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Monday, May 16, 2016

This and That (To borrow a title from GM!)

It's been a pleasant day off. I slept (or at least stayed in bed) late, but was still sore and tired after a weekend of frying chicken at work. I decided not to feel guilty for resting a lot and just putzing around. Actually, I feel like I got a lot of little things done.

It was a day of sitting on my computer browsing around ATCsforALL in search of a new swap. (Well, that was only for a little part of the day!) I found two interesting swaps. One involves writing 3 haikus and then painting something that illustrates them. The painting and haiku both appear on the card. The second one is called a Pick-a-Theme swap. I've never done one before, so it will be fun. You choose a "group" to join. My group will do Hand Drawn/Hand Painted cards (some groups do collage or mixed media). Each of the five members of the group pick their own theme, and then the other four members have to make them a card with that theme. I picked "landscapes", so the other four members will make me a landscape picture, and I will make one card for each of the other members with the theme they pick. Does that make sense? :)

Besides ATC's I also did laundry and worked on some family history/photo album stuff.

Just to break up all of this text, here are the cards I just finished for The Horse swap:

 The last card I did today. I also messed around with some acrylics and came up with this. Can you see a horse in there, ha ha!?!
I walked to the post office, which is across the street, and then down to the store. While I was out I noticed how pretty the trees on my street are. See, we have flowers in Minnesota, too!
That's my black car framed by the flowering crabs. ;)

The south end of my apartment building as I'm standing near the post office.
Also across the street from my apartment. This is Terrapin Station. Lots of artistic and musical things go on here. They also sell essential oils and natural stuff like that. I'm still working up my nerve to go in and visit!

Someone did a great job of painting the building some years back. The people who own the Terrapin Station are sort of Christian hippies. I should be right at home!

 Here's a 180 degree view from my balcony. Things are greening up a bit. It's starting to feel like summer!
I have nice neighbors. I'm thankful for that and I'm thankful that I feel safe and secure in this building. It's only a block to the hiking trail, the store, the park and the laundromat. Very convenient. :) Oh my goodness! There was a little hummingbird hovering around on my balcony! I'll have to get a feeder up soon! I have a couple of marigolds in bloom, but nothing else. Aw, how cute!

Well, bedtime is not far off. An early day tomorrow. I think I'll read a little before turning in. Besides the Bible I'm reading The Cross-Country Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini. It's part of the Elm Creek Quilts series. I've never read one of these "crafty" novels. It's very enjoyable so far, but you just about have to take notes to keep track of all the characters! Maybe next I'll find one about knitters!

Good-evening everyone! Hope you're all enjoying fine weather!
Shalom and love to all.

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  1. Your apartment seems to be very centrally located. When you do visit Terrapin Station be sure to take lots of pictures to post.
    Well, it's nice that you had a restful day off. How are those new employees working out? Hopefully they'll be there for the season, maybe take over chicken frying.
    I always like the ATCs you make and yes, I can clearly see the horse.


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