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Friday, July 22, 2016

A HOT day off...

I've been sitting in front of two fans most of the day. Hot out there! And in my apartment. I suppose I could get an air conditioner, but I think the really hot stuff will pass soon.

So, I spent a lot of time computing and watching You Tube videos. I also got my laundry done and ran to the store to pick up a birthday card for a granddaughter in Maryland, whose birthday snuck up on me! Kristen will be 12 on Monday! I think the card may be a little late.

I did a little reading in The Normal Christian Life by Watchman Nee. Here's an excerpt with underlining and margin notes by a friend who owned the book before me.

I'm taking Dori's advice and reading just a page or two at a time, and really meditating on the meaning. His writing is packed with insights though these are elementary Christian teachings. As he mentions, we tend to wander away from the ABC's of the  Gospel when we think we've attained a new level and can do things in our own strength.

Oh, I also took a nice long nap on the couch. Very important!

Toward 8 p.m. I was looking over some of the swaps I've got going, and realized I hadn't done any art today. I always feel better when I've done a piece of art on my days off. I'm involved in a swap called "No Flowers/No Birds/No Butterflies" (or maybe that's the wrong order, lol). The idea is to avoid the cute themes we so often fall back on. We're supposed to come up with themes that are a little different. Here are my first two cards. The dinosaur is very similar to the one I did for the Cute Dinosaur swap, but I figured dinosaurs would be okay for this swap. :)

Note to self: Give that dinosaur some teeth!! (The color is sort of washed out in this photo.)
This is the second card I made for the Cute Dinosaur swap. We're only required to send one card for this particular swap, so the second one is a host gift.
I finally have some sunflowers!
And that was my day. Just trying to keep cool. Hope you managed to stay cool, too!
Bedtime soon, so I'll say "Shalom!"


  1. Oh, I like the cute dinosaur with the turquoise head and pink pearls. Keep keeping as cool as you can.

  2. hot here too! cute drawings! I am reading some books slowly also! and writing things in my journal! so nice that way! God bless!

  3. Cooler here than we were in July, thankfully. I didn't do much today -- puttered and dabbled. I'll make soap tomorrow. I'd like to paint too, if I have some quiet time. Adam is out of town, and that makes me kind of blue.


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