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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

My son, my hero...

Well, things have taken another turn. My son, Josh, has tried so valiantly to find a way to move his family out of a situation that he feels isn't good for them. But the challenges were just too overwhelming. Though he had a job, we just couldn't find a place for them to live that was a decent size, and at a rent they would be able to afford. They were willing to sacrifice a lot, but he decided it just wasn't a good idea to make so many compromises to get here. Josh's wife, Jess, is bipolar, and my little grandson was just diagnosed with pediatric bipolar disorder. My granddaughter is autistic to some degree. They have so many challenges already without the stress of this big move. So...for now, Josh will continue at his present job and hopefully he can train for a higher paying position which will allow them to move to happier accommodations just 10 miles from Jess's family. Don't get me wrong. She has a great family, but two of her siblings are misbehaving in a big way, and they just don't think it's a good atmosphere for the little ones. (For those who don't know, Josh and Jess live with Jess's parents and her six siblings. They are college students working on their Masters degrees.)

I've been praying that God would throw roadblocks in their way if this move wasn't a good idea. I believe He did just that, and I think they need to be where they are for now. I also prayed for wisdom for Josh and Jess, and I believe God gave them wisdom to see that they were trying too hard. He can bless them right where they are. I'll miss seeing my boy in person. My heart aches at that thought. But I think their present living situation will turn out to suit them best. And you know, once your little ones grow up and marry, they belong first to their spouses. You never get them back in the same way as when they were children. It's time to move onward and upward! I will always love my kids more than any earthly thing and pray for them daily, and I know my Heavenly Father loves them more than I even know how to.

My sweet Kentucky family...

 This picture was taken three years ago, but I like it because they look so happy.

 This was taken at their home in Kentucky. Isn't it gorgeous? I pray that God will richly bless them wherever they live.
Thanks for listening to this mom ramble on about her kids! :) I've gotten kind of keyed up over the last few days. I think I need a rest.

Bless you all! Hope your week is filled with the peace of God!


  1. You're so right when you write that our children grow up and live their lives and we never get them back in the same way as it was. Knowing this is the way life is doesn't make it any easier. I hope your son will find the right place for his little family.

  2. yes, that really is what children turning into adults are. One has to do one's best to train them, pray for them, teach them to be independent and let them go and trust God to be with them and have mercy. God's peace to you!

  3. God works all things out and this little family is in the palm of His hands.

    May you feel God's love and peace flowing through and surrounding you ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh dear. You have the best attitude. God's got this. I hope that eventually the doors open for a move close to you because you are the kindest and gentlest mama. (BIG HUG!)

  5. Oh, I'm sorry, Lisa. It's hard to have things change so much, and then change again :( It's very true that sometimes we do TRY too hard to MAKE things work out, but God has other plans, and things don't comply to our wishes. God will work it out, and it will be good.


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