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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Typical UK stuff?

I've never watched the UK series Top Gear. Apparently, this fellow is one of the stars. I still found this video to be a fascinating inside look at one aspect of life in the UK. I like to snoop into other people's lives, and he obviously wanted us to. So let's give him what he wants! ;)

Today should have been my day off, but I was scheduled to work. So, I'm off tomorrow instead. I plan to go and visit with Micah and the girls tomorrow. For right now, I'm loafing!

I hope you're enjoying your day as well! Shalom!


  1. I love the dog in this video!
    Have a nice family-day with your beloved!

  2. I'm fascinated by the work sheep dogs do. Years ago we stumbled on a sheep dog trials sort of thing and had such fun watching them work. The youngest dogs were put to work herding ducks!! One got so frustrated by an uncooperative duck he picked it up in his mouth and carried it into the pen.

  3. thanks for the video!! what a good dog :)

    enjoy your day off.

  4. This was fun for me to watch. Since we have sheep, I could relate to what they were doing. Those dogs were good workers. The men couldn't have gathered those sheep without them.

  5. It took me quite a while to realize what was happening. I couldn't figure out which fellow was which. I hope he went back for his dog! :)


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