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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A nice day off...

It seems like my work days fly by and, before I know it, it's my day off again! Wish I could make the days off slow way down, but I think time is marching on and we can't stop it. It makes me so glad for the hope that is within me, that there is something magnificent awaiting all who love the Lord!
I came home to a little package in my mailbox containing these two little volumes. I read them both last night.

I feel this time of year approaching (though today feels rather summer-like!).

And I look forward to this sort of scene (though I don't have a working fireplace!). But you know what I mean. Cozy indoorness. Comfort foods. Reading.
I would LOVE to live here!

I also received an envelope with these ATC's in it. These are from the Postage Stamp swap.

I've joined a group called Drawing Our Lives. It's run by a man named Michael Nobbs, and consists of a large collection of podcasts that encourage us to spend some time each day drawing or exercising our creative side. I thought the membership fee might encourage me to be more disciplined in doing some drawing each day. These are the first two drawings I've made. He encourages us to draw without looking at our page, but I can't imagine doing that for 20 minutes! Anyway, looking is allowed. ;)

These are the books I'm reading today. (That's my Bible on the bottom of the pile.) I sat in a lawn chair on my deck and enjoyed the breezy day.
 I'm wondering. Do you suppose all of these turkeys will stay around and raise families of their own? I could be overrun in no time!
 I sprinkle sunflower seeds on my ramp. These little birds visited. They have a rosy color to their heads and chests. Purple finches? Anybody have an idea?
Well, I'm off to finish my lunch and then pack my bag to go and babysit little Hazel, while sister Audrey goes to gymnastics (pee wee version).

Have a great day, and I'm hoping you're still enjoying some summer-ish weather where you are!



  1. Hi Lisa! I knew you'd love Brambly Hedge! Isn't it delightful?
    I sent your package! I hope it comes faster than the lady at the post office said it would!

  2. What great images. I tried to read Purpose Driven Life some years ago, but am just not really very organised enough! I think now it would drive me insane- though I have had to compile a daily list for myself to make September livable!

  3. My copy of Purpose Driven Life has many colourful 'flags' sticking out and I picked up an extra copy ( at a garage sale) to pass on to someone one day. And you know I love Brambly Hedge!!

    I like your sketches, esp. the one of the wire milk bottle basket. Many years ago my DH delivered milk door to door in such a basket!!

  4. Lisa, your pen drawing of the wire basket of books is amazing. I just keep staring at it. So much talent you have. :) Btw, I love Jill Barklem too. We have a couple of sweet. There's a greeting card illustrator who reminds me of her, but her name escapes me. Will have to think on that.

  5. Just thought of her name...Susan Wheeler. If you google her, you'll see images, very much like Barklem. There's a poet of the same name, sort of confusing.

  6. Love your new books. I ordered a used Jill Barklem book I think at Pom's recommendation, and I ended up with a copy that has all four of her season books in one volume, plus an introduction that talks about the author, her childhood, and the inspiration for her writing/art. I've loved it. Her work, and Wind-in-the-Willows, seem so similar in my mind, as if they are on opposite sides of one wood :) It's definitely time to bring these types of books to front-and-center for the season. Thanks :)


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