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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Waiting for my new art spot...

It looks like it may be a couple of weeks before we can move into our new place. Well drillers, trenchers, etc. are all a little behind schedule. I'm planning a spot for my schoolwork and art. Our daugher, son-in-law and granddaughter will probably be bunking with us throughout the cold winter until they can prepare their property to move their trailer there, so we are trying to make snug places for everyone to sleep and have some space to themselves if needed. It will be close quarters even in a three bedroom home, but we are happy to help them out and will enjoy their youthful presence! I've always loved the idea of communal living. (What an old hippy!)

Instead of having a bedroom to myself for my art room, for the time being I'll be using a corner of our bedroom. I have a couple of small pieces of furniture that will work well to make a place to study and to store my art supplies. I'll post pictures when it all comes together.

It looks like I'll have to unpack my sketchbooks and paints because I do want to draw something to enter in this month's Sketchbook Challenge!

Still awaiting the arrival of The Three, Pom Pom! You enjoy your vacation!



  1. Gosh I hoipe they'll not be a burden- though Mole always seems happy to bunk down wherever! And Ratty will be grand- just keep an eye on Toad's temper!

  2. I'm sure they will arrive soon, Lisa! We saw whales today! I sketched a little. I may draw a whale tail tomorrow.


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