrier too. My oldest son, who lives in Chanttanooga, calls very rarely. We can go for a few months without hearing from him, and it's rather hard to get him by phone. But he called last night! I was so happy to hear his voice. He's very busy, stays up late, and forgets to call us during the waking hours :) How often we moms worry for no reason! You are so good to watch those grand girls so often, and I know they love it. It's important for you to be IN their lives. And I like those bowls, esp. the one on top -- pretty leaves! It's a good idea to reduce and have only what we need.


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