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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A nice day for it...

It's a nice warmish, breezy, fall day.
I was sitting here reading blogs when I heard three gunshots in close succession very nearby. What's going on?!? Then, wafting in on the breeze, I heard the Marine Corps Hymn being played on a trumpet. It was followed by a very slow, beautiful rendition of Taps. A funeral, of course. It is a nice day for it. I have cemeteries bordering my property on the north and south, so I've experienced overhearing these ceremonies many times over the years. My husband's funeral was on a cold, blustery day toward the end of November last year. We all huddled in our coats to say our last farewells. (Of course, I knew my Bob was LONG gone! No more suffering through these northern winters for him. Thank you, Lord!) I'm glad to know that today's funeral attenders had a milder day in which to lay their beloved veteran to rest. May God give them comfort in the days ahead.

A lone visitor. Very unusual. The deer that come through my place usually travel in groups of 3-5. I wonder where everyone else is?

Mission #16 for Drawing Our Lives-Draw some items from your portable studio. Michael encourages us to create a small bag of drawing tools to take with us so we can draw on the go. I really don't do that because I don't do much waiting around anywhere in town these days. I'm always in a hurry to get home after work and it would be awkward to draw in public in the little café in my town. Everyone knows you around here! No anonymity (sp?) at all. :)
I've been doing a lot of Bible reading this morning. I began in Galatians 3 but got sidetracked by a reference and spent some time reading the romantic story of Abraham's servant finding a bride for Isaac. Love that story! Then read a bit out of my current Beth Moore book.  After a stop for lunch I'm continuing my reading of "Imagine. a vision for christians in the arts" by Steve Turner. (Thanks, Pom!) Oh, and I drew the picture above. I look forward to more of the same!
This is a picture of Audrey (in the green leotard) and her little cousin Cali, in the orange shirt behind her. Audrey wasn't feeling like joining her gymnastics class on Tuesday and spent some time clinging to Mommy and crying. Eventually, cousin Cali came over, took her by the hand and began leading her over to the circle of gymnasts. Then she got behind her and gently pushed her the rest of the way. Cute! I'm glad Cali lives next door to Audrey. They enjoy being cousins. :)
I hope you're all having gorgeous fall weather. Let's savor it while we can! :)
Shalom to all!


  1. One little cousin giving the other a gentle push; don't we all need that little push of encouragement from time to time. Sweet post!

  2. Lisa, I enjoyed your post today. Your deer seem to be in winter colors already; ours are just turning darker. Today is a bright, sunny day and such a relief from all the rain lately.

  3. Your drawings are spectacular, so I hope you are keeping at it!
    Aw, cousins are so nice to have!
    I hope it doesn't get too cold, too fast in your neck of the woods!

  4. Hallo, Lisa, I just want to say, that I love yellow grass near autumn-forests VERY much (photo 1)! Greetings! Blessings to you and for your gifted life.

  5. A cousin can be the best kind of friend! All the good traits of a sibling, all the permanence of family ties, but with a little more distance b/c you don't live together all your lives. I love my cousins even though I don't see them often. Glad those girls have each other!


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