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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Bits 'n' Bobs...

I got off work a little late and when I checked my phone I had a text from my daughter, Micah. She had forgotten that the Cubbies awards ceremony was this evening. I dashed through the Burger King drive-thru, scarfed down a burger on the way to the church, and arrived just in time to sit down with Micah, Adam and Adele and watch Audrey and Hazel get their little awards. Cubbies is part of the AWANA program. Audrey will graduate to Sparks next year. They were very good and sang along nicely with their group. We went to Dairy Queen afterwards for supper and ice cream to celebrate. I love my little family!

I visited a local thrift store, Bearly Used. The proceeds go to the Developmental Achievement Center, so it's a win-win with the good deals you find. I bought several knitted/crocheted pieces. I forgot to take a photo of the two baby blankets and the boppy pillow I bought for Micah. I also bought her a "gypsy" skirt, which she liked a lot. She'll probably have the nerve to actually wear it. I bought a similar skirt for myself this winter. We'll see if it sees the light of day. ;)

Both skirts are this sort of shape. Micah's is various shades of yellow/gold and mine is kind of sage green. I love this kind of stuff, but I hope I will actually wear it. It's a nice cool way to dress for summer. I think the trick is to wear a very simple top and sandals.

Here are two of the blankets I picked up to cover my recliner and make it softer. :)

For those who may not know what a boppy pillow's a picture from the internet. It's to rest the baby on while nursing.
I also bought a truckload of books!

And a brand new pair of L.L. Bean shoes...for $4!
The thrift store trip took place on Friday after my eye doctor appointment. (I got new glasses and had to have them fixed.) When I got home I painted my book case. (So industrious!)

First step. Relocate the books...
 Yucky, old, scuffed up white bookcase...
 The color is called Elfin Sage. Reason enough to buy it, eh?
 Voila! The red, white and blue crib quilt will probably find its way to Micah's baby stash. It doesn't quite go with the green recliner. I've replaced it with the white blanket shown in an earlier photo. Much better.
Well, I've got my Grandma bag packed for tomorrow. Should just be a short babysitting time and a visit with Micah. She has a 30-minute photo shoot to do right here in Nevis. It's getting late, so I'll say au revoir for now.



  1. This skirt is marvellous! I can feel the material, VERY good to wear! The form and colour is great!

  2. I bought a skirt that sounds very much like the one Micah got... shades of brown, yellow and gold. I also hope I'll actually wear it. We have a family wedding in July and that's why I got it. Now to find a nice blouse to go with it.

    I think Elfin Sage sounds like the perfect colour for anything. Go crazy and paint lots of things that delightful colour. Especially if you bought a whole gallon!!


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