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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Two more swaps under my belt...

I've really been going to town on the ATC swaps lately. I think I have about 15 going right now! I just mailed these two off, so I'm all caught up, but now I've discovered a couple of other types of mail art trading that I would like to try. One involves making a 4x6 postcard with art on one side and a message on the other. I'll be doing that soon. Another is for making 5X7 canvas board paintings. You only make one of those at a time and it's a monthly contest, so I can plan ahead. I have all kinds of canvas boards...just not 5X7's! So, I'll have to buy one or two before I can try that. :)

Here are the two swaps I'm sending off today.

The "Van Gogh" swap...
...and the "Crayons Are Back!" swap.

I'm thinking crayons are not my favorite medium. Some folks can get beautiful results with them, but I'm not one of them, lol. Anyway, you can never have too many crayons around for the grandkids! They won't be wasted!

Other than a foray to the post office, I've spent a quiet day indoors today. Our little town is having what it calls the Muskie Days Music Festival, which involves lots of events such as a 5k (which I've run several times in the past) and lots of bands playing within the two square blocks that constitute our fair city. Lots of tourists flocking the place. I may venture out later out of curiosity...maybe. A band called Chasing Clarence will play at 3:00. One of the members is a friend of my boys. They play folk/Christian type music. I might go listen if I get up my introverted nerve. I'm not big on crowds, but I really need to get outside a bit.
named after this guy...
Hope you're all having fine summer weather!
Shalom to all!


  1. i really like your pieces ...especially the VanGogh ones. I'm sort of like you, I don't have luck with crayons. I think I did better when I was 5!

  2. fun! I do mostly water colour myself! It's fun to be creative! I know very much about needing to get up one's introverted nerve! God bless!

  3. Lisa, first off, thank you for putting your comment on my blog. I am sorry to hear of the loss of your husband to cancer, what else can I say to convey my heartfelt sorrow that he is not with you now? But we know you will see him on another plane.

    Tell me please about the 5x7 art swap. Who runs it, how to join in, etc. I bought a dozen canvas boards of that size from Amazon for a buck apiece and have finished only one thus far. But I like it and am ready to do more. Pinterest has so much art, and I like to try to emulate some drawings I find there.

    You certainly seem to keep yourself completely involved in interesting activities, and seven children spread out everywhere, oh my. Just being with my daughter at the nursing home wears me out! Then I come home to rest and just think about blogging or getting to my paints, but do not actually get a product finished very often. Then I look at your quilting, exercising, writing, artwork, are amazing!

    Nice to get to know you a bit, even if it is just a virtual visit.

    Blessings on your head, Nancy

  4. Dear Lisa, Nancy McCarroll is right: You are amazing!

    I also love your painting, the Van Gogh ones are a very soul-deep interpretation of his work! Great!

    Did you visit the music-party? I think, Christian folk is wonderful to hear!

  5. It seems this weekend is popular for all kinds of fairs/music festivals/'you-name-it but it's noisy' kind of thing. We walked over to what was supposed to be some brothers singing in the park last night. Turned out the drummer so dominated that we honestly couldn't hear the singing. Came home disappointed.

  6. This Introverted Self understands totally :) And those are most definitely Van Gogh trees!!


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