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Sunday, June 5, 2016

Just a lazy Sunday...

Well, I had good intentions of going to church with daughter Micah and family. We got there on time...or so we thought. I guess "summer hours" have kicked in, so the service was just winding up as we entered the building. SO, we grabbed some Subways and took the kids to the park.

After a time of eating, enjoying the view of the Fishhook River and it's flora and fauna, and lots of fun on the playground, it was time to go home. Only Hazel didn't want to. She began to sidle away from us. Grandma casually walked in a wide arc around her, so as not to spook her. (Border Collie style.) Well, I should have gone around her on the other side because she got the drift of what was going on and she headed out as fast as her little legs could carry her, straight for the parking lot/road. Adam was busy buckling Audrey into her car seat, so he didn't see what was transpiring. Pregnant Micah, with baby Adele on one hip, was chugging down the road as fast as she could, with Grandma running from the other direction, both of us yelling, "STOP, HAZEL!!!" Well, Hazel stopped just before she got to the road. Country kids. No respect for cars and roads. Country mamas and grandmas can make quite a spectacle of themselves...

Adele and Micah.

If you're tired of looking at ATC's you might want to switch channels about now. :)

These are for the "They Swim in the Sea" swap...

The "Zentangles in Nature" swap...

And the "Plain Zentangle" swap.

I'm now working on the June Pick-a-Theme. I've joined two groups, so I have a total of eight cards to make, each with a different theme. My themes so far are (some haven't decided on a theme yet) : ancient architecture, goldfish, modern architecture, foxes, falcons, and geometric abstracts. Fun stuff!

Otherwise, I've been reading The Cloister Walk by Kathleen Norris and Over Hill and Dale by Gervase Phinn.

Hope you're having a pleasant Sunday! It's partly cloudy with lots of sunshine and lots of gusty wind. I'm loving it!

Shalom to all!


  1. That was some heart-stopping fear, I'm sure. Those little one can get away pretty quick. I enjoyed your ATCs, Lisa. It looks like you've been very busy.

  2. I loved The Cloister Walk!
    Your ATC's are fabulous! I love them!
    I'm glad Hazel stopped! Yikes!
    Sending love your way!

  3. Hazel's break for freedom would have given me a heart attack. Scary!
    I like your ATCs and esp. the zentangles. You do keep busy!

  4. I really like the Zentangles in Nature idea! They sure are there! Regarding children running for roads, I saw that happen myself many years ago at a church I attended in college. A little boy bolted across the parking lot for a very busy road, unexpectedly. Several grown men ran after him, but they were too far behind. We were all screaming at him to STOP. And stop he did! Right at the edge of the road. It was strange, but such a relief. Glad all ended safely on your Sunday too! Maybe it has something to do with Sundays? :)


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