Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A lazy day off...and some kittens.

I tried not to do too much today, hee, hee! I did a lot of reading, some TV watching, and went to daughter Micah's house for a few hours to watch Hazel while Micah took Audrey to gymnastics. We, of course, had a nice long chat afterwards.

Here is Mission #11 for my Drawing Our Lives course. I was supposed to draw my teapot, but I was too lazy to try the whole teapot thing, so I drew my mug of microwaved tea! :)

I'm enjoying this relaxed style of drawing. I usually stress too much over trying to make the lines perfect, and after all that stress it turns out "different" anyway. I guess if I want something photo realistic I can use my camera, right? This was fun.

My Mama Barncat seems to have disappeared, leaving 4 kittens that are about 6 weeks old. I took them some milk this morning and they dived in (after I backed off a good distance). I also made them a little insulated cave in my garden shed. I think they'll be okay for now. They're wild little things, and are all six (or more) toed. So now I have responsibilities! If I can get them a little tamed maybe I can find homes for them.

Early rising tomorrow, so goodnight for now and shalom!


  1. I like the loose look of the drawing, Lisa. I can't unwind enough to get that free. I feel fake doing it. You have succeeded! As for the mama cat, could a fox or hawk gotten her? I hope the babies are old enough to drink from a bowl. Or maybe she just got tired of motherhood. I have actually seen that happen in an animal.

  2. i love your little tea mug!! you're right...if you want it to look exact, take a picture of it!!

    i "adopted" a barn cat once. He would come to us but was always a wild child!!

  3. Hi friend! You must take a photo of the kittens if you can! I like your drawing of your tea mug/coffee mug! Well done! Yay for Micah! She is a real encouragement to her mama! I like those kind of people! Smile.

  4. I've heard that cats ( or kittens, in this case) with more toes than normal are called mitten toed. Don't know if this is indeed true but I think it sounds rather cute.

  5. I wish I could come and see the kittens myself! Yes, please do take a picture :-)
    You are inspiring in your continuing to take on artistic challenges.

  6. Oh, I agree about the artwork -- we must enjoy it and not stress over it! Sometimes, it turns out so well, satisfying. And sometimes it doesn't. I suspect it has to do with my unsettled spirit. I like your mug -- I like your artistic style. It seems so clean, so bright. It communicates so well. And I do hope your mama cat returns! Sad she has left :(

  7. Oh, the barn kittens! The Mama is lost! Oh, Lisa, you are used to be a shelter-angel for so many creatures in this world. Blessings and good success for everything you begin and fullfill. Also for your art-work, it's always a searching and finding and again searching, and this makes art so adventurous and high.


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