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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A nice evening...

I've just been sitting out on my back porch, drinking coffee (bad idea!) and watching the day turn to twilight.

I've just come home after working and then babysitting Hazel for a while until her mom and sister got home from gymnastics. It's fun to just be with Hazel now and then. We ate our Subway sandwiches, then she watched some Bubble Guppies while I washed some dishes. (I like to do that to help Hazel's mommy who has a lot to handle these days with two little ones and one on the way.) I had a nice visit with Micah and Audrey upon their return, and then headed home to feed the kittens and relax for a bit.
As I was sitting on the porch I noticed several dogs barking in the distance and wondered what they were so upset about. Then I noticed the almost imperceptible sound of a football game. The school is only about five blocks away, and I heard the occasional cheering and I think I even heard the quarterback shouting numbers! (I may have imagined that.) On my other side I heard voices of a group of people on the trail. It seems everyone was outside enjoying some unseasonably nice weather. I realized how much I like this little town of about 300 souls. I haven't gotten to know people really well in the 25 years we've lived here. I mostly heard about people's lives through my extroverted husband, who knew everyone, or my daughter who was involved in school activities. But it's a nice town full of nice people, living their little lives and, for the most part, being kind to one another. I've been blessed to raise my kids here, surrounded by natural beauty and people who
appreciate this way of life.

These were waiting in my mailbox! I have no idea if they're good. But it will be fun to find out!

Micah, Adam and the girls came over for supper on Saturday and later we played cards and visited. The girls were all ready for bed, and it's a good thing because we stayed up pretty late!
This is my latest drawing for Drawing Our Lives. Can you tell what it is? LOL! It's one of Audrey and Hazel's toys and I was beginning to rue the moment I decided to try to draw it! It's very complex!! But I persevered. ;)
Yup, they're still here! I saw them flying into some trees across the street. They're very impressive when they take flight!
Looking forward to seeing this character! Have a good trip, Badger! :)
Off to check email and enjoy the rest of the evening. God bless and shalom to all you nice folks!


  1. I think you'll be the first to get Badger in the mail! Must organize!

  2. I hope the coffee didn't keep you from sleeping. I love watching the day fade into evening. Here in town it stays too bright for many stars, some, but not many. That's too bad because watching stars come out is awesome.

    1. I'm ready for another cup! It's a little safer on my day off, lol!

  3. sounds like a nice little town where you live.

    love your little toy drawing. lots of detail work there. it turned out nice!

  4. Oh, I can't wait for Badger's big trip! So fun! I started my fall reading of WITW just this week. Last night I allowed myself the delight of beginning the portion in the Wild Wood, and Mole had just wandered off to find Badger. Tonight I will enjoy the grand adventure in the snow!!
    So you've lived there 25 years? Perhaps now is a good time for you to wander out into your own "wild wood" and meet a few new friends :) It sounds like a lovely, small community.


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