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Friday, April 28, 2017

The virtual tour...

My sons, Jordan and Josh, were wanting to see my new place so I took a bunch of photos to give them a virtual tour. Hopefully they will load quickly today. (They did!)

My reading and computing corner. If you watch HGTV you'll know that having a sofa in your kitchen is all the rage in the UK, lol! Pom, you asked about an art table. I think this little kitchen table will fill the bill. I'm searching for a vinyl tablecloth. Walmart didn't have any. They just have fabric tablecloths; mostly Pioneer Woman. I'll try Ben Franklin's next. I want something I can wipe paint off of. ;)

Lots of cupboards. The uppers are crammed full of my art supplies. Who needs dishes? :) Oh, and, Gretchen, I didn't make the curtains. They came with the deal. The apartment was furnished, but I'm replacing some items. The table came with it, but I brought in some old chairs I had. The little bistro chairs that were here were too small. I almost fell off one the other day, ha ha!

This is the hallway back to the bedroom. The bathroom is on the left and the  entryway on the right as you go down the hall.

I love my cute little granny kitchen. The cabinets are pale sage green. Most of the walls (paneling) are either pale green or white. It feels very cabin-like. I love that!

I have a very nice gas stove! My electric stoves in the past have always had wonky elements so my eggs would slide to one side of the pan. This one is so solid and level and, of course, it's nice to have more control over the heat level. And there's a microwave for reheating your tea, Gretchen. ;)

The bathroom is just the right size. You can see the shower reflected in the mirror. That huge mirror opens up with lots of storage behind it. There's also a little cabinet above the toilet.

My little entryway. The furnace is on the left behind the door. The hot water heater is on the right behind that curtain and there's a little coat closet to the left of the front door.

Like that tiny bed? There was a queen size bed here, but I didn't want to use someone else's bed...yuck. I figured a twin would give me more space. I don't roll around a lot. :)

The other end of the bedroom. The bedroom needs some TLC to brighten it up. It feels dark. The main culprit is those dark, thick curtains. I looked at Walmart for something brighter but couldn't find anything I like. I'd like to get something airy, with a white or pale yellow background. Maybe a woodsy print. The current curtains are so stiff you can't even push them open. They just spring back. I will find a solution. I'll also put up some pictures. Just waiting to get to town to buy some Command strips, which my daughter highly recommends.

The other corner of the bedroom. I rarely use the TV, so I decided to put it in this hidden corner where I can view the occasional movie. I have cable TV, but after not having TV for over a year, I really don't even want to use it. I figure if the world comes to an end someone will fill me in, right?

This is my end of the trailer house. My kitchen window is just behind that low hanging branch. I have a little deck and a little flower bed along the side of the trailer. I'm facing south, so it might work for a little gardening. Does anyone know how all the pine trees might effect crops such as tomatoes or squash?

The yard next to the trailer. That little post in the lower right of the photo is a hookup for an RV. It's right where I park my car, so if someone rents that spot I'll have to park elsewhere. Okay by me. I can plug in there in the winter.

This is the view out of my kitchen window. (Excuse the dirty windows!) It was so nice to see the sun this morning after days of cloudy, snowy, sleety weather.
So, there's my virtual tour. The Lord has brought me to a nice place. I think He's gently guiding me along from the apartment, which felt safe while I was getting used to being on my own. This feels more like a house, and more like country. I thank the Lord for His goodness! I think the bedbug incident was instigated by the enemy, but the Lord turned it around for my good. I'm praying that all will be resolved at the apartments so that my old neighbors can be comfortable once more.

It looks like my seasonal job counting seedlings is petering out. We didn't work yesterday because the seedlings were all encased in ice from the ice storm the day before. They spent yesterday trying to thaw them. We don't go to work until noon today. There are rumors that we only have a few more days of work. I think it was a bad year for trees. No worries. I will just find other seasonal work. I'm well provided for, thanks to the Lord and family. I'm feeling very blessed.

Love you guys! Have a great day filled with God's shalom!


  1. I like your new nest VERY MUCH! I am glad you are back in the woods (for the most part) because you are a woodsy poet artist.

  2. I like your new space a lot AND it is yours all yours! That little kitchen is just sweet and I can see you doing your art right at that table.
    God bless you and have a great weekend- Diana

  3. Ohhhhhh! So beautiful! !!!! That kitchen! A window over the kitchen sink! Warm, bright and cozy! It's very nice! FYI, at Joanne's fabrics you can get heavy duty plastic cut to size to go over a cloth table cloth! Perfect for your art!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Elizabeth! I did find a nice vinyl tablecloth at Ben Franklins today. :)

  4. I enjoyed having the tour through your new home. It's cozy and just right. I think you can plant some tomatoes, squash and flowers as long as the pots get 4 to 6 hours of sunshine a day. Preferably 6. By the looks of the snow on the ground that won't be for a while yet.

  5. I enjoyed the virtual tour of your new digs, Lisa. It looks cozy and probably just the right size for one. Having the neighbor nearby should be comforting. You can look out for one another. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. I think your new place is sweet. It feels homey.

    God works all things out. Enjoy your new home and surroundings ~ FlowerLady

  7. Hi Lisa, my i-net has been "broken" and haven't been able to you've moved from your apartment? I adore your kitchen and new digs...that kitchen is marvelous! So having chairs in one's kitchen is the rage...? I'm finally in vogue! lol I've got 2 rocking chairs, a tapestry chair, a piano bench, a church choir bench and 3 table chairs. Yes, there's plenty of room left over.
    Your outside scenery is lovely...serene, peaceful and beautiful. You'll love this fairly whispers "Lisa, I've got this...and you. xoxo, God"

  8. Lisa, I'm loving your new home. It has a cottage feel to it that I really like. It looks like the owners have taken good care of it. The views out of the window are nice and I like the tall pines that are surrounding you. I think your pots will grow fine if they get lots of sunshine! God bless you and God bless your new home. God's peace to you.

  9. So homey! Glory to God for "nudging" you out of your previous place - this really seems so perfect. I've never seen a trailer or mobile home that feels so much like a cabin, as you say. I'm really glad you gave us a tour.

    Thank you for pointing out the microwave; if I had to live in a very old-fashioned cabin I guess it would be cold tea and coffee for me....

  10. Hallo, Lisa, thank you for showing us your new home! You really did make a Lisa-home! I like it! It fits perfect to you, pilgrimage AND most comfortable!! I LOVE the environment with the trees and the snow. Happiness follows always on your brave way, dear sister in Christ!


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