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Thursday, May 19, 2016

A quick bit...

I had a short visit with Micah and the girls after work. We have a little routine occasionally. If she has a couple of errands to run and doesn't want to have to unload all the kids, she'll pick me up after work and I'll sit in the van with them while Micah runs in, usually to the UPS store and then Caribou. Of course, she always rewards me with a coffee! ;) My real reward is having a visit with my little girl and her little girls. It had been almost a week since I'd seen them in person, so it was nice.

In other news, I bought two very colorful, homespun looking couch pillows from Wally's World. Adding to the hippy vibe in my apartment. I'm also on the lookout for a large couch throw to hide my "Asian" floral couch. Probably one of those East Indian looking things in a bright color. Might get one for my recliner as well. What a classy decorator I am!
Here's the first card I made for the Pick-a-Theme swap.This gal's theme was "A donkey with a colorful saddle blanket and/or flowers".
I was very happy to see that my sunflower seeds have germinated! After all the cold, damp weather we've had I was thinking they might have just rotted in the soil. I'll be happy if just one or two come up. I'm curious to see how big they grow.

And, last but not least, I actually caught one of my hummingbird friends enjoying some liquid refreshment. 
 They come and go so quickly I didn't think I'd be able to get my camera ready in time. From now on I'll skip the picture taking and just enjoy watching them. I really am thankful for all the little critters that share my space. And I don't even have to take them out for a walk!
I finally got around to scheduling some  vacation time. Since I only get five days and one day of personal leave, I decided to schedule several Fridays before my weekends off, so I would have 3 mini-vacations of three day weekends during the summer. That leaves me a couple of days to use in September when the new baby arrives. 

Well, that's all the news that's fit to print for now. 
Thanks for dropping by!
Shalom, friends!


  1. I like to be the car sitter, too!
    Wally World DOES have lots of cute things that I really like! I'm glad you are going with the hippie look. I love that!
    Yay for germinating seeds and yay for three day mini-vacays!
    God be with you, precious Lisa!

  2. Great idea stretching out your holidays so you get 3 day weekends. My daughter did that one year and had long weekends all summer.
    How lovely to sit and talk with the grandgirls and get rewarded with a coffee when the real reward is the bond you're building.
    I'm NOT having good luck with seeds germinating. I'm glad yours are though. Maybe I put them in too early. That's me... impatient to get things done.

  3. Love the burro! You are so smart to make the 3 day weekend vacations. Great idea!. You are some photographer to be able to catch the hummingbirds in a photo!

  4. i love long weekends!! what a smart way to use your vacation :)

  5. I like your pillow and the hippie vibe sounds like fun to me. Your sunflowers will be so fun to have on your deck -- especially when the birds start to enjoy them. Glad you got some time with your loved ones.

  6. So many good things you tell and show us here again!

    Best wishes for the arriving new baby in later summer. Wonderful Family around you and because of you! Good, best friendship between all of you!

    I LOVE this nice friendly donkey you have drawn!
    beautiful colours of the pillow!

    And best wishes for the sun-flower-babies!

    And what a blessing for the birds, which visit your place, to find there food and drink!

    It's good, that you make some time free for all your beloved!

  7. I am SO with you on that hippie vibe thing!! I call it my Hippie Mama Look :) The older I get, the more I love it. Adam's sunflowers are up and in full bloom! We're raising them for chicken food. good to see ya, Lisa!


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