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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet Adele JoLee Yliniemi...

And if you can't pronounce her last're not alone! :)

Yil'-uh-nee-mee. Now you're in the know.

First, here's a shot of Micah and Adam last night as they arrived at the hospital.

There was talk of inducing, but she was far enough along they decided to forego that. Very glad! Micah wanted to experience a water birth, so that's what they did. She gave birth 2-1/2 hours after arriving at the hospital. She said it was very quick and "relatively" easy. She credits the water bath with being very relaxing. She stopped having contractions for about 20 minutes, then had two very hard ones, and there was Adele! Her regular doctor arrived a few minutes too late to help, but the ER doctor did a great job. (Micah says, the ER doctor has nicknamed her Garbage Gut because she always arrives at the clinic with a pop and candy bar!)

Here's Micah's Facebook announcement just a few hours ago:

She's here! Adele JoLee was born March 31st at 11:25pm. 6lbs 12oz and 19.5 inches of sweet, squishy baby I couldn't have asked for a more perfect water birth experience and we are very thankful everyone is healthy and feeling great!

Exactly the same size as sister Audrey was!

Mom and baby doing fine!
Thanks for prayers! God has blessed us once again.

Shalom to all!


  1. Congratulations to all of you on the arrival of this precious little bundle.

    Glad Micah was able to have the water birth experience.

    Happy Easter week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hooray! Congratulations to Micah and Adam, Audrey and Hazel!
    She beautiful! Congratulations to YOU, Grandma!

  3. Congratulations to all! Wonderful sweet Bab! Blessings and kisses! And born in a holy time!

  4. Congrats! So happy all went well. She sure is a cutie.

  5. So proud for the waterbirth and quick delivery. They're all beautiful. :)

  6. Glad everything went well. What a sweet name!! Congrats Grandma!!

  7. Wow -- she's so beautiful! What a perfect, round, sweet face. Glad all went so well and quickly. Water births sound so soothing!


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