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Friday, May 27, 2016

Wanna raise geese?

I've been enjoying a relaxing day off which usually involves watching some YouTube videos. I stumbled across this one and thought it was an interesting look at a lifestyle. It reminded me of Sandra! If I could just inherit a little farm, I'd go into goose farming. How about you?

I subscribed to houzz's YouTube channel. It looks like it might be intriguing.

On the subject of tiny houses, I found this video very inspirational...

Avion trailer/tiny home

(Couldn't get the video to embed, so I hope the link takes you there!)

On the farm front, my crops are growing well...for Minnesota.
I even spied a few tomato blossoms!

 Zucchini and summer squash...
I like the idea of being able to rearrange these containers as the plants get bigger, until I find the arrangement that looks best.

ATC-wise I completed my Exquisite Corpse swap cards. (See the previous post to see what that's all about.)
Next, I finished the Haiku swap!

But I could only squeeze four of the silly birds into my drawing!

The day started out sunny, but grey clouds loomed. Now it's overcast, windy and a little chilly. I have plans to take my basket of laundry down the block to the laundromat. I've just started reading C.S. Lewis's Space Trilogy (for about the third time), so I figure it will be a pleasant pastime as the clothes get clean. I can also hit the post office, two doors down and mail off some ATC's and my great-granddaughter's birthday card. Big plans, folks! My kind of day off. :)
I'll be working over the weekend. We'll be very understaffed, but I'm not worrying about it. I actually had a good day at work yesterday because I decided to just look at it as a game. A challenge. Besides, we almost had enough people working for once! Anyway, I'm not going to let the enemy (that father of lies) ruin my day with fear of catastrophe. We always survive, so why worry? Hurray!

Blessings on you all. Have a marvelous Memorial Day weekend. Shalom!
(I am off on the Fourth of July!)


  1. Hi Lisa! The two videos were very entertaining! I like the goose farmer!
    I think you did a beautiful job on your ATC's!
    I'm glad you had a day off. Whew! I bet it feels good after all the crazy busy times at work.

  2. I would rather raise chickens, thank you!
    I'm glad you can have your little deck farm; one good thing about that is that when the plants are all in pots you CAN easily rearrange them and do your art that way :-)

  3. Lisa, you are so funny! I've never wanted to raise birds, probably because I remember all the chickens who would peck me when I gathered their eggs, but am happy when others do. I like buying eggs from folks who raise chickens but have never eaten a goose egg.
    Have a lovely Memorial weekend...I'm on a laptop and am now allowed to comment on blogs where comment box is at bottom of post. When my desktop gets out of shop, sure hope that particular problem is fixed as well!

    1. Ha ha! I remember having a couple of geese and they made such a mess (literally) that I can't imagine having hundreds! But she made it look easy with the dogs watching after them and all. :)

  4. My, you got a lot squeezed into that post, Lisa! Very enjoyable. I watched the video and decided I couldn't be a goose farmer but it was interesting to watch. Your art and haiku are delightful. I hope the work this weekend goes well and you can maintain the positive slant on things that you have started.

  5. Good job on the farming! Your crops look better than mine in the ground! Your art and haiku are very fun!

  6. Enjoyed both of those videos, Lisa. Wish there were more episodes of the lady with the farm. Your plants are looking happy!! May they grow and fill up your balcony~


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