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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Recovery and discovery...

Came down with a cold Thursday night. Sore throat and achy all over. I felt a little better yesterday, but I'm glad to have the weekend to recover. Still headachy and my throat is the slightest bit sore. I'm taking it easy, drinking lots of tea and watching, of all things, videos about Cornish mines! These are beautiful old ruins and I find them fascinating. And I now know what an engine house is and what it was used for. Here, have a look.
The link above will take you to the website where there are multiple videos to watch. Here's one to begin with. I feel like I've been on a trip to Cornwall. Beautiful!

Otherwise, I'm trying to do some house cleaning and planning for my meeting with the realtors on Monday. Yes, my house may not draw any interested buyers, but on the other hand, it may! There are so many things to plan. Lists! Make lists! :) 

But, with all of this, I am trying to rest. Here's to another cup of tea and more videos. Maybe something uplifting and entertaining?

Micah and Adam are making a journey to Fargo today (90 miles) with the three little ones. Micah posted on Facebook that Hazel was sitting in the back seat with a pouty face and she said, "I'm not happy. I'm sad." Micah asked, "Why are you sad?", to which Hazel responded, "I want Grandma!" Ha ha! This tells me that Hazel was getting impatient with all that car travel and knew that if only she could get to Grandma there would be treats and she could play with forbidden toys stored on the high shelf. Mwahaha.

You may not have noticed, but my blogging was just interrupted by a phone call from my baby brother, Mark. His calls are usually fairly short and just about daily happenings. I enjoy it because it makes me feel like we live just down the block from each other, instead of 1,000 miles apart. He's fun to talk to. We're just getting to know each other after many years of not being in touch.

We're having beautiful weather, though we could sure use some rain. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend full of God's shalom. :)


  1. Congatulation, beloved Grandma!! Blessings to you and your big and increasing family! Incredible, that the new family already is on a trip! Whow!!

    Have a good Sunday in the shelter of God!

  2. I wish I could send you some of our rain!! Also wanted to tell you that I've been enjoying the videos you posted.

  3. I like that story about Hazel :-)
    And my husband's ancestors were Cornish miners - I wonder if any of them worked at Botallack? I'm amazed that they had tunnels that far out under the ocean...?? One thinks of all the labor the tunnel alone represented.

  4. have you found Outnumbered in your list of British viewing? Very funny, very insightful, very family! We got to Cornwall a few summers ago and I must try to email you some photos of mines we saw. Good luck with the house-selling x We set a year on our attempt to sell, and it took all that whiole time, but my goodness was that an unrecognisably tidy house when viewers came! Hope you'll be feeling much better by the time you read this little comment- which comes with big love!

    1. Outnumbered. I'll check that out! :) Yes, my house is unrecognizably tidy right now! lol!

  5. I hope you're all better now, Lisa. "Outnumbered" is hilarious. Adam and I enjoyed a few seasons of that ... as long as the crazy parenting doesn't drive you NUTS :)

    1. I made it through one episode. The KIDS drove me nuts!! :P


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