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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Bird watching this morning...

I've been watching all the activity outside my window this morning. There are dozens of fat little starlings pecking about in the dirt. (All photos borrowed. Sorry, but my camera just can't capture anything small!)

 Wouldn't it be great to see them do this? I think they're gathering for the big move. Some people find starlings a nuisance, but I think their singing talents outweigh the bother.
 There are quite a few flickers that hang out in my yard as well. I think it must be a whole family. I believe they will stay around for the winter.
I saw what I thought was a lone robin, but then several more showed up. Come on you guys, you'd better hurry before the cold sets in!

A cold has already set in with me. Achy, scratchy throat. I think I'll try some tea with cayenne. Glad for a day at home!

Check in with you later. Shalom!


  1. The robins and humming birds finally...finally!...left a couple of weeks ago. I feed until mid September because they still hang around and need food for the flight home. I've not seen that many starlings here but have seen a few hundred. They are amazing as they swoop and fly around, never falling out of the sky. Be wholly well, quickly; I've been sick as well and am sick of being sick! -grin-

    1. Thanks, Sandra! I'll work on relaxing and drinking tea! :)

  2. Hallo, bird-watcher! A sensitive description of the big flight of the birds, who have to leave northern regions now.

    I hoe, your cold will be better soon. Good idea: hot tea with cayenne. Also ginger is a good medicine in the tea for making you strong against cold.

    Heart-greetings from Dori

  3. Lisa, have you seen that Youtube video called Murmuration? Here's the address:

    I hope you feel better soon! Did you rest today?

  4. I've never liked Starlings much but after watching the youtube video I have a new respect for those pesky birds! ( Do they really sing? I've never noticed.)

  5. I have a bone to pick with birds. They leave their bird mites in the shrubbery around my deck. I am extremely susceptible to mite bites. The itch lasts for about 2 weeks. The mites are smaller than seed ticks so it is just about impossible to see them without a magnifying glass. If they get in clothes they often don't wash off during the wash cycle. So I am not for birds except in photos!


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