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Friday, May 13, 2016


It's going to dip below freezing tonight and tomorrow night. I even saw a few snowflakes floating around when I was outside a little while ago. This farmer is bringing the crops in from the field...or balcony. I knew better than to try and start things outside before May 15. Glad my plants are so portable.
 My balcony looks like a scene from "The Birds"! The starlings have discovered free food. It's awesome to hear the roar of wings as they take off en masse. Also numbered among the visitors are red-winged blackbirds, robins, blue jays and house finches. They know it's a safe area. No cats around here!
 On second look I think my starlings might be brown-headed cowbirds. I've heard their song out there and thought it was a starling sound. Here's what they sound like. It reminds me of a drippy faucet. :)

 Sometimes I find myself having a pity party. I don't look forward to spending years in an apartment. It's not the size. I just miss the country. Even a small town like this is noisy at night. No crickets chirping. Just a drunk man yelling and laughing at the bar a block away when I'm trying to go to sleep. (Well, to be honest, that's only happened once in three months.) Otherwise, it's the early morning noise of a semi delivering supplies to the neighboring cafe. These are not homey noises to someone who's lived with the sound of birdsong, crickets, and silence at night. And during the day. I loved it! I'm also missing my boys and being in the midst of family. Plans to move in with my daughter seem to be moving further into the future. They're trying, but things don't always work out as quickly and smoothly as one might hope. So, I tell them I'll be fine where I am, but it makes me sad sometimes.

Anyway, all this self pity is leading somewhere, lol. Sitting here this morning, reading my Bible, the thought occurred to me that I am so blessed to have this beautiful, giant print, copy of the scriptures that I can read any time I want to. So many around the world don't have access to the Word, or are persecuted if they are found with a copy. Years ago, when my kids were little, we received the newsletter from Voice of the Martyrs, and learning about the persecuted church was part of our homeschool day. I've thought of this occasionally over the years since, but have been guilty of forgetting our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. What does this have to do with my pity party? Well, thinking about others who are in distress and praying for them sure puts things into perspective.

First, I wanted to find out how to help put Bibles in the hands of these people. Here are links to two places this can be done:
Bibles Unbound
Bibles to Captive Nations
I plan to give every month, but I did a one time donation this time through Bibles to Captive Nations. Maybe someone else will be interested in doing this? (Or, maybe you already are! Good for you!)
I also found a good place to find prayer requests through Voice of the Martyrs, so I can be praying for specific people in addition to the persecuted church in general.
Prayer requests
Getting my eyes off of the mundane and finding a purpose that is eternal always helps to chase away self-pity.  As a Christian this should be a no-brainer, but sometimes I need a little reminder from the Holy Spirit!
Shalom, friends and family! 


  1. Lisa, you're a good patio farmer! We've had the freezing temps, and expecting it again tonight. I, too, should no better than to plant tomatoes, peppers and the like outside before May 20th, but I did it. I'm covering stuff up over night.

    I do know what you mean about the night sounds in the country, and I think it would be a hard thing for me to get used to too. I hope things work out just right for you.

    We ARE blessed to have God's Word at our fingertips.

    1. Thanks, Jody! I will close my eyes and think of your ranch when I need some country time! :)

  2. I imagine it must be a difficult adjustment going from the privacy and quiet of your old place to this rather noisier apartment area. I pray it won't be for long. Things do have a way of working out but if you're like me you'd like it to be ASAP.

    1. Ah yes. Gotta work on the patience. There are many good things here, too. :)

  3. Hi Lisa!
    I'm so sorry about the noise. God knows your heart and your longings. I feel sure of His sweet plan for you, His timing. I know He thinks YOU are a good egg. How about some nature music playing as you fall asleep?
    Good for you having such a great container garden.

  4. Dear Lisa, your tomato-children have found good shelter inside during these cold days! Here it is similar. We call the days of 12,13,14,15th May "The Ice-Saints" : Pankratius(12),Servatius (13), Bonifatius (14) and Cold Sophie (15). I never allow to come the sheep-sharer before these "Ice-Saints"
    I like your country-isle with plants and different birds finding shelter, food and peace near you!

    Lovely bird song in this video!

    You save a small piece of wide country at your small place. Christians have to save a small isle of faith and love as a sign of unboundness of the Lord's love and mercy.

    God bless you!

    Greetings from cold Bavarian forest!

    1. You are a balm to my soul, dear Dori! :)


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