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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Lazy weekend...

Hello, all! I don't know about you, but the Fourth of July weekend is a good excuse for me to stay close to home. Our little town explodes with weekend tourists, and the big rodeo that takes place here every year. When Bob was here we went a couple of times, but I'm not a fan of crowds or excessive beer guzzling, so I'm not tempted to go by myself.
There will be lots of crowd attracting events in Park Rapids, which is the town where I work. It's 12 miles down the road, so I'll stay in the relative quiet of Nevis. I believe we'll have a parade on Monday, and at the risk of appearing Scrooge-like, I probably won't go to that either, unless Micah and Adam and the kids are going. Then I might. I work on Monday, but I should be home in the late afternoon.
Downtown Park Rapids during some event.
Fireworks? I'll hear plenty of them from my apartment. (Scrooge, scrooge...)
I've been indulging and relaxing so far today. I stayed up later than I should have last night. My Aunt Dixie, who lives in Angleton, TX (which is where my folks live) posted a video of Art Garfunkel singing on Facebook. That led to me visiting YouTube and looking up some old Simon and Garfunkel videos. It was a virtual concert! I enjoyed it very much, but I'm probably more tired than I would have been. Oh well. Sometimes you have to do these things. :)

 As you can see the garden is growing. Petunias are mingling with squash blossoms...
 ...and others are bursting out of their pot!
 The tomatoes are growing, but I'm noticing some of the leaves are turning yellow, and others are getting a little curly and crispy. Okay, all of you gardeners out there. What's wrong? I'm giving them Miracle Grow every couple of weeks and trying to keep them watered. They dry out quickly in these pots. Any ideas?
 The sunflowers are heading toward the sun, but they also have some yellow leaves.
I think I'm decompressing from a couple of weeks of planning for the kids' move from Kentucky. Though their plans fell through, I feel sure they are in God's hands where they are. They are always looking for reasons to be grateful, and are making plans to better their situation right where they are.
Nathan and his dad went fishing...

...while Starry and her mom played nearby.
 I'm off to do some more reading. This is one of my current reads. I like reading people's life stories. There are a lot of good dads in my family, and I may pass this along to son Josh when I'm finished. I think he will like it.
God bless you all! Happy Fourth!
Shalom. :)


  1. I'll be closely watching your comment section to see if anyone has an idea why your tomatoes are doing that yellowing, crispy leaves thing because that's what some of mine are doing.
    We have had a busy weekend and things won't calm down until Thursday. I am tired. But we had a great Canada Day celebration and I hope you have a pleasant restful 4th.

  2. my tomatoes did the same thing last year. I still don't know why. They didn't produce very well either. This year, they look fine!!

  3. Lovely photos, Lisa! Happy Fourth! I love the song Old Friends, Bookends.

  4. Lovely summer scenes! I love your balkon-plants! Our sunflowers in the bowls also have some yellow leaves. I think it's because of the bowl. Shitt of hen is great for plants to grow and get strong and green.

  5. Do not feel bad about staying right at home. We each have different ways of enjoying the day, and I also do NOT like crowds and am easily tired by them. I did the town parade in Oriental b/c I was on a float. But we did not go for the fireworks this year. I was worn out. Peace is its own celebration! I know it must've been hard to have the hopes of your kids coming, and then the change of plans. May you have peace there too.


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