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Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I didn't even notice that my header said Backwoods Crazy Quilt, which is the name of my old blog. I'll be changing it to avoid confusion!

I'm going to spend some time with the Lord instead of spending too much time on YouTube today. He's been opening my heart to some new ideas. Well, actually the ideas are as old as eternity, but I'm getting some personal insight (revelation?) concerning them. Little bouts of depression and fear have been visiting me regularly my whole life. They leap to the forefront when things aren't going well. The Lord impressed on me that I should turn my thoughts to Him when these negative feelings try to influence me. Just thinking of something He's said in His word and reminding myself that the circumstances of today are nothing compared to the hope I have in Him goes a long way toward banishing dread and depression. Jesus can take care of me no matter what I see happening in my world. He's greater than all of those things. It's hard to explain how this made an impression on me today. It was just one of those light bulb moments when something goes from your head to your heart and you understand it in a new way.

I hope you're all well. We're having very cold, un-spring-like weather. Thanks for all of your kind comments!

My dining room/kitchen table looking out at the pine trees.

And this is the little loveseat next to the kitchen table.

I'm having some issues getting photos where I want them, so I'll just leave it for now. :)

Shalom, my friends!


  1. Your kitchen table spot is so agreeable! That is another way of saying, It's just the place I would like to sit for hours, to look at the trees and read a book and drink my tea. If you have a microwave nearby I could warm up my tea again and again :-) God has blessed you! Did you make the curtains? The tablecloth is so homey... Only the water bottle jerks me back to remember that it is the 21st century.... XO

  2. It looks like you are settling in. May you continue to cling to Him.

  3. God bless you new home. Home is what you make it and yours looks very comfortable and cozy. Will you have some pots of tomatoes this year on your deck?

  4. Loved seeing these glimpses into your new home.

    Jesus is our source of strength when we are weak. May you feel His love, peace & strength flowing through you and surrounding you at all times.

    Love, hugs & prayers ~ FlowerLady

  5. What beautiful rooms! I like your new places!!

    Wonderful, that you can tell me and your readers about your soul-meetings with the Lord. Great experiences. God loves a troubled heart and prefers to help fast. I can imagine this glimpse of enlightenment. It's a gem - it bring new trust and energy.

    I had some troubles, too, and reading your experiences I hope the same or similar for me...

    Love and blessings and greetings from Dori

  6. "...Jesus is our source of strength when we are weak. May you feel His love, peace & strength flowing through you and surrounding you at all times..."

    Thank you, flowerLady Lorraine!

  7. Your kitchen is so sweet and homey looking. You seem to be settling in nicely. You've had a hard few months and hopefully things will be better for you now.


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