Pen and Ink...and maybe some paint

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Over a week...

Yup, it's been that long since I last blogged. Well, let's see what I can rummage up from my camera. (That's how I remember what I've done!)

I babysat Audrey and Hazel on Friday while Micah went to her OB checkup. She took Adele along because I wasn't sure I could handle all three. Adele's in a transitional, fussy stage of life. Micah figured she could plop her into the stroller and she wouldn't be a problem to have along.

We did all the usual Grandma Day stuff.

Mostly a lot of messing about with paints!

 I bought the girls a big package of paintbrushes and sponges...
 and they tried them all out.
 I brought along a few books.
 Hazel's buddy...
 Then it was time to splash in the sink. This is a bouquet the girls gave Micah. It's spent...
 Hazel tries to revive a flower.
"Look, Grandma! A flower shower!"
 Duchessa and Jesse, hanging out in the pasture. Jesse, the old grey mare, is about 25 years old. She's carried Micah through many a barrel race. She's earned her retirement.
 I love their woodsy little yard. Someday it might be my yard. If the kids build or buy a bigger trailer, I might purchase this one and keep it right where it is. We would share a yard. We'll see how that works out.

 Audrey took a picture of Hazel. Then...
 Hazel took a picture of Audrey.
 Audrey took a picture of me. Then...
 Hazel took a picture of me!
 Hazel likes to draw monsters. We were telling her what great monsters she drew, and she informed us that the little ones are PEOPLE, not monsters!
I just completed an ATC swap called "Cute Monsters, Aliens and Hybrids". I have difficulty thinking up original monsters so, I borrowed Hazel's idea! I call the card below "Totally Stolen". Thanks, Hazey!
 The Abominable Snowteen.
 Bride of Beetlejuice. I used zentangle patterns for this one, and the tangle I used for her mouth is called "Beetlejuice".
 Baby Cyclops.
 I also did the June Pick-a-Theme, so I made eight cards for eight different players. They had each picked a theme for me to draw. The first one is "Modern Architecture".
 "Falcons or Hawks"
 "Geometric abstract" (I loved the spattering part!)
 "Ancient Architecture"
 I signed on for another session of Sketchbook Skool. Our first assignment was to make a painting of something that had meaning for us. This is a painting of a banner my son and daughter-in-law gave me as a house warming gift.
Well, thanks for coming to see my slideshow! It's been a long day. Time to hunt up some supper and brew a cup of decaf. Blessings on all of you!



  1. I have three grandchildren coming next week, and this time their other grandma and I are dividing the labor. I think we should split up the group in different ways on different days. That will be much easier than managing this particular group of three!

    The thought of sponge-painting had crossed my mind and now that you reminded me I have hopes I can get it set up before their arrival. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. LOL. Glad to know I'm inspiring someone! :)

  2. Your daughter's place appears to be in a very peaceful country setting.

    Is there anything you can't draw? You amaze me.

    1. Aw, shucks! Thanks! :)
      Yes, it is a very peaceful spot.

  3. Aw! Look at cute you, Lisa!
    I agree with GM above. YOU are an artist!

  4. Aww~ Wonderful grammy camp! I love the paints and the dish-washing/splashing. Those are both classic kid fun, and creative. Your ATCs are very nice. I think I've seen a building in some city that is like that "bullet" building. I wonder where it was? Atlanta? Raleigh? Not sure.

  5. I think that building might be in London, but I'm not sure. Yes, I'm glad my little grands are happy with such simple things. :)


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